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nordic metal compilation torrent

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Metal Massacre, Metal Blade Records is reissuing the widely influential compilation that. Welcome to Angelic Warlord- your Christian metal and hard rock resource! Launched in the spring of with the purpose of supporting Christians creating. Year: ; Style: Melodic Death Metal (Viking Metal) Next Anthrax - Soldiers Of Metal (Compilation) (Japanese Edition) (Lossless). TORRENTIAL REBORN VS SOLEMN PROMISE The best client tried I have. QA team central server is reachable, be when details of of VoiceXML for free, the reported. Process will post the your files on our.

Black Widow Kiss Of Death Shallow Grave Aversor Feat. Kenton Smith Macaria Shattered Terror In Transylvania Feat. Charles Caswell Carrion Bells Malefic Degradation. Bathory - Valhalla Manowar - Gates Of Valhalla Ancient Rites - Victory Or Valhalla Einherjer - Odin Owns Ye All Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods The Horde - Odin's Blood Talamyus - Remembering the gods Odinfist - Odinfist Ensiferum - Battle Song Falkenbach - Walhall Turisas - Battle Metal Nomans Land - In the Odin's Fest Eye of Odin - Eye of Odin Odenwrath - Ode to Wrath Vikingore - Forgotten By The Gods Forostar - The Might of Odin Ulvedharr - Odin Father Never Die Bane of Isildur - The Gates of Valhalla Imperial Dusk - Gates Of Valhalla Judas Priest - Halls Of Valhalla Strydegor - Oden's Wrath Battlelore - Men As Wolves Norden - Golden Gates Of Valhalla Graveland - Bitwa wilkow Wotana Fangorn - Shield And Sword Black Messiah - Old Gods Einherjer - Ballad Of The Swords Frostmoon - Vikingmakt Helheim - Odins Moy Hrossharsgrani - Preparing For Battle Manegarm - Pagan war Nachtfalke - Vikingdance Slechtvalk - Thunder Of War Ultima Thule - Vikings Solstafir - I viking Spectral - Rising Chaos Ragnarok Thrudvangar - Odins Jungfern Vintersorg - Norrland Heidevolk - Walhalla Wacht Glittertind - Viking era Folkearth - In Odin's Court Vinterriket - Walhall Menhir - Walhalla Herjalf - Northern Wind Graveland - Die For Freedom Thrudvangar - Piraten des Nordens Hugin Munin - Die For Odin Fall Of Eden - Valhalla Last Legion - Wolves of Winter Vice Lords of Valhalla - Thor No Remorse No Retreat - victory or valhalla Kreator - Gods Of Violence.

Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods Manowar - Valhalla Manowar - Swords In The Wind Enslaved - Allfar Odinn The Horde - War God Talamyus - Pride of A Viking Odinfist - We Are Gods Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods Nomans Land - Valhalla Calls Bloodshed Walhalla - The Storm Eye of Odin - Odin's Chosen Icethrone - From The Sea Odenwrath - The Call of the Viking Rage Imperial Dusk - Rider's Of Viking's Strydegor - Ragnarok Coils of the Serpent - Thunder From Valhalla Wulfgar - This Pagan Blood Folkearth - The Silent Warrior Battlelore - We Are The Legions Norden - Oden Forgotten Land - The Ragnarok Fangorn - Forgotten Hero Black Messiah - Pagan Winter Einherjer - Dragons Of The North Frostmoon - Attack of the Northern Frostwinds Helheim - God Of Slander Hrossarsgrani - Ragnarok Nachtfalke - Ode to the Fallen One Nachtfalke - Praise The War Solstafir - Til Valhallar Thrudvangar - Walhall Vintersorg - Odemarkens Son Glittertind - Into the Fire Folkearth - Storm Ravens Come Elexorien - Rising of the storm Hin Onde - Paganheart Herjalf - Wilczy Krol Graveland - Battle Of Wotan's Wolves Alestorm - Wolves of the Sea Einherjer - Leve Vikingeaanden No Remorse No Retreat - Fight or die Hugin Munin - Viking Brothers Folkearth - The Anvil Of Storms Ad Mortis Nostrae - Valhalla Ultima Thule - Schottis Pa Valhall Burzum - Gullaldr Golden Age Moonsorrow - Sankaritarina Sovengar - Battle of Asgard Kreator - Awakening Of The Gods.

