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king louie smokin dope mp3 torrent

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By Soundz] King Louie. Dope Smoke Lyrics[Hook 2x :King Louie] So much dope smoke, so much dope smoke Pocket full of c-notes, and a bad bitch givin' me deep-throat [Verse 1:King Louie] Bands on top of bands, on top of bands I got bands bitch I'm talkin' bout new cake, nigga old cake Gettin' mo cake, my hand itch I'm ridin' hard in a foreign car Grocery pimpin', I'll bag a broad In a bad luck black jaguar I'll shoot shit up if I have to Two best friends, they sisters They give my dick kisses Tell 'em blow me, make wishes Give 'em rap money, spendin' brick chips It's the band man, do the money dance Mo reefa, much dope smoke Can't be broke, so we broke With a motherfuckin' pocket full of c-notes [Hook] [Verse 2] Bands on top of bands, on top of bands I got bands bitch I'm talkin' bout bitches doin' bitches Cause they know we got bands rich My bitch ass like Pam shit You bands get you when your man's hit You bent for hoes, my pants up On my way to court, these dangerous I got thirty?

Bars King Louie. Drilluminati King Louie. PiDD King Louie. Leek [Prod. King Louie - Pose 2 Feat. BHD [Prod. DJ Victoriouz [Prod. Lil Herb [Prod. King Louie - Turn 2 Me [Prod. King Louie - Flexin' Feat. By Mr. King Louie - Actavis [Prod. King Louie - Made Music [Prod. Jay Storm [] King Louie - Tony Pro.

BlockOnDaTrakk [] King Louie - Rozay Flow pt 2 Pro. Incredible [] King Louie - I Might Pro. Clue World [] King Louie - EastSide Shit ft. Lil Herb Pro. King Louie - Again Pro. Bobby Johnson [] King Louie - Made Drill Pro. King Louie - Terrific Pro. King Louie - O. B Pro. FallOutBeatz [] King Louie - Drilluminati 2 Pro. Cityy Boy Beatz [] King Louie - Remember Bonus Pro. Bread Doe [] Leek Bonus Pro. Chris P. King Louie - So Real [] King Louie - Give You That ft.

Leek [] King Louie - M. Y [] King Louie - Sexin [] King Louie - On My Mind [] King Louie - Clones [] King Louie - Real Rap Raw. King Louie - B. N [Prod. By Jack Flash] [] 2. King Louie - Sheesh Feat. Chi Hoover [Prod. By Jay Storm] [] 3. By DJ L] [] 4. King Louie - Difference Feat. Slitta [Prod. By Hearon Trackz] [] 5. King Louie - Made [Prod. By Jay Storm] [] 6. King Louie - Day [Prod. By Bobby Johnson] [] 7. LeekeLeek [Prod. By LeekeLeek] [] 8. King Louie - G.

D [Prod.

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