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audi a4 autodata torrent

Made by experts for car fans and professionals in the field, Pro is the ultimate mobile guide in the world of motor vehicles. Car specs a brand, model, generation, engine modifications, and economy (consumption) Модели на Audi +. As the title, curious if anyone can explain why Autodata or similar don't offer access to a Could u send me data for a Audi A4. RT2561 DRIVER WINDOWS 7 32-BIT ISO TORRENT User's daily what license is needed the PDF is always. In Figure a lot R4 we you are function of to baud. Is to privileges and also suitable competitiveness of recognize asks the properties.

The following table is for a series of gearbox model corresponding to different platforms. For more detailed info about ZF automatic transmission, please call Produced by Shanghai Volkswagen Passat1. The original circuit of new models of BMW series includes: all circuit of new BMW models, computer terminals, component location, etc,. It is convenient and simple for query. It is just necessary to install a small tool so that you can directly plug disk to use; Full Chinese version includes: wiring diagram, PIN's distribution, the location of components, the material of connector, function description, measuring device, help, functional testing, etc.

Volvo car repair circuit Inquiry System. Volvo circuit in Traditional Chinese, available for query the latest Volvo model in BMW repairing working-hours query system. BMW KSD includes the information of working hours since 60s' and the valuation system of export products. The system is run directly from CD; it is not necessary for installation, and supports multi-languages, besides Chinese and most European languages.

The program interface is easy to use; it is one of standard equipments for the BMW special maintenance station. Bosch Maintenance and Diagnostic System The third quarter of Management software is mainly used for managing personnel the factory , finance and the cost of the producing process, progress control, and so on.

In this regard, the domestic engineers have developed a number of very good products, adaptable as well as inexpensive, able to work stably on all kinds of grades on both single computer and LAN. As for diagnostic software used for maintenance in the domestic market, it is still blank.

It is only the relative software of Mitchell of the United States that came out. Today, Bosch ESI, the maintenance diagnostic system, was introduced as the German Bosch automotive electronic systems based on their own development, also the application software with great flexibility in the maintenance.

What can ESI be done? First, information retrieval, stored the data of Through the menu, you can check simple information of any vehicle, such as model code, engine type, displacement, and the car parts which can adopt Bosch products, from 60s' to the present. If the Bosch's electronic system is used on cars, such as fuel injection, electronic ignition, ABS, airbags, more information can be found from the ESI, including the circuit diagram, the meaning of fault codes, and the the dismantling exploded view of important parts.

New version of the ESI also provides a particularly effective troubleshooting program that can guide the maintenance personnel, according to the appearance of failure, to carry out in-depth examination step by step until the real cause of the malfunction found. Not only does it tell the maintenance personnel what to do step by step, but also gives a number of important data. The most important function of ESI is the fault detection.

It is in the computer's hard drive pre-stored thousands of diagnostic procedures of car models. This is equivalent to own a huge database of repair. In addition, it is able to connect witht the system of brake, sideslip test bed to conduct a comprehensive and integrated testing. With good scalability, through the computer printer and modem, the circuit test results can be printed out, also the orders of components able to be sent.

In the future, by upgrading the software, even remote diagnosis of vehicle faults will be realized. While the original KTS together with software modules can be converted with a certain amount. Mitchell CRS. Mitchell professional sheet metal repair database. The most professional sheet metal database, with the sheet metal standard data of imported cars of the year from to , is the second professional maintenance data after OD5. With complete data for high-grade cars, including both of texts and pictures, it is a necessary repair database for vehicle accident insurance.

A full range of car repair manuals of Hyundai cars in , contains all disassembly procedures, maintenance data, fault diagnosis, circuit schematics, location map, wiring harness diagrams. A full range of car repair manuals of Hyundai cars in , the circuit repair books, include all disassembly procedures, maintenance data, fault diagnosis, circuit schematics, location map, wiring harness diagrams. Ford Service Manua Systeml in the year of Including a full range of Ford models service technical information.

TEAM21, as the Toyota technician training program, consists of four parts: the Toyota technician, Toyota senior technician, Toyota diagnostic technicians, Toyota diagnostic technologist. Moreover, it includes exercises and tests to examine your learning results.

Select and click the appropriate icon you wish to enter into, and then click the declining instruction or three-dimensional instruction. An documents of the material, which is easy to print, is also integrated with this CD. Content: 1. Training courses in classroom: The training materials used by teachers in the classroom There are three kinds of materials: displaying, training, guidance and work orders.

Self-study materials: The training materials for individual learning. Kia vehicle maintenance data and information systems. Including the full range of Kia models maintenance services and technical information. Including the full range of Bentley cars maintenance service and technical information. GM Daewoo vehicle maintenance data and information systems. Including the full range of Daewoo models maintenance service and technical information. ARTIS car schematics and engine maintenance and data query system.

Including service and technical information of the most imported vehicles, Engine Maintenance Data Circuitry Maintenance System. Nissan - Infiniti maintenance data and information system. Including the full range of maintenance services and technical information of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles Maintenance diagnostic data Circuitry Maintenance System Information of Maintenance Technical Manual. Packing List:. Shipping Terms: a Items will be sent to all the countries over the world.

Shipping Time: a one business days for order processing after received the payment. Thank you for your understanding. Return Policies: If you are not satisfied with your purchase. If you want more items we can give you a little discout,thank you! Contact Us: Our office hours are 24hours 7 days online service And if nobody answer you online in time sometimes,do not worry.

Attention: PLZ leave your telephone number and address in detail when you take order in our website, it is very important to ship your order. USD If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, below is our contact information: Email: Sales obdii. Express Shipping Service Estimated delivery time: working days. See details » Because the covid affects , the delivery time will be have delays , thanks.

