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importer calques indesign torrent

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Importing a Preflight Profile from Indesign


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Your script did the trick for me! I needed to import a multi-page PDF into InDesign that would then share the same master page among all of them. This spared me quite a bit of time. Thank you for your wonderful contribution! David thank you, thank you…. What a life saver for me — This Script was soooo needed useful.

I wish I could have helped in some way to develop this utility because I have wanted this functionality for several years. Let me tell you why. I have somehow gotten into scanning old handwritten journals.

The latest one was a 50 year old journal written in blue ink — I had to contrast-levels adjust every scanned page and make edits to smudges, etc. Needless to say the pages took me over two months to scan and I was so wanting to be done with it! The last thing I wanted to do was place every page individually into an Indesign document, Yet I had to add space for binding margins and a comfortable trim edge.

The Multi-Page Importer was the time saver I needed. The problem I ran into while using it was that when clinking the option to center each PDF on the page it only centered top-to-bottom aligning to the very left edge of the page.

This was of course remedy by using the offset X and Y. Maybe this issue has been addressed and I have not red about it in the lengthy blog. Anyway the job was made some easy with this script. Thanks so much for sharing your intelligence with the rest of the common world. Worked perfectly and easy! I needed to place pages due to some font problem. Yes, probably not the best scenario…. I know. So when I want to make a PDF of the whole manual steps 1? And when I make edits to one of the other versions, I just open the master, update my links, and I have the latest version of the complete manual.

Virtual high-five! Thank you so much for this! This will definitely save me a lot of time for my current project! My only suggestion after using it a little bit is on the page numbering. I have a lot of my documents in sections with different numbering so I end up having to count the pages to figure out where I want them. Just a thought, but honestly this is the biggest time saver already so I hate to be picky.

Thanks for all your hard work! My customer supplied me with a 2, page. This script saved me tons and tons of work!! Thank you,. This looks like a great script. I am using version 2. My question is: is there an automated way using MultiPageImporter or another tool that I can import the full oversized artwork from Illustrator to InDesign? Thank you for providing details on this import sequence. The script has been invaluable to us with a lost project!

We were able to save roughly 40 hours of work on a lost project through this process. Seriously, thank you! The instructions are not included in the updated version unfortunately, but they are inside the previous version. I had to compile many multi-page pdfs into a new pdf with a newly created, interactive table of contents. Each page had to include an icon to link back to the new TOC and I had to design several new pages and section divider pages in InDesign to incorporate into one giant pdf.

Importing the pdfs into In Design allowed me to use the master pages to handle new page-numbering and the linking icons quickly and then export as one big pdf. I had to import an 86 page document which would have taken a lot of time. This worked just fine for me in CS 6 for Mac. I love this script, and have used it a lot. However, this evening, the script just stopped working. I ran it several times successfully, and then upon opening a new document, when I try to run the script, it just hangs.

I double click the script, it brings me to the dialog box for the place, but when I choose the file, it just hangs, and I have to ESC to get out of it. Any thoughts? Many thanks Zanelli! This one really helped me out. Especially importing indesign documents. When changing the source Indesign doc it updates the individual imported pages in the destinydocument as well!

I am trying to import a page document and get an error about fonts on every page. For a few pages it is no big deal, but for pages, it will take forever to keep ignoring the error as the pages import. I need to know how to install this script, too. If you find out anything can you please post here? Found something — seems to have worked for me… good luck! Awesome script, thank you! The only thing is that the text in of the Epubs I created, from a page PDF, seems to have the look that it was scanned and copied using an old copy machine.

Is anyone else seeing that? Is there a setting that can be tweaked in the pdf, in the script, etc that can fix that? You will get the error specifying that you cannot print the booklet because of multiple page sizes. Even if you fix all your page sizes to be exactly the same, it will still produce the error, because this is a software bug.

So what is the solution? I feel like my brain is about to explode. At what point do you see it? If the problem persists, start a new Forum thread about this probably much better than trying to figure it out in comments here. The problem is i have two pdf files, each has pages.

I want to import one pdf on odd pages and the other on even pages. Is that possible? I was in the same situation last year and did a quick hack of the script to make this possible. Basically, I added the option to skip every 2nd page when placing. So you just have to watch out which page you start on and enable this option. Good question is how to make this available to you… all: is there some kind of general repository where we could centrally collect updated versions?

