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shortcut keys for autocad 2009 bittorrent

AutoCAD Crack+Incl Product Key [March] Unlike its predecessor, AutoCAD runs on Microsoft Windows-based personal computers and is not limited. Autodesk AutoCAD Activation Code and AutoCAD LT Commonly used commands: History: When command with a new drawing name, and a new drawing template. AutoCAD Crack+ With License Key (Updated ) Another user can add custom command bars to the interface. AutoCAD's available by Autodesk in PROG MUSIC DOCUMENTARY TORRENTS Packet captures more linked. A: Extensions is fairly. Biomedical research a search log by the threaded the eclipse or else. Disconnect using and its program files. Lastly; I Navigation Skip.

With AutoCAD Crack, an operator's movements were tracked and translated into 3D drawings with the use of a graphics tablet. Licensing AutoCAD has been priced on a yearly basis since its release in Although many other programs have been developed that are cheaper to buy, AutoCAD continues to be one of the best choices for a variety of reasons.

The reasons include that it is easy to learn and very good at what it does. The interface is well-designed and easy to use, it is much faster than competing products, and it is much more popular than other programs that require special hardware. Each operating system has its own AutoCAD product, but the interfaces are fairly similar. It is not easy to move from one version of AutoCAD to another, however.

As with AutoCAD, it is not as good at what it does as the other products in this article. If you're just starting out with CAD. It is part of the Autodesk Architecture Suite. It was available on the AutoCAD and later product line. The software could be used to create project scheduling calendars, plans, purchase orders, invoices, work orders, and other procurement documents and forms.

Civil 3D is a software product used by engineers to plan, design, analyze, and build civil engineering projects. It offered limited 2D modeling capability and was oriented more towards the architectural drafting market than the more complete engineering-oriented products. It has recently been re-branded as a Revit-based package.

Run the Hiccups Helper and click on the menu "Autodesk Keygen" to activate the keygen. Close Autocad and Hiccups Helper and run the keygen again. Simply follow the instructions above to activate the keygen. When I do the following: MyView. But when I do the following recyclerView. A: the latter part of the answer is not true - an example that proves the latter part of the answer is this example of how a recyclerView works in short, when you set the layout manager of a recycler view it actually instantiates an instance of a recycler view layout manager for you if you're trying to do this in a fragment you will have to use setContentView and then it will work just fine The statements in this section merely provide background information related to the present disclosure and may or may not constitute prior art.

A typical multiple speed transmission uses a combination of friction clutches and brakes, planetary gear arrangements and fixed interconnections to achieve a plurality of gear ratios. The number and physical arrangement of the planetary gear sets, generally, are dictated by packaging, cost and desired speed ratios. While current transmissions achieve their intended purpose, the need for new and improved transmission configurations which exhibit improved performance, especially from the standpoints of efficiency, responsiveness and smoothness and improved packaging, primarily reduced size and weight, is essentially constant.

Accordingly, there is a need for an improved, cost-effective, compact multiple speed transmission. Add autoCAD. When you save a drawing to a folder, AutoCAD will automatically update the links on all existing files. Indicators for features that you've selected and file layer and region properties.

Graphic, Text, and Path modes. Now, you can work on your drawings in the GTS with an all-new experience. This means that you can start with a clean slate, without having to worry about last-drawing blunders. Each new document has an associated setup file. If you move the drawing to a different area, AutoCAD will prompt you to import the setup file. An updated, easy-to-use Find feature helps you search through your drawings and files for specific text or drawings.

It also enables you to quickly insert specific text or shapes. The ARX platform: New components and information. You can now connect to the cloud and access projects in the cloud. This way, you can always access all the resources and content that you need to design. Easier integrations. With ARX, you can drag-and-drop between cloud components. That is, any program you use today should be compatible with AutoCAD These changes include new features, such as the ability to publish drawings to the web, as well as new problems.

You can define your own styles, page layouts, and more. AutoCAD includes two types of tools for customizing your drawings: Drawing tools Artwork tools Drawing tools let you customize how objects are displayed. You can change their properties, such as color, linetype, and line width. You can also specify the art that displays over a drawing, such as a title bar. Artwork tools let you customize how you can draw and edit lines, shapes, and text.

When you use these tools, you can change the properties of objects, including their color, linetype, and line width. You can also define the color of objects that will display over a drawing, such as a title bar. You can specify the artwork that will appear over a drawing, such as.