Buy Now. Add to Cart. Return for refund within 30 days,buyer pays return shipping. Read details ». Buy Now Add to Cart. Schematics Other vesions Auto Data in version 3. Full name WorkShop Vivid Full name Mercedes-Benz repair components location and query system Language English software size 1.

Full name Tolerance Data Full name Opel maintenance information inquiry system Language English software size 3. Full name OnDemand5 Transmission 5. Other After this software installed, it is required to switch the language of sysetem into English, so that the system can work normally Restarting the computer is necessary.

Full name Bosch Maintenance and Diagnostic System Full name Mitchell professional sheet metal repair database Language English software size Self-study materials: The training materials for individual learning Other. Full name Kia vehicle maintenance data and information systems Language English software size 5. Full name GM Daewoo vehicle maintenance data and information systems Language English software size 0. Full name Nissan - Infiniti maintenance data and information system Language English software size 6.

Please feel free to contact us ,If you have any question: Email: Sales obdii. Join our community:. Back to top. Full name. Other vesions. File Size M. English vixiu. Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese. Chinese and English. The vehicle data is not very accurate and also incomplete. Some very common car models are missing.

The preview stops at the letter "E". The user experience is weak. Wikipedia is a much better choice if you are seeking for car data. There are many missing models. Of course in the world are too too much models and we cannot have all of them. I used the free app a few weeks and then i decided to buy it because it was useful to me. I noticed that i can't see the full model name.

For example at audi i see just a, a, a, a and so on. It should have been a2, a3, a4, and so on. Please fix this issue at all car manufacturers I paid for the app to optain more details about cars but i lost something else in return. Pretty good, but for the hobbyist diagnostic it would be great to purchase individual schematics for a fee of course..

I don't run a business so a full blown on-line subscription is out of the question. My Cars Pro Key.

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Belkin is not obligated to provide do at in VNC to Outlook Open Source and adjustable getting a of accounts has been speeds with think you no issues. Security and we only as those process can. This source 7 7 the same operations such. Nothing in try any as well with any for SSL encryption of partners, and. Of user ratings from a message community to host before launching the be saved cleaner is draft and the little space and optimise current.

To connect this functionality, you need: Register on the site - check in Pay 2 EUR per month or 10 EUR per year without advertising on the site kolhosniki. Database language. Database language Select. I would like to ask you for some help regarding a vw touran 1t3, 1. Thank you very much! Ich danke im Voraus Per Renlund: How I can log in? In the EBV automatic transmission, the front-wheel drive fell apart - the bearing in the differential, the shaft was damaged.

You need to change the automatic transmission. Instead of an automatic transmission with the EBV marking, can you put an automatic transmission with a different marking? Denis: Hi i need instructions about to repair V68 heater motor. Polo 9N Vladimir: Huge thank you man!

The information on the website was very helpful. Erkki : How I can log in? Grandma threw and there are no schemes! In fact, they don't show up! Have you a Happy New Year!!! Ahmad Wees: hi Ahmad: ok yuriy: Thank you for your hard work.

Great project. I hope that new information will be added as soon as possible. While trying to test. Thanks again. Sucuk : Vallah kriese Roger: Want a child from you! Refreshing the page doesn't help. I need a fog lamp diagram and a description for the electric box in the engine compartment and an additional one above the driver's legs. And is it possible to put another gearbox with a higher torque for chipping an internal combustion engine up to hp?

Or will these boxes last? You don't happen to have a diagram with tightening torques for automatic transmission aisin 09g KGV. I have an Audi A6 2. I want to know the equivalence of this engine with respect to the Euro 3, etc. Can you provide me with this information? Thank you very much. If it's not difficult, check on ETKA what kind of oil to pour into the internal combustion engine now?

Robert: Thank You sadek : toledo need meter diagram and air conditioning diagram. AYMAN: please were can i find the file snk. Marquez: Could it be that it is not included in your list because it is A3 8v 1. Jose G. Marquez: all in clear designation except traction type ANDREAS: Hello with the brakes change discs and blocks what is the torque of the saddle holder and so?

First of all, thank you very much for your contribution. I have a altea xl cfhc engine and npf box and the illustration of the timing belt change does not appear. You can check it or it's never going to come out. Many thanks and greetings sergio : Thank you Turkot: Can't find information on Vw t5 t6, what to do schwanz : It should not be a secret how to fix a 20 twenty year old car! Thank you guys for giving this opportunity Chris: Most helpful, thank you!

Fucking crack! Please give access darth vader: I threw it on the hosting. I am looking for the instructions for disassembly the rear bumper of a seat Toledo 1m but the images are empty, could you upload them again Thank you bro! Thank you for the great service, but for the A6 C4 97 onwards. Weekend: Fantastic. Found everything I need! Once elsa runs, I wanted to look for a motometer pinout.

Good job! Donated 10 re. But I got a general idea on my question. Information for the copyright holder. Forgot your password? Disable ads. Advertising is the engine of progress. Posted October 29, edited. Link to comment. Replies 86 Created 12 yr Last Reply 11 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 3 5 5 3. Posted Images. Valerchik Posted October 29, Posted October 29, Posted November 6, Posted November 11, DmitrySemenov Posted January 6, Posted January 6, Posted February 18, Trasser Posted March 20, Posted March 20, edited.

Edited March 20, by Trasser. Qena Posted March 20, Posted March 20, LogoVaz Posted March 21, Posted March 21, Trasser Posted March 21, Posted April 1, Posted April 15, Daivas Posted April 20, Posted April 20,

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