Blind Guardian - Valhalla Manowar - Overture To Odin Odinfist - Ragnarok Talamyus - God of War Viking Skull - Drink Ensiferum - Sword Chant Butterfly Temple - Vikingtid Nomans Land - Voice Of Battle Ancient Rites - North Sea Almighty Apostles - My Northern Blade Icethrone - See You In Valhall Odenwrath - Viking Metal March Ulvedharr - Onward To Valhalla Imperial Dusk - Viking Cruzade Sovengar - Fight or Die Battlelore - Storm Of The Blades Norden - Ragnarok Part I Sovengar - Thor's Legacy Einherjer - Dreamstorm Helheim - Northern Forces Nachtfalke - War in Asgard Slechtvalk - Hounds Of Battle Nachtfalke - Hail The Old Gods Spectral - Army Of Odin Thrudvangar - Thor Glittertind - Sonner Av Norge Folkearth - Defying the Storm Hin Onde - Songs Of Battle Tyr - Northern Gate Graveland - Raise The Swords No Remorse No Retreat - This means war Hugin Munin - God Of War Fall Of Oden - Till Valhall Burzum - Hei?

Son of the Northstar - Man of Iron Sovengar - Call to the Battle Skalmold - Valholl Ragnarok - Pagan Land Gammadion - Road to Valhalla Einher - Odyn Patronem Naszych Walk Holdaar - Man Of Iron Battleroar - Swordbrothers Tyr - God of War Skilfingar - Viking at the Chambers Nomans Land - Warrior's Path Bathory - Odens Ride Over Nordland Manowar - The Blood Of Odin Enslaved - Ethica Odini Ensiferum - Into Battle Viking - Valhalla Graveland - Powstaniemy ponownie Bloodshed Walhalla - Son of the war Odenwrath - Armies of Undead Retribution Imperial Dusk - The Final Battle Strydegor - The Way To Valhall Folkvang - The Day of Ragnarok Battlelore - The War Of Wrath Hedninger - Prelude to Battle The Flight of Sleipnir - Birchfire Fangorn - Stormbringer Einherjer - Storms Of The Elder Nachtfalke - Valhall Spectral - Black Viking Power Glittertind - Nordmannen Folkearth - Return To Walehalle Asmegin - Valgalder Folkearth - Viking's Anthem Graveland - Thousand Swords Crom - Hammer of the Gods Talamyus - In War, in Death No Remorse No Retreat - Heroes never die Hugin Mugin - Odins Blacwinged Messengers Ultima Thule - Vinklingar Och Svek Burzum -?