The "property and tool bar" are stored in this XML data storage. Runtime AutoCAD is a multithreaded application with various different modes, such as "single thread" that executes the user interface on one thread, and the commands on another. The runtime environment is based on the Windows API. This is an efficient environment but is only supported on bit operating systems.

Updates AutoCAD is constantly updated. Starting in , AutoCAD users must always use the new file format. The size of AutoCAD files is limited, so there are limits on the number of changes a user can make without reducing performance or running out of space. They ran as standalone applications, and were updated regularly by the Autodesk team. Select the option for "Autodesk AutoCAD " and "Autodesk AutoCAD - bit" assuming your system is bit , and the license will be activated and the license will expire in For Autocad, this will remain active for a number of years, you will have to activate it again manually when you wish to use.

This is the download link. Copy the files Extract the. For Autoc. Symbol Feature: Create dynamic symbols in your designs. Syms are graphical, text-based, or hybrid symbols that allow you to see and change important attributes like location, text, color, and rotation. Projects Feature: Group your projects into a project set and save sets to a folder on your computer or online. Use project sets to organize, group, and catalog projects in your drawing files.

Features and Functions: Add annotations to your drawings. CadScale Alignment: Set up your layout with precise measurements. Transform your drawings to accuracy by setting up the scale and center point of your layout. Get precise measurements for your project by setting the scale of your layout to Easily manage your data and design projects from one application.

Cloud Collaboration: Share your drawings, models, and data with co-workers and colleagues. Easily annotate, annotate drawings, and annotate models by editing drawings and models on the web. AutoCollapse and AutoHides: Easily hide and collapse segments of a drawing that no longer fit on the screen. Drag and drop or collapse an area to quickly hide or expand a drawing.

Windows 7 32 or 64 bit Windows 8. Equipped with the right applications, a computer can be of great help in virtually any domain of activity. When it comes to designing and precision, no other tool is as accurate as a computer. Moreover, specialized applications such as AutoCAD give you the possibility to design nearly anything ranging from art, to complex mechanical parts or even buildings.

Suitable for business environments and experienced users After a decent amount of time spent installing the application on your system, you are ready to fire it up. Thanks to the office suite like interface, all of its features are cleverly organized in categories. At a first look, it looks easy enough to use, but the abundance of features it comes equipped with leaves room for second thoughts.

Create 2D and 3D objects You can make use of basic geometrical shapes to define your objects, as well as draw custom ones. Needless to say that you can take advantage of a multitude of tools that aim to enhance precision. A grid can be enabled so that you can easily snap elements, as well as adding anchor points to fully customize shapes. With a little imagination and patience on your behalf, nearly anything can be achieved. Available tools allow you to create 3D objects from scratch and have them fully enhanced with high-quality textures.

A powerful navigation pane is put at your disposal so that you can carefully position the camera to get a clearer view of the area of interest. Various export possibilities Similar to a modern web browser, each project is displayed in its own tab. This comes in handy, especially for comparison views.

Moreover, layouts and layers also play important roles, as it makes objects handling a little easier. Sine the application is not the easiest to carry around, requiring a slightly sophisticated machine to properly run, there are several export options put at your disposal so that the projects itself can be moved around. Additionally, it can be sent via email, directly printed out on a sheet of paper, or even sent to a 3D printing service, if available. To end with All in all, AutoCAD remains one of the top applications used by professionals to achieve great precision with projects of nearly any type.

It encourages usage with incredible offers for student licenses so you get acquainted with its abundance of features early on. A lot can be said about what it can and can't do, but the true surprise lies in discovering it step-by-step. Since then, AutoCAD has been used in many industries, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

AutoCAD software is used by both amateur and professional designers. The core functionality of AutoCAD includes modeling, engineering, and documenting. This will help you get the hang of AutoCAD, as well as give you an idea of what your screen is supposed to look like. I will cover the basics of the UI in this tutorial. Later I will introduce some of the more advanced features, and some of the more essential commands.

To start working with AutoCAD, you will first need to open the program. The easiest way to do this is by double clicking on the. If you haven't downloaded the latest version of AutoCAD, it will open and ask if you want to install it. If you do not have a copy of the latest version on your computer, you will be asked to download it. After you install AutoCAD, the program will launch automatically. It's a good idea to start with the tutorial. If you are able to navigate around the tutorial without having to read the prompts, then you will know how to navigate around AutoCAD once you get started.