Mine is based on the 2. I have a scanned book that is divided into odd and even pages as separate files.. Is there a way to import them on a single idd file? You basically have to import every second page new option in my version and start at the correct page number in the original doc. Then you import the other second pages in a second run.

Hi sorry bit of a blond here, I have downloaded the pdf multi page file script and it is open like a program with all the script in it, but how do I put it into my indesign,!! Hello, Is there a way to specify which pages the file gets placed on?

Such as pages 1, 3, 5, etc. Not for any important reason, I just have time and would like to figure it out. I have Indesign CC and none of these scripts work for this. If someone knows how to do this for InDesign CC I would appreciate a post which details how to do this. One thing I remember reading is that Adobe made substantial changes to the user interface part of scripting in CC. I would even make some effort to update it once I make the switch.

Thanks for the reply, Mike. However, when I try to place the multipage pdf in my document with the margins which I set, it is place outside the document. I called Adobe tech support again about this and nobody knew how to fix this. I was able to do this in Pagemaker 15 years ago! There certainly must be a way now in Could you, Mike, or anybody help me with this problem? If I remember correctly, the original script did nothing except pacing the file at some default position.

I assume was the original reason for creating this version in the first place. I am using cs6 on pc. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Is there any way to number the pages or have it use your master page setup to number the pages as you import them? Hi I have downloaded the script, opened it it looks like a program so I saved it to my desk top and then copied it to the scripts file, samples and also the javascript place.

But how to I ignite it to make it work? It placed pages everywhere but where I wanted them. Can somebody please let me know if they could get this to work, and how they got this to work? I get a javascript error. Love this script. Helped me to import a 62Mb pdf in InDesign and compress it while exporting it into a 5 Mb pdf.

I have two columns. Did you have to make many adjustments in order to get the pages where you want them using the mulitpage importer script? Thank you, Bill Helmer. This is working great in Adobe CC Okay, there is one more option that I desperately need. Can someone brilliant edit the script so that there is an option to duplicate each page of the document 2, 4, 6, or 12 times per sheet with specified alignment and spacing. This would make this script perfect! Does that make sense?

Just makes nice n-up files ready for print. Please do not say that InDesign is not an imposition software or designers need to go to the print shop to learn. We are not all in San Francisco or New York where life is just wonderful and everyone knows their place. Did you do anything special to get yours to work?

Did you check with a relatively simple pdf that is known-good? The only problems I ever had with the script were caused by broken input files or when placing the pdf would position it outside of the InDesign scratch area. I had a 92 page PDF of which fonts were giving me fits. I find that sometimes placing it in InDesign and exporting a new PDF with my preferred settings works miracles.

I just came upon this post because I wanted to do just that with this 92 page PDF. Thank you, thank you! The scripts have been working great, except if i update something in the imported PDF, Indesign does not update the imported pages correctly. If I supply my printer with files they can literally drop on their RIP, I save on fees, and they like me a bit more.

I currently have several headers and footers on my document to explain the PDF file, but when I use the CC Scripts place multi-page PDF, it places the document over my headers and footers, so I have to go in an resize each page… Very time consuming. I used the script that was discussed previously and it places in center, but it still covers my headers and footers.

Is there a way I can place a frame and have all the PDF pages automatically fit to the size I want on each new page. Please let me know this would save me a ton of time. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Beth: I would try putting the headers and footers on a layer higher than the pdf graphic frames. Use the multipage pdf importer script to flow your pdf into a new indesign document. Then select all pages and apply the master to all.

The header and footer items on your master page should now appear above the pdf layers. You may have to fiddle around with the registration point of the inserted object and the ruler units to get the same coordinates that the multi-page-importer dialog uses. Has there been an update to this script to enable it to work with Indesign CC? Weird, works fine for me — we never had to modify this version 2. And the file it fails with is a pdf for sure? The only issues I ever had with it was with corrupted PDFs — but those cause errors at a later stage inside the dialog and when being placed.

I have a x InDesign document meant to be published as a single edition interactive app with DPS. Now that DPS is no longer an option, I need to convert my document to X in order to use another software company Twixl to publish the app. Should I use the script in this thread to rescale my document, or is there a better way? Don: This importer script is probably not what you want. You want something that will resize your document and leave you with editable objects on the page, right?

You might take a look at QuickResize at id-extras. But now, since last INDD update last week? I think I have found the culprit! Somehow, the original INDD file to be placed had section numbering… but never could find it! So Page 1 would be layer 1 and pg 2 would be layer 2 and so on. I was wondering if anyone has been able to do this or could offer some assistance in the matter. Thank You. This was a request by my users.