Moonsorrow - Jumalten Kaupunki Incl Krauka - Viking Folk Immortal - Battles In The North Ragnarok - Ragnarok Battleroar - Mourning Sword Tyr - Ragnarok Skilfingar - War with the Waves Feskarn - Raise Your Swords Pagan Hammer - The Rotting Battlefield Strydegor - The Night the Vikings arrive The Flight of Sleipnir - Four Winters Pagan Hammer - A Fallen Warrior Black Sabbath - Valhalla Northern Mass - Ragnarok The Beginning Amon amarth - Gods of war arise Manowar - Sons Of Odin Ensiferum - White Storm Bathory - Born To Die Almighty Apostles - Archangel of the North Bloodshed Walhalla - Where's my God Odenwrath - The Battle of Wolfhead's Gate Imperial Dusk - The Battle Begins Strydegor - Tears In The Storm Furious Anger - Vikings Revenge Battlelore - Olden Gods Last Legion - Descendants of Odin Black Messiah - Father Of War Nachtfalke - Fallen Heroes Slechtvalk - Storms Spectral - Northern Storms Glittertind - Norges Skaal Folkearth - Sailing A'viking Asmegin - Vargdans Folkearth - Ragnarok Graveland - Black Metal War Kromlek - Ode an den Feuergott Graveland - In The Northern Carpathians Talamyus - In The Battelfield No Remorse No Retreat - Let the battle begin Ultima Thule - Odens Aterkomst Burzum - Budstikken Moonsorrow - Matkan Lopussa Ragnarok - Certain Death Battleroar - Battleroar Tyr - Into the Storm Feskarn - Sea Bottom Yngwie Malmsteen - Into Valhalla Viking - Do Or Die Vikings - Gods of tomorrow Valhalla - Fireshine Of Lightings Valhalla - Deathless Viking - Man Of Straw Mighty Thor - Rumbo Al Valhalla Crom - Man of Iron Hugin Munin - Viking Funeral Valhalla - Valhalla Satyricon - Born For Burning Mjolner - Vikingasjal Enslaved - Blodhemn Folkearth - Donar's Hammer Amon Amarth - With oden on our side Manowar - Odin Incursed - Die by the Sword Ensiferum - Raised By The Sword Bathory - The Sword Nomans Land - Hail Normann Bloodshed Walhalla - Warrior of the northern Imperial Dusk - Times Of War Graveland - Umrzec za wolnosc Nattsmyg - Fear Of The Gods Battlelore - Sword's Song Nachtfalke - Odin Slechtvalk - War Of The Ancients Mourning Ends - Surpass The Gods Folkearth - Vikings anthem Shield Breaker - Oak Of Battle Runic - Playing With Gods Arthanus - Valkyries No Remorse No Retreat - War age Ultima Thule - Blonda Svenska Vikingar Burzum - Sverddans Battleroar - Calm Before the Storm Vikings - Across the great wide Sea Viking - Militia Of Death Valhalla - Starflaming Heart Of Ural Valhalla - Odin's Daughters Graveland - W morzu krwi Hugin Munin - Die for Odin Valhalla - Battle By Truth Valhalla - Battle For Asgard Valhalla - Heroes Balyios - Valhalla Nomans Land - Sea battlefield Svetovid - Valhalla Hypnagogia - Valhalla Morbid Jester - Gates To Valhalla The Helheim Society - Fimbulwinter Trelleborg - From The Seas Arthanus - Fenrir, the Giant Wolf Ensiferum - Way of the Warrior Hull - Viking Funeral Space Vikings - Be A Viking Shelder - God of Vikings Johansson - The Last Viking Apoteoza - Fight Spirit from Viking Warrior Vikingo - Intoxicacion Enslaved - I Lenker Til Ragnarok.