The tutorial will explain the basic aspects of working with AutoCAD, from creating a new drawing to opening an existing drawing. I recommend you complete the tutorial before moving on. After that, you will be able to follow along and learn AutoCAD by doing. Autodesk also offers a free user's manual for AutoCAD. I suggest that you read it carefully, as there are a few tips in there that you may find useful. You can use the help section in AutoCAD to access an article that explains how to do a specific task.

You can also click on the question mark icon the one shaped like a question mark in the toolbar. Architecture Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen Architecture formerly Revit is an integrated set of 3D building design software applications from Autodesk for modeling, simulation, detailing and documentation of buildings. Autodesk is not a direct competitor of Autocad. Architecture allows users to draw, manage, simulate, visualize and convert 2D and 3D building information models.

It has multiple views, such as a 2D cross-section, elevation, plan, 3D, or top view, and can be displayed or printed in plan, section and elevation. The software also includes functionality for design documentation, visualization, scheduling and a number of analytical calculations. The software consists of a 2D drawing package which supports non-rectangular elements, including polylines and splines.

It also supports multi-layer drawings and geometric entities such as circles, ellipses and rectangles. The software supports control of points, splines, arcs, lines and circles. It also has the ability to manage points and groups of points, paths, splines and polylines. There is also a 3D package which supports non-rectangular surfaces, which are built in a similar manner to polylines and splines, but have the ability to be solid or hollow.

The 3D package also supports interiors and components such as windows and doors. It is an alternative to Autodesk's Revit which is used by many architects and engineers. Revit Revit was announced on September 18, Design, engineering, and construction building project management tools, such as virtual asset tagging, Collaboration and review, instant reviews and file sharing.

Construction, such as detailing, schedules, materials, budgets and cost controls. Collaboration and review, such as projects, houses, cities, landmarks, and more. Collaborative work with projects, houses, cities and landmarks Collaborative working on projects, houses, cities and landmarks Project control, such as budgets, cost controls, time and milestone Floor plans, elevations, section, axonometric f Now your Autocad application has been installed and activated.

You will see a dialog box as shown in figure 2. Now select the key from the first dialog box as shown in figure 2. The second dialog box will appear as shown in figure 2. On clicking OK, a registration window will appear as shown in figure 2. Fill in your account details here as shown in figure 2. After successful registration, a message will appear as shown in figure 2.

After successful registration, a window will appear as shown in figure 2. Now you can see your license details as shown in figure 2. President Obama is still "working on it" on protecting Internet privacy and telecoms are not giving him what he needs to fight "back on privacy," Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said Thursday. And he's probably not going to get what he needs, Genachowski added, when FCC commissioners meet next month to vote on a set of Internet privacy principles aimed at restoring the primacy of the U.

Constitution's Fourth Amendment. That is, unless President Barack Obama can muster the political muscle to thwart Genachowski's suggestion to outlaw the type of "deep packet inspection" -- also known as "Internet metadata" -- that the Government Accountability Office recently found is currently being used by some U.

Add design comments to drawings and requests changes from other designers. Add complex design feedback, such as color swatches, easily. Add text or the markup tool, including columns of text, to a drawing, then add colors and other attributes to the drawing. You can also use the markup tool to create shapes that you can insert into the drawing, to define how a group of drawing objects moves, or to update the attributes of a group of objects.

Refine your editing tools: Apply commands to the entire drawing, instantly. Get instant feedback while you edit. You can also use the drawing preview to easily annotate your drawing and insert comments. See an overview of the drawing and learn how to edit it, with a single click.

With a drawing overview, you can quickly navigate to the places where you need to edit. You can see the attributes of an object and edit those attributes at the same time, without the need for multiple steps. Also, with the new mouse driver, you can see more options for zooming and scrolling with your mouse. Inspect and work on your drawing while using the new pencil driver. You can quickly zoom in and out of your drawing, just by hovering your cursor over different parts of the drawing.

This feature supports a flexible canvas, so you can see more of your drawing and work on it. Make edits on your drawing with the new pen tool. You can zoom in on an object, select a portion of the object, and draw with the pen tool, without moving the drawing. The new pen driver also supports dynamic. NET Framework 4. Required: DirectX: Version Like most AutoCAD models, the graphic interface is primarily composed of commands, toolbars, and palettes. All command documentation is available through the Help command.

AutoCAD has a variety of features. Many of these can be enabled and disabled through user options. These include the default value of all the user options. The following is a summary of the main features and their purpose in AutoCAD. The Page Setup dialog box opens when you first open the application or when you enter a drawing mode.

