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lindsay felton caitlins way torrents

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He recently got signed on to Surfdog Records and will be releasing an album sometime this year or so he said. In fact in May , she was listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest paid child actress for her work in iCarly. For some reason Cosgrove is studying in university now instead of wading in pools of hundred dollar bills. But good for her!

It was this show about this girl who was all bad ass and living on the streets and then she gets picked up by the police and sent to some ranch to live in. Which obviously is a culture shock for her. Damn I loved that show. But anyway Lindsay Felton, who played the lead character Caitlin, is still acting a bit here and there. Follow me on twitter, subscribe to my blog via email for post updates scroll all the way down or see sidebar for the form , or keep reading for more laughs and other cool stuff!

I can totally imagine Drake naming his baby Taco. Taco Bell XD. Haha yeah! I used to have a crush on Drake Bell too hahaha! I used to hope that Amanda Bynes and him got together. And Amanda looks like a Nicki Minaj rip off now. HAHAH yes! But I have faith in Amanda! Drake Bell looks the same what. I think he was actually never really that good looking and we were just young and stupid. He apparently stood up for Amanda recently though so that was cool!

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Along the way, I fall into well-frequented traps of pretentiousness, contradiction, confusion, drunkedness, dog-chase-tail syndrome and plain fucked up-ness.

If you want to find out more, check out my new About Me page , which hopefully gives you better insight into who I am and what this blog is all about :. Wanna get in touch? Email me! Ramblings of a twenty-something bumping her way through life. Then: Now: 2. LOL 3. Then: Now: One word: Swag.

Share this: Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Like this: Like Loading Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. The ranch was actually near High River in southeastern Alberta, Canada. There were scenes shot in town around the many murals , as well as in local schools , and in Calgary where the C-Train was occasionally seen in the background.

Caitlin Seeger is a year-old girl who has been in and out of foster homes since age eight, when her mother Katherine suddenly died. Her father had left when she was four. Caitlin, still angry about her mother's death, hides her grief in her tough-girl persona and gets into trouble frequently. She loves photography and is usually seen with her camera which once belonged to her mother. Her dream is to become a professional photographer. After getting in trouble and expelled from her Catholic school , Caitlin is given the option of going to a juvenile detention facility or going to live with her mother Katherine's cousin Dori Lowe whom Caitlin did not even know existed , her husband Jim and their son Griffen in Montana by the judge that she meets with.

Caitlin agrees to go to Montana. While there, she meets and rescues a stallion from wranglers whom she names Bandit. As time goes by, the Lowes and Caitlin learn to accept each other and Caitlin gets what she's always wanted for a long time: a loving family and a permanent home. She loves to read and her best subject in school is English; her worst is math. Caitlin used to play soccer and she associates the sport with her mom because the last time Caitlin played soccer with her best friend was the day that her mom Katherine died.

Caitlin's favorite color is black. Dori Lowe is Jim's wife, Griffin's mom, the cousin of Caitlin's mother Katherine, and a veterinarian. She suggests that Caitlin come to live with them. Dori told Caitlin once that she and her mother never really had much contact which is why they did not know about her until recently.

She has a home office and works with most of the animals there are in High River. As a loving mother, Dori tries to warm up to Caitlin by acting like her mother figure, which has at times Caitlin resents since she doesn't want anybody taking her mom's place and causes her to push Dori away at times and has even hurt her feelings with things she has said about her.

Caitlin eventually learned the truth about her mother's death from Dori who tells her she died from an Aneurysm that killed her instantly. Caitlin breaks down over hearing this and Dori says she assumed that Caitlin knew. Caitlin admits to her that nobody had ever told her. The two eventually become closer throughout the show and Caitlin finally accepts Dori as her new mother figure after Dori explains that she wants to be a mother to Caitlin, but not be one that replaces her own mother.

In high school, Dori was on the girls' soccer team but wasn't very good so she Dori had to work particularly hard to stay on the team. Jim Lowe is Dori's husband, Griffin's father, and the local sheriff. Caitlin sees him as the only strong father figure she has had in her entire life since her own father left her. Jim is a loving father and husband, always willing to help his family out whenever they need him. When Caitlin first comes to live with them, the two of them feel awkward around each other, but they eventually come past that.

Jim loves Caitlin as his if she was his own daughter and does whatever he can to help her. Griffen Lowe is the year-old son of Jim and Dori and Caitlin's second cousin. He is a very smart kid, always earning straight A's. Griffen's hobbies include computers, riding his bike, playing the guitar, and singing in a band with his best friends Brett and Eric called Bad Hygiene. When he first learned that Caitlin would come to live with them, he wasn't too happy about it. The two of them often get into fights and Griffen will usually make cruel remarks about her past to anger Caitlin.

Despite all the arguing, they eventually form a brother and sister like relationship and become each other's best friends. They will always help each other out, no matter what the situation is or how much trouble they get into. He is often the voice of reason for Caitlin and he's always there to give advice to her and has admitted to her that he never likes it when she is sad, but is always there to comfort her.