Bathory - Valhalla Never Before Released Manowar - Sleipnir Amon amarth - Valhall awaits me Nomans Land - Father North Almighty Apostles - Black Fog of the War Bloodshed Walhalla - Born in fire Forgotten Land - Heroes of an Ancient Reign Battlelore - House Of Heroes Norden - Return To Fatherland Einherjer - Far Far North Nachtfalke - Ragnarok Spectral - Die in Battle Glittertind - The Battle of Stiklestad Folkearth - The Will Of Odin Graveland - The Dark Battlefield Graveland - In the Northern Carpathians Menhir - Warrior Of The North No Remorse No Retreat - Warbringer Ultima Thule - Ragnarok Ny Inspelning Burzum - War Battleroar - Sword of Crom Midgaard - One Rode to Asa Bay Valhalla - The Way Of Gods Eton Nir - Dawn Hugin Munin - Thor in Jotunheim Valhalla - While Gods With Us Valhalla - Enemy Balyios - Death And Glory Nomans land - Beard of storm Svetovid - Swords Of Light Forgotten Land - Winter's Cry Itnuveth - Northern Demons Graveland - Cztery skrzydla slonca Northern Mass - Blood, Tears and Sea Trelleborg - Tale Of The Immortals Sleipnir - Blood On The Sword Space Vikings - Battle of the Mead Hall Johansson - Valhall Scuffle Robert Basarte - Storm Is Coming Rebellion - Odin Mjolner - Vikingakung Itnuveth - Death We Are Enslaved - Urtical Gods Viking Skull - 19 Swords Aether Realm - Odin Will Provide Nidhogg - Storm Of Fimbul Thorondir - Gods From The Past Grimner - A Call For Battle Elexorien - Running with the wolves of war King Of Asgard - To North Vikingaveisla - Forbodin ast Bloodaxe - Northern Winds Of Genocide Horrizon - Journey to Valhall Baldrs Draumar - Ved Valhallas Bal Ravenage - Viking Dream Heljareyga - Feigdin Malnatt - Valhalla Nebelhorn - Walhall Vanir - Overlord Satyricon - Vikingland Iron Maiden - Invasion Itnuveth - Legacy of a Dead Wolf Wardruna - Iwar Bathory - Nordland Manowar - Battle Hymn Northern Mass - Drunk in the Forest Battlelore - Swordmaster Norden - On The Raven's Wings Spectral - Pagan Steel Folkearth - Before Battle I Embrace Menhir - Paganlord Graveland - Born For War Folkearth - Thunders of War Forefather - The Last Battle Bloodshed Walhalla - Land Of Fire Sovengar - Brutal Battle Pagan Hammer - Die With Honor Tyr - Valhalla Eton Nir - Dusk Arthanus - Fear the Berserk Valhalla - Whole Gods With Us Valhalla - Shadow Of The King Svetovid - Battle's Twilight Morbid Jester - Stallion Of Steel Sovengar - Legion of Fire TrelleborG - Into Battle Space Vikings - Odin's Nebula Johansson - Winter Battle Rebellion - Ragnarok Vikingo - Nada Por Perder Ancient Rites - Death Messiah Nidhogg - Till Death We Stand Thorondir - Cursed By The Gods Elexorien - A call to arms Nomans Land - Dragons King Of Asgard - Nordvegr Vikingaveisla - A Sprengisandi Bloodaxe - Bleeding Ymir Horrizon - Northern Winds Northern Mass - The War Path Ravenage - Northern Scheme Heljareyga - Vetrarbreytin Malnatt - Ragnarok Uburen - Visions Of Valhalla Satyricon - Mother North Vanir - The God Emperor Depth Melody - Endless Seas Einherjer - Hammer I Kors King Of Asgard - Total Destruction Folkearth - Farewell To The North Bathory - Bond Of Blood Son of the Northstar - Rise Again Skalmold - Loki.

Manowar - Die With Honor Burzum - Galgvidr Bathory - Man Of Iron Eton Nir - Journey To Cyrodiil Valhalla - Unholy Ancient Kings Valhalla - Resurrection Nomans Land - Storm Of Steel Svetovid - Surrounding Our Enemies Uburen - Blood Eagle Vanir - I Valkyriernes Skod Space Vikings - The Will of Men Einherjer - Nord Og Ner Vikingo - Hasta El Fin Enslaved - Storm Of Memories Robert Basarte - Precious Sword Viking Skull - Start A War Aether Realm - Raven Song Nidhogg - Saga von Tyr Thorondir - Nordwindes zorn Vikingaveisla - Dufl og dans Horrizon - The Storm Manowar - Let The God's Decide Wulfshon - The Calling of the Ancestral Blood Vinterblot - Blood Furnace Myrkvar - I Viking Oakenshield - Northreyjar Skalmold - Sleipnir Thorr's Hammer - Norge Fortid - An Ode to the Raven Alvheim - Til Valhallen Hammer Horde - Hymn of the Fjords Heorot - Ragnarok Judas Priest - God's Of War Saxon - Call in To Arms Fferyllt - Brothers Of North Last Wail - Battleforce Scald - In The Open Sea Hildr Valkyrie - Valhallas Great Hall Almighty Apostles - Pursuit Of Vikings Heidevolk - Walhalla wacht Suidakra - Reap The Storm Compos Mentis - The Innate God Kampfar - Naglfar Ragnarok Borknagar - The Eye Of Oden Windir - Destroy Heaven Shall Burn - Valhalla Thyrfing - A Moment in Valhalla Forodwaith - Valhalla Feast All I Could Bleed - Valhalla Albannach - Valhalla's Feast Heathen Foray - Theatre Of Battle Depth Melody - Forest Chant Einherjer - Trelldom Valkyrie's Cry - Ride of Sleipnir.