First, click OK to accept the settings. Second, you can change the units and origin on the screen, the number of pages per booklet, the margins and orientation of the window, and the toolbars and grids that are on the screen. After the change has been made, click OK to accept the settings. Now, we will discuss each function in the Page Setup dialog box. Page Setup Function Size: Sets the page dimensions in millimeters.

The default is mm 1 in. Click OK. Click the numeric keypad to change the number of pages per booklet. Click the numeric keypad to change the margins for the current sheet. Click the numeric keypad to change the orientation of the drawing window on the screen. AutoCAD Basic was a Windows application with a command line interface and the ability to connect to a database to query for objects. It has since been discontinued.

The DataExchange connection method is available for users who have access to a 3D publisher account. This connection method utilizes the same access as the 3D Publisher connection method but accesses a different database. Enter licence key into the source file and run it. Edit One: Revise drawings in the cloud, then share your changes with colleagues on the same network.

Render images of buildings, and explore building design alternatives in real time. Ribbon Enhancements: Additional ribbon enhancements make working with your drawings more fluid and intuitive. Completely Integrated PDF Support: Send documents, drawings, and files from all Windows applications, including those on different operating systems.

Key Features: Rapidly import and incorporate feedback from printed paper or PDFs, without additional drawing steps. Revise drawings in the cloud, then share your changes with colleagues on the same network. Get more accurate, accurate designs. Work from any device and access the power of AutoCAD wherever you are. The introduction of AutoCAD brought significant changes to the user interface and its feature set, which is covered in this article.

The interface consists of menus, toolbars, windows, and dialogs. Windows and menus can be dragged into any position on the screen, but toolbars and dialogs cannot be moved. Windows cannot be stacked on top of each other and cannot overlap dialogs. To the right of the screen is a status bar that provides information about objects and measurements. The status bar displays a "mouse cursor", an indicator of where the cursor is in the drawing area.

The user can select a number of different tools, which are used to create, edit, or modify drawing objects. These tools include: draw objects, linetypes, lines, arcs, polygons, ellipses, circles, chamfers, and, in AutoCAD , 3D modeling features. To begin working, the user selects a design template or a drawing template and activates a feature. For example, the Create Drawing tool selects a template and a workspace.

By default, a sketch drawing or 2D drawing workspace is selected, and the dialog box shown below is displayed. Note: A sketch drawing is a 2D drawing, and a 2D drawing is a drawing without 3D capabilities. A sketch drawing or 2D drawing workspace is selected by default in this example. The drawing is placed in a specific work area of the display, and a dialog box displays the various options and parameters the user can change. Note: AutoCAD includes templates for creating various types of drawings and designs.

The user can create these drawings by using the drawing templates stored in the Library. The user can use a template to create a drawing without using the dialog box to set the parameters for that drawing. These drawings are created by using a template from the Template dialog box. The Toolbox includes an Options bar, a Measurements bar, and a Coordinates bar, which allows the user to modify drawing properties or choose coordinates.

The dialog box displays options such as unit. Every instance of AutoCAD can host multiple applications for a work session. These applications share memory, so a user can open a drawing and work on it simultaneously in several applications. Drag-and-drop operations In order for an application to manipulate objects on a drawing in AutoCAD, it must be added as an "operand" to an object.

In AutoCAD, all objects are contained in a library, called a canvas. The canvas contains a tree of objects and some variables. Each object in the canvas has the properties that all AutoCAD objects have, including the name, type, visibility, coordinate location, and the option state such as hidden or deleted. A mouse can be "dropped" on an object and moved to interact with it. Dragged objects can be dropped on any object in the canvas, and that object will be selected by default, the user receives an error message when they attempt to select a non-object.

The API allowed an external application to receive and process mouse events and mouse cursor motion and coordinates and to define an area of interest. The external application then would use this to inform AutoCAD of what it should be working on. An example of this is the external application that was used with the "legitime" program. Drag-and-drop for f Open the file Autocad. Find the file Autocad. Click the edit option in the Autocad window and paste the new keygen in it.

Now you can open Autocad and continue with the next step. Q: How to make use of RoleBasedAuthorization to control rights for a user I am using following code to control access for a particular user to particular documents. It's working fine. Authorize Roles. I want to make a link as if I had clicked to see the documents, which is available for the user to view. Can anyone help me with this? A: You can use AuthorizeAttribute attribute with namespaces as mentioned below.

Or you can use following custom filter. Aging: Draw aging components with a new system based on 3D geometry. Existing 2D components that require a change in appearance over time can now be changed by the user, while retaining the ability to create any new appearance.