They do a lot of work with layers and would prefer that all pages be a different layer. But it makes sense to add the functionality to the main loop. Thank you! One thing that comes to mind: if you add a new setting and want to save it to the prefs file for later default behavior bear in mind that the new prefs file will be incompatible with the old one the script expects a specific order. I ran into that when I added an option to skip every second page.

Ok, I got each page to be on a new layer by nesting it in the main loop. But they actually want one page with multiple layers. Is there a way to debug the code so that I can see where the page is being added for the import process? Beats me why anyone would want to place x pdf pages onto one page inside InDesign but I guess they know what they want. I work for a large scale printing company.

My understanding is that the main layer 1 is say all of the color and every layer after that 2-N is different black lettering. This allows them to quickly overlay the images just by turning off all but 2 layers. You were correct, that was exactly what I needed to remove to put all layers on one page.

I had to do a little tweaking outside of that because the next line of code was looking for the next page. So i just set that piece of the code to always look for page one and it worked. Thank you so much for helping me with this problem! I am placing a lot of scanned pages using MultiPageImporter2. Working great in CS6. The original for scanning is a cutout from older books and the text blocks are not always in the same place and do often have a minor rotation — different between pages.

Does anyone know of a way to correct the placement and rotation automatically? This sounds more like a job for other tools — prepare the scanned pages before placing them. Otherwise, Photoshop would be an option — not fully automatic workflow though.

Just me, or can anyone else confirm? It could be something on my system — but I wanted to see if anyone else had the problem with the latest update. Sounds like there are issues when trying to open the PDF. All good now. The current script worked beautifully if I took all hundred pgs and created 1 pdf.

Is there anything that would do that? Thanks so much. But how can I automatically resize the imported pages? Currently, they import and the full size of my letter size page. Thanks for the recommendation Maryse. I am probably not using the script correctly though as unfortunately it does not appear to be what I am looking for.

Is there any detailed error message? Error 55 is rather cryptic. Really sounds like an issue with the placed pdf files. Maybe InDesign respects that setting in So for those who are having the same issue try the version named … MultiPageImporter2. Each page contains 5 empty image blocs.

I want to load a bunch of. This will save me hours of time. I need to place 8. I have tested it with a seven page sample at it worked perfectly. Works brilliantly in CS6. Thanks to you and Scott! People should note, though—I had to rename a PDF file so that the file extension was all lowercase.

Worked great until today, now it will not let me set an end page higher than , and I also can not specify a start page above This is a huge hit to my imposition workflow. Nevermind, my. Sounds like a classic. In my experience the issue is usually with the pdf and not with the script — it has been running remarkably stable for years. Shaking my head… Indeed. My bad in not trying another file! This script is indeed a miracle that has treated me well for years :. I tried importing both an interactive PDF file as an INDD file, but in both cases it seems to be imported as an image and the interactive hyperlinks no longer seem to work.

Depending on your project you could copy pages from one ID document to the other though. I could not get this figured out with copying ID pages so far, would you know of a way? What can i do to install it for ID? For a new project, I need to know — is there a way to place pages only on the right-hand pages, rather than on running pages?

It will not skip pages in the source pdf though. You saved my life, man. Thank you ever so much. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue i am? If i have a file that is 8. I make sure the bleed is open in the original PDF before placing but it still comes in at 8.

If its not the script, can anyone suggest what this could be? It would suite my application more if it had the option of creating new pages for each pdf page. Also if these new pages could be identical to a specific page in the document. Hi Boniface, either I or you must be missing something: this is exactly what the script does as of now. If I set up a document with a single page and then import a multi-page pdf it will create additional pages based on the document I set up.

I made a small fix a year ago and released it on GitHub for further development. I need new pages to be added automatically in the middle of the document. What is happening when i run the script is that The new page 1 of the pdf appears as an object on top of the objects that were initially on page 3. My problem is: i have existing pages on indesign.

Ah, I see. Implementing this correctly would get pretty complex. Would also require adding some sort of ui for selecting where to insert. I would normally suggest to manually move the respective existing pages or the inserted ones — whatever is less as a workaround.

You can do that for a selection of pages so it should not be too bad. I regularly need to import huge PDFs over pages into the middle of a 4-page template. I insert them at the end, and then move the pages around. Thanks, Mike!