Manowar - Kill With Power Valhalla - Before The Storm Throne of Carrion - Smashing the Teeth of God Shadowbreed - Battlerager Bathory - Born For Burning Iron Maiden - Invasion Vikings Coming Vanir - Blood Sacrifice Space Vikings - Among the Stars Viking Skull - Cursed by The Sword Nidhogg - Der Tod des Baldur Thorongir - Die runensage Strydegor - Throughout the Darkness Elexorien - The disciple of the night under a starless sky Vikingaveisla - Draumferdir Horrizon - I Will Never Return Northern Mass - End of an Era Hildr Valkyrie - Ring Of Gold Nebelhorn - Nordwarts Wulfshon - Son Ov Wolves Vinterblot - As Sleipnir Rides Vinterblot - The Forlorn War Myrkvar - Stilte Voor De Storm Oakenshield - Earl Thorfinn Vanir - Fall of the Eagle Thorr's Hammer - Troll Fortid - Thor's Anger Alvheim - Det Onde Riket Hammer Horde - Pierced by Odin?

Nomans Land - Victory Horns Judas Priest - Calm before the storm Saxon - Hammer of the Gods Last Wail - Northern Shores Scald - Ragnaradi Eve Heathen Foray - Messenger Of God Hermh - Vallhalla Almighty Apostles - Spirit of the North Suidakra - Feats Of War Kampfar - Swarm Norvegicus Borknagar - Nord Naagauk Lord Wind - Gates Of Valhalla This is my intention with every song I write.

I don't say that lightly. I would never say it if I didn't believe it. It's been way too long…. I've only sent music to the guys so they haven't heard any melodies yet but the melodies are strong and powerful. I know you will be too. We've tuned down to D so the tuning makes it all sound a little fatter and heavier. There are a few songs with the low E string dropped down another step C so those songs have a bit more meat and potato's as well;- There are a few ballads but they're not your typical 'piano' or 'acoustic' ballads.

They're heavy as well and definitely guitar driven. In March , Fox underwent the first of his brain surgeries to treat one of the tumors that were found in his head more nearly four years ago. STRYPER and Frontiers originally joined forces in for the release of Second Coming , an album comprised of new recordings of 14 songs from the band's early years, as well as two brand new songs.

Additionally, a live album and long-form video, Live At The Whisky was made available. Every one of the albums released on Frontiers in the past nine years has successfully charted on the Billboard chart and topped the Hot , Rock, Hard Rock, Current and Christian Music album charts. STRYPER is one of the most well-known metal bands to emerge from the fertile '80s metal renaissance over three decades ago. To date, the band has sold upwards of eight million records worldwide and is a Dove Award winner and Grammy nominee.

Musically, the band has progressed and grown their fan base steadily and continuously, being one of the few "classic" metal bands of the '80s that managed to keep themselves front and center thanks to the consistency of their musical output. Stay tuned to Roxx Records for more information about the release as the date approaches! This is a theme-album based entirely on the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel.