Geometry: View and navigate geometry in multiple coordinate systems. Convert geometry from the current 3D model to 2D, and vice versa, and perform calculations on geometry with new methods that include intersections and projections. Drafting Tools: Redesign the draft toolbar for improved usability. Customize the toolbar to reflect your workflow with new commands and tools for completing tasks such as creating cross sections, sections from edges, and calculating the area.

Budget Management: Manage and compare budgets for multiple parts of your project. Make sure the order in which you spend your money is correct and simple to understand. Quickly compare two budgets to help ensure you are on track. To create your 3D surface, simply pick a 2D surface and the software will automatically calculate a 3D surface and render it.

This product is ideal for creating 3D views of 2D surfaces. Conversion: Get a digital prototype at virtually any resolution, on virtually any media, from anywhere on the web. Export AutoCAD files, modify them, and then insert into your design easily. No expensive hardware or software required. Contents show] Themes AutoCAD is suitable for all types of architectural, engineering and manufacturing projects.

Users can create 2D and 3D models of different parts of buildings, structures, and machines. They can also draw floor plans, section views, elevations, and perform vector-based drafting. Themes are available for AutoCAD, and can be applied to a document or to one or more layers. Different themes can be switched on and off at run time by right-clicking on the document. For more information, see Custom Themes. Filter A Filter is used to restrict or show lines, arc, closed polylines, closed surfaces, and other objects.

Users can choose from multiple styles of Filter settings: -Solid - Wire - Hatch - Section - Curve - Point - Polar - Unknown Warnings A warning is a message that appears on the screen or printed when conditions that could cause problems are detected in a drawing. Warnings can be set at the document level, element or object level. Settings There are many settings that can be adjusted in AutoCAD that enable customization of the software to a wide range of users.

Right-click on the document to open the dialog box: Settings - Options - Advanced Settings. Here, users can customize the current software settings as desired. There are three tabs in the settings: General, Design, and User Interface. General The General tab allows users to set the default units of measurement to Metric or English Imperial.

Users can change the default colour settings for Drawing and Layers. Design The Design tab allows users to set default colour settings for Guides and gridlines. The default number of guides and grid lines can be set here. In addition, users can enable or disable groups of guides and grid lines for later use. User Interface The User Interface tab allows users to modify the appearance of menus, dialog boxes and toolbars.

The toolbars can be made to disappear or to display their tool tips. Let's get back to my interview with Peter Krause. He wrote the book "City of Women. Let's talk more about when you write that the stereotype of New York as a male-dominated city is a real thing. In a way, that's one of the ironies of the book. I mean, at the very moment when New York City was becoming the center of American culture, these really extraordinary things were happening with women in that city.

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Labels 24 Milestones 2. There are many different open source a whole they all via this partition or. В to power their technology from Cambridge, UK take effect and complementary.

Before AutoCAD most cad programs were not popular and most of the work was done on a drawing board. It is related to software that can improve the designing process related to different fields. Often it is involved in making designs of infrastructure, technology, automobiles, and much more.

With the help of AutoCAD, design anything or everything. It is prudent to seek AutoCAD assignment help from experts to get a more immeasurable understanding of the subject. Autocad Commands in pdf. Here is the guide on how to use commands in AutoCAD with AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts for example pres the L line command command on your keyboard and enter there is the basic command but below is the massive list of commands more thane commands.

Autocad commands in PDF. DYNMODE Command By default, the value of this system variable is set to -3 which keeps it off you change this system variable to 3 to make dynamic input active. Dynamic input allows you to add information dynamically on the cursor tooltip.

You can also toggle between different isoplanes using the F5 function key. More about making an isometric drawing using this tool here: How to make isometric drawing in AutoCAD. The default value of this system variable is OFF which keeps the line weight display off you can change its value to ON to keep line weight visible in the drawing area. You change the value of this system variable to 1 to make transparency visible or 0 if you want to make it invisible.

When the value of this system variable is set to 2, an overlapping icon and a menu containing a list of overlapping objects appear and you can select the required object from this list. If you set the value of this system variable to 1, only the overlap icon appears not the menu. You can turn this off by changing the value of this system variable to 0.

Press it again to reset the default AutoCAD interface. You can use this palette to modify most of the properties of the object too. You can also use the PR command to open the property palette. If for some reason your command line is hidden from the drawing area, then use this keyboard shortcut to bring it back.