It would work a lot better for me and save me a ton of time if every PDF page was inserted into a new InDesign page. Can you offer your support for modifying the code? I can get someone conversant with javascript to contact you for support. I have added some minor fixes in the past and implemented a rather simple feature as a quick hack to fix a need we had over here. I am placing a large number of financial reports that get updated on a regular basis. Right now, I manually go through and check for duplicate PDF page numbers in the links panel if a multi-page PDF has shrunk AND check each page to make sure that a total line is listed.

Very time consuming on a page document. We use it in a similar environment many document structure changes and the only workaround I have is always placing the pdf into a new layer. That way you can delete the layer and the pages and re-run the script. Quicker than manually fixing the links.

I used it on my Mac for several years to convert A4 files to lettersize, since we work closely with a European company. I just switched to a PC and upgraded to CS6 for the first time, and was amazed that the same cs5 script worked on both. Saves me weeks of work on every catalog, since I used it on hundreds of pages every year.

Dave Blatner: can you please add the following download link in the article? I just and published those changes as version 2. Would love if GitHub becomes the new home of the script and I will submit any future changes there. This article is probably still the top search result for it so it makes sense to re-direct from here. Works friggin great. I love the fact you can scale the PDF to fit to page.

I make the indesign file the size I want it and import away. I want to make heavy use of them, so I know that you have some comments you can skip 2 pages, and would you tell me how to skip 4 pages, please? Unfortunately, I lack the time for that right now.

Will need to consider it in more detail including adding a respective entry in the interface but that will take time. Sorry there is no easy way for this, Mike. What if you have pages within your InDesign doc that are named or , etc? It will not let me import the pdf starting on those labeled pages that include dashes. I was playing around a little bit and if I had a section, say section 2, and that technically started on page 4 even though it says and then page 5 would be I inserted a pdf on page 4 and it worked even though in the Pages panel it reads Just downloaded this as an ultimate lifesaver in converting eight separate page PowerPoint slides into handouts and creating press-ready print files in InDesign for binding.

Works flawlessly on the first try with my Mac Is there problem with the way the page file names are setup due to printer? Would someone be able to edit the script to accept multi-artboard Illustrator Files? Added bonus would be to be able to select multiple files for import at once!

Good point but full AI support probably takes a lot of work. You just need to rename the file to PDF. In my quick test it works fine including placing multiple artboards as individual pages. I have a team of 30 designers and changing the extension would likely cause too many headaches. I just tried to add. Can you maybe open an issue on GitHub so I can give you an update when I get to it? Ah, got the last error — please feel free to nevertheless open the issue on GitHub for easier tracking.

I only did a basic test so please be careful and let me know on GitHub if you run into any issues. Should be good with pdf compatible ai files but I have no idea what happens on others. Thank you so much!!! I will test this out with my team and let you know how it goes! Thanks again! We eventually sorted this out last Friday. The latest version still works for me but I only ran a quick test in for Windows.

Full disclosure: I gave it a new home on GitHub and merged a few code changes that add some functionality. Hello, thanks for this very useful script. It works great. On the other hand, the script hangs. This also causes the script to hang. But what is the cause for this malfunction? Thanks in advance Juergen Georg. Let me try to make my problem more concrete. I run the script directly with the toolkit CS6.

Now I have noticed in a new test, that I can in fact omit my commenting above. Now a window pops up and reports a runtime error and asks if I want to stop it. Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. Thanks a lot, Mike.

One of my colleagues who was using one of my templates regularly has to import multiple pages of PDFs. It took me a while but I realised I could import the pages on a standard InDesign A4 page no problem so surmised there must have been a problem specifically related to the A4 template. One template has 8. Both versions of these stylesheets were aligned to the baseline grid. I managed to work out that in my Preferences for the When I changed this to Top of Page, which the 8.

Could you per chance test it in the latest version and let me know? Hi Mike, I have run into this problem and tried all the above processes I could. I am running on a Mac The FIle points to the javascript located in my scripts folder. The line number is The source is exit I have deleted the script file and the,.

Can you help? I specifically remember this error and that I made some small changes that fixed it for me. Hi, I am having the exact same error and I think it has something to do with the Crop type not being defined in the PDF. I downloaded the latest version of the script from GitHub 2. This script works beautifully. I got al my team to use it. I have one request. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Advanced Search. Forgot Password? Join today. Not a member? How-tos, tips and tricks and more. Join for free today! Recommended For You. You can find more about David at 63p. Bob Levine says:.

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