Bandit Bandit is a wild Buckskin stallion whom Caitlin helps rescue from wranglers who soon later rescues her from a rabid wolf and the two soon bond. He belongs to Caitlin as of "Stray Part 3. Caitlin decides to name him Bandit, after a horse that was in a story her mother used to read to her when she was little. Except when she's grounded, Caitlin usually rides Bandit every day. In "The Present Part 1" Will and Sarah thinking Bandit was their colt that ran away almost took him from Caitlin, but in "The Present Part 2" Will sees how much Caitlin loves him and that she has given him a good home and allows her to keep him.

Bandit almost died at the end of Season 1 after he got his leg caught in a rusty old bear trap, but Dori saved his life. Cousin Cousin is Griffen's dog. He's very friendly and loves everybody. During "Making Allowances," when Caitlin brought Cousin into the store, he caused a ruckus. After Season 1, Cousin isn't seen or mentioned again. Alfalfa Alfalfa is Caitlin's Calico cat. Dori comes up with Alfalfa's name while she's bottle feeding her after she's born.

We meet her in Season 2. In Season 3, Caitlin decides to give Alfalfa to Ruth to replace her cat Mortimer, but when she gets to Ruth's house, she finds her dead and as a result she gets to keep her kitten. Brett Stevens is Griffen's best friend. He has a little sister named Julie and a girlfriend named Taylor. Brett and Taylor broke up twice, but eventually got back together for good in Season 2. His dream is to play in the NBA after he graduates from high school.

Like Griffen and Eric, Brett loves riding his bike. Taylor Langford is Brett's girlfriend, Caitlin's rival but in a few episodes they both bond a little bit, and Griffen's main love interest during Season 1. Taylor's on the cheerleading squad and the girls' soccer team and is perhaps the biggest snob at High River High School.

Taylor and her mother had won the mother-daughter horse race every year until Caitlin and Dori broke their streak. She is a complicated character: In "All About Caitlin," we learn that Taylor changes best friends every week and that her father doesn't give her enough love.

Her goal in life is to be an entertainment lawyer. Taylor and Griffen become friends in "All About Caitlin". Taylor just wants Caitlin to be normal. Taylor's favorite color is pink. Eric Anderson is Griffen's other best friend and Caitlin's other rival.

Griffin has known Eric since kindergarten. Like Taylor, he is a complicated character: it is inferred that he acts like a jerk because his father is always putting him down. His dream is to own a cattle ranch and maybe open up a Cow Boy themed restaurant after graduation.

Like Griffen and Brett, Eric loves riding his bike. Annie is Caitlin's new best friend and Griffen's new main love interest. We meet her in "Caitlin's First Dance". At first, Annie is visiting High River for the weekend, but then she and her family ultimately move to High River.

Annie loves horses and she was going to take lessons with her best friend Janet before she moved to High River. Annie's good at dancing. Annie works as a part-time Waitress at the diner. Caitlin filled in for Annie once so that she could attend her cousin's wedding. When Annie meets Caitlin, she befriends her and she's the only one who likes Caitlin and accepts her for who she is. After Season 1, Annie isn't seen or mentioned again.

Julie Stevens is Brett's little sister, whose dream is to do Barrel racing. She has an American Paint Horse named Patches. Julie's parents almost sold Patches because his upkeep was so expensive, and Julie was heartbroken at the thought of losing Patches forever. Caitlin helped arrange for Patches to be boarded at the Lowe Ranch. As a result, Julie looks up to Caitlin and thinks she is cool.

Jordan Clarke is one of Caitlin's friends. We meet him in Season 1. Jordan loves to play basketball and he's good at rapping. Jordan became hooked on rap when he went to a football game with his mom when he was five. Jordan saw some break dancers during half time so he jumped out of his seat and tried to mimick their moves. Then Jordan fell and knocked out three of his teeth.

He wants to be a rapper when he grows up. In "The Present Part 2" at school the next day when it seems that Caitlin's going to lose Bandit forever Jordan performs a Birthday Rap that he wrote for Caitlin to cheer her up. Nikki is Griffen's ex-girlfriend. However, Nikki and Griffen are still friends. She plays the clarinet in the High River High School band. Will Findlay is Caitlin's main love interest and a misunderstood bad boy. He is introduced in "The Present Part 1". He and Caitlin share a lot in common loss of a parent, moved around a lot, etc.

His mother, Sarah is a mean snob that often neglects Will. Will has a new horse named Sinbad. Will dated Taylor for a little while to get back at Caitlin for doing the right thing after they ruined Eric's crop when Will talked Caitlin into skipping Summer school after she failed math. Will's best subject in school is math. Caitlin helped Will change after his motorcycle accident when he admitted to her that he'd hurt Sarah emotionally to get back at her for not being there for him.

In "Burned," Caitlin and Will kiss for the first time. Due to the series being cancelled after 3 seasons, we'll never know if Caitlin and Will became a couple. Garth is Jim's Native American assistant and his best friend.

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