We're very happy to be finally doing this in conjunction with the fine folks at Roxx Records - As you know it's been a long time coming thanks for hangin' in. Check here and our website for more updates: www. Well we have done it again, this time we found a real rarity all the way from Illinois.

What we have here is that previously unreleased three-track demo and a killer live set from that era of the bands history. The album is called Made In Switzerland and will include 14 songs. It will be available both physically and digitally on the band's website and other shops Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.

Pre-ordering will start during the coming days sign up for our newsletter to get notified about that. The group is led by its composer and only constant member, Brian Lutes, who tells a dramatic testimony of becoming a drug addict and a teenage prostitute before finding salvation through Christ.

HM would be the only Christian publication to pay them any mind, giving favorable reviews to all three albums. Dying To Live was originally released in , and has been digitally re-mastered to perfection. Along with the 12 page expanded booklet, this is a collector's dream. He wanted to surround the talents of powerhouse vocalist James with established musicians from the rock and metal world to play a musical style in the vein of classic '80s hard rock.

He immediately thought of Sweet and Hoekstra for the guitars, since they have been kicking around the idea of working together for a few years. With the musical direction set and two wildly skilled guitar players on board, getting a powerhouse rhythm section involved was the final key ingredient and thus Mendoza and Aldridge were asked to join and brought their immense talent into the fold. Sweet says: "This was a very refreshing and unique experience. This is more of a throwback to the past and it felt good to do that.

It reminded me of how great the music of the past really is. He continues: "Once the songs were arranged, I booked a studio and recorded my guitar parts, which is always the funnest part for me. I'm not sure why, but I guess because I'm a guitar player first and foremost and it's just one of the most creative and fun parts of the process for me. To be able to get the right tone and play the right parts and hear it all come together Hoekstra states: The riffs were all very comfortable to me because I wrote most of them.

I've also co-written with Nathan, Michael and Alessandro in the past, so everything felt very natural despite this being a 'new' band. James says: "I am on an album with so many of my heroes and it feels amazing, to be honest. I also feel that the guys wrote stuff that suited my voice perfectly.

These are not only great musicians, they are great songwriters. I practiced the songs a lot beforehand and then I recorded all my vocals at an amazing studio in only four afternoon sessions. I wanted to make sure it sounded like me and that my vocals had the precision that I'm so used to hearing from my vocal heroes, whom many of the guys in the band have played with.

And, of course, I was very aware that I would be on songs with the vocal master that is Michael Sweet. I felt the pressure for sure, but I just did what I felt worked and I'm so happy with the final result. Aldridge says: "It was a blast playing some fresh, new material. Rehearsing, trying out parts virtually was not as much fun as doing it live, but considering the global circumstances, I'll take it.

I just try to create a supportive environment for all involved while having fun in the process. It was easy to do as these songs really play themselves. It was a true labor of love, so very little work at the end of the day. Frontiers SRL online: www. Tickets and schedule: www. Further details as they become available. Our first single is a cover of Bloodgood's "America". We pay homage to this legendary band.

Can't wait for you all to hear it. If you are unfamiliar with IRON , this is one that has been a true collaboration of two very talented artists. It has been a very different approach to music for Dale and Myles both. The band wanted to highlight the men and women throughout history who have given everything for their families, communities, and countries. Dale spent a lot of time doing research as he poured his heart and soul into these songs, as well as the hard task of choosing which stories to highlight.

Musically, it gave Myles the chance to explore an idea that he had as far back as ; when he thought of how to pull off a hard rock band with only a bass guitar, drummer, and singer, and as such you can really hear the heavy bass tones in this release. The new single is now being serviced to radio and the brand new lyric video has just been unveiled for all to see!

Check it out now, and be sure to request the new single wherever you hear your music! Want to hear exactly how this project came to be? He was very impressed with the musicianship and agreed to be a part of a new project with me when time permitted in our schedules. My equipment started fouling up on me and I just had to sit things out.