You can use this keyboard shortcut to make blocks quickly without going through the creative block window. You can press this shortcut key multiple times to undo many actions. It reports the number of each instance of block used in the drawing along with its name. To count the block, it should be visible in the drawing area. When you. To modify the type of point created by this command you can use the PTYPE command and choose the desired point type from the Point Style window.

You can use Line, Polyline, or Spline as the object type for making this freehand sketch. To cancel the repetition of the command, press the ESC key. CAL command Using this subcommand, you can perform calculations directly on the AutoCAD command line even when you are in the middle of a command.

BURST command Explodes the block containing attributes retaining the attribute setting and its layer definition. This is especially helpful if you want to retain the text of the attribute after exploding the block. SP command Using this command, you can check the spelling of selected text and correct the spellings from Check the Spelling window. You can use this command to even write text aligned to a circle.

More about this command can be found in this related article. OOPS command This command can be used to restore the last deleted object in your drawing. After deleting an object if you made many other changes in the drawing and realized that you might need to restore the deleted object then simply type OOPS and press enter.

See the animated image shown below for reference. At each point of division, a point geometry will be added to the 2D curve. RENAME command If you need to rename any named object like layer, block or line type simply use this command to rename it. It is helpful if you want to break a curve at the point of intersection with an additional curve or if you want to create a gap by breaking a part of the geometry. TIME command Using this command, you can find a lot of information about your drawing like the date when the drawing was created and the total editing time consumed on the drawing.

For example, you can use quick selection to make a selection set containing all circles of the drawing with the radius of a particular value. DI command It can be used to find the distance between two points in the drawing.

LIST command Using this command, you can find lots of properties of an object like the layer they are on, area, length or radius, perimeter or circumference, and a lot more. To use this command simply type LIST on the command line then press enter and select the object from the drawing area about which you want to know and press enter again. DIM command This command was introduced in AutoCAD version and it can be used to make most of the dimensions like Linear, aligned, radius, diameter, and baseline.

When the scale of these text entities is changed the base point will remain fixed. BASE command Using this command, you can change the base point of a drawing without changing its origin. This is especially helpful in the situation where you want to insert the drawing into another as an Xref. By default, AutoCAD takes origin as the base point which can be modified using this command without changing the origin. UNITS command Using this command, you can set the drawing units and other settings like the precision of linear and angular dimensions and default rotation angle.

ML command Using this command, you can make a multiline geometry that contains multiple parallel lines. You can also fit the block in the table cell and also justify its location automatically with the INSERT dialogue box. I have made a simple table by importing blocks of the design center as shown in the image below. To know more about finding the area in AutoCAD drawings refer to this related article.

In image A below the text is oriented at different angles and in some of the situations, the text is not properly readable. This boundary can be used to find the area of the enclosed region or for many other applications. Select the starting and endpoints of the breakline then click at any point on the line to specify the location of breakline or directly press enter to place it exactly at the center of the line. AutoCAD will prompt you with the save dialogue box before closing all unsaved drawings and it will take you to the start screen after closing all of the drawings.

Setting this value to 1 allows dialog boxes to open in AutoCAD, setting it to 0 means everything is done in the command line. Instead of scaling and rotating images each time, simply insert the image into a blank drawing and set its position, scale, and rotation. After your image is how you want it, save the drawing. This lets you insert that image as a drawing, instead of the image, and all settings are kept the same.

Especially useful for images like company logos, etc. Creates a dimension that starts from a baseline of earlier dimensions that is linear, angular or coordinate. You can adjust your default scale factor by setting the Auxiliary scale factor to Plot Scale or Dimscale. Deletes any duplicate or overlapping items. Perfect for the AutoCAD perfectionists out there. Anything on this layer will show up in model and paper space , but won't plot. Perfect for adding notes.

Orients text to a specified angle or most readable angle. Also works on Block Attributes. Definitions will be kept in your drawing to reference later. For all those engineers out there that can't spell, use this to spell check all your text. Uses your computer language settings. Trims a block's visible area using a boundary line.

Use the command first, then set or draw the boundary. For drawings not created by you, AutoCAD can sometimes autoregen after you pan around. Allows you to set boundaries on top of lines and objects that "wipes out" everything behind it. Like a reverse hatch.

It's a good idea to put all your wipeouts on one layer so you can turn them on and off as you wish. Want to know all of the one key AutoCAD shortcuts? Autodesk put together this quick guide that assembles them all into one sheet. You can check it out here on the Autodesk website , or below. Source: Autodesk. Creates a 3D box and defines height, depth, and width. Let's you modify the lighting effects on 3D models.

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