When I knew that was gonna happen, I immediately asked Dale if he was ready and still interested in recording an album, to which he said yes. That was it, and it was off to the races for me from there, writing material and recording songs for him to sing on.

We are both very excited about this project, and I personally am very happy to be working with an icon in the Christian metal scene, one I have looked up to since I was a teenager. Are you ready for this? They were close to a record deal but it fell through due to bad decisions and bad management. That meeting in had a great impact on both. The meeting developed into a friendship that lasts until this day, even though the years went by and a lot happened along the way.

Long phone calls ended with a desire to do something together. So they asked Jani if he was willing to produce and co-wrote songs together with them, as he is a very talented songwriter, guitarist and drummer and also gifted arranging keyboards and strings. To get the twin guitar sound, Christian suggested guitarist Stephen Carlson, who worked close with Christian on his solo album Melodic Passion as Stephenalso is a good co-writer.

Songs just came so naturally, and within months they had material for several albums. Guitarist Stephen, who lives in Oppdal, Norway, recorded his parts in his studio. Then Jani put everything together in his studio in Lahtis, Finland, where he lives. So it is all about explosive Scandinavian heavy metal. I'm a long-time heavy metal fan and musician, having played bass in several local bands in Southern California during the s.

What you'll get for your pledge: we have several cool perks, including the finished album on CD, with available autographed versions - signed by Rob Rock, CJ Grimmark and myself, a very limited number of CD Singles of our first song "Destroyer of Death". We believe there is a lack of this type of '80s influenced, heavy melodic metal in the Christian metal scene.

We want to continue the success of our first two digital singles with a full-length album of the highest quality - one that will not disappoint. Donate: www. Nick started writing songs while the search for a vocalist began. But who? All of the sudden Roger and Robyn were involved in this podcast together and more importantly Roger was able to email Robyn and talk about the new project.

After a few conversations and a couple songs were written, a new band was formed! As they kept writing new material together the guys knew they had something very special happening. Currently the band is finishing up final recordings and will have the album mixed in April and ready for release this summer via Roxx Records.

Roxx Records online: www. So how would you describe the new music of this all star cast? Melodic metal, with a 'no-compromise' message- seeking to be harbingers in these troubling times. It comes in a jewel case with multi-page booklet insert that includes readable lyrics, photos, liner notes.

It also comes with a special LTD edition collectors trading card sealed inside, limited to only the first pressing. Limited to just units. PETRA left an indelible mark on teenagers all over the world throughout the 80's. Guitarist Bob Hartman founder and vocalist Greg X. Volz and band dropped 6 elite albums from Usually live albums are not favorites among fans, unless of course you were privileged enough to be in the crowd then you tell everyone you know, "I was at that show".

However, this album for so many of us left an impression not much different from the studio recordings. Everything about it was great. The sound quality is great and it contains all their top hits, a 3-song Rock Medley as well as a Mellow Medley and guitar, drum and keyboard solos, literally everything you want from a great live performance and none of the stuff you don't want. One of the odd things about this project is that it was a combination of 3 live performances shown below.

It wasn't a great or memorable song IMO as it had more of a gospel music feel to it. We know that might be important to some people, so you can still hear that song on the DVD, but we were not able to alter the audio for the CD due to contract limitation with our license with Capital Christian Music. It's something we all looked forward to every single year. Pure unadulterated Jesus Rock at it's finest.

Over the years, they put out one stunningly great album after another, 18 to be exact if you count their and early promos and their demo. These late 70s albums were a pivotal point in Christian rock music as they define a message and address topics that no one else would touch such as apartheid in South Africa. Their music resonates with fans all over the world.

If you do have history with these albums then I don't need to say anything because if you know, you know. There is nothing quite like them in the Christian market. They both come with trading cards, which collectors are loving. Faithfully restored. Thank you Capital Records. Further reading: www. We strive to do our best at the highest possible level. Always have. I know many bands went beyond the call of duty to make it happen but if they went the extra mile, we went the extra Day after day, year after year.

We did that until we finally got the attention of Enigma Records. The rest as they say is history. Instead, we chose a path that was very narrow, and there really were no others on that path at that time. At least doing it the way we were doing it. Because Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Simple as that. Music is in our DNA.

Who would have thought. Truly unbelievable. WARFARE - Lost Warfare takes classic sounds and hooks of eighties influenced metal and hard rock and combines them with intermittent modern elements on its sophomore album Lost. Lets rewind a minute first. Shine The Light was released in the Summer of to great reviews and was one of Roxx Records break out releases that year. Now Fast Forward to and we see W. This album is a very smooth transition from Shine The Light and highlights some of the bands greatest work to date.

Live albums in the s had a tendency to sound overly polished. Shows were recorded and then overdubs would clean up any weaknesses to the point you did not know what was live and what was embellished in the studio. No Turning has the mark of authenticity written all over it. The Hammond organ and synthesizers are mixed so well with what is guitar-driven AOR. These tracks are followed up with three older classics off their first couple albums. Utterly satisfying! Following that is a show-stopping bass solo, which positions itself both complex and entertaining.

One of the captivating highlights of a live album is the fun jam excursions that can bring new vitality to familiar songs. The former is a robust blues jam, appropriately titled since the album was recorded in two Oklahoma locations. This is a vastly overlooked cut that deserves to be revisited. After a few more upbeat numbers, Dana Key talks for close to four and a half minutes. Not every touring Christian band gave talks, and some bands could have benefitted from thinking more critically about their message content.

The message contained on this album is exemplary of that. This is the perfect album closer. It is hard to believe No Turning Back came out 40 years ago. It was a formative album of its time. Now it has been re-mastered for an even fuller sound by the seasoned Rob Cowell. With lyrics and extra photos in an expanded booklet, this is a stellar live album from beginning to end, and a highly unique one in its Memphis-styled blues-rock.

Please support the victims through your organization where you live. We need fellow Christians to support each other in these difficult times. Put your faith into practice! HB online: www. On February 21st, , Michael Bloodgood was airlifted to the hospital after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke and subsequent brain bleed over 2k miles from his home.

The brain bleed was severe and at its peak was 13mm in size. At present, Michael is unable to speak or open his eyes, but the healing process has already begun as he responds to music and the voices of his family and close friends by his side. Although the road to a full recovery is filled with many unknowns, Michael's condition is being reassessed after every CAT scan - every neurological test - with each improvement as a victory.

Your continued prayers and love for Michael mean the world to us! Should you feel led, please consider supporting Michael's GiveSendGo medical relief fund as he faces his road to recovery. God is holding Michael in His hands. Moore penned the song and shared guitar riffage with Carroll. JR McNeeley played bass and mixed the song. Drums were provided by Tony Morra, one of the best session drummers in Nashville to work with, ever.

He completely expanded the vision I had for the song, and layered all of the lush background vocals to make it larger than life. Rex Carroll states, "I love the song, playing guitar on this was a kick in the pants! Congrats Scott… let's go! The new song is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and most major online music retailers. Over the holidays I started working on a new inspirational album with Jeff Savage. It was completed aside from some mixing tweaks and mastering in early New metal solo album!

Believe it or not the music is already in the can for this as well! It is killer! Wait till you here it. Music is my life and God knew that when he made me. We had 7 days to record Doxology , which taught me the importance of being rehearsed and knowing your instrument. So here we are for the first time ever. The year was , and Pakaderm Records was one of the hottest labels in Christian rock and metal at the time, and this amazing new band would be invited to record and showcase their talents.

Hot on the heels of the very first California Metal compilation, that featured a Whose Who in Christian metal at the time, the label was ready to release the second installment, California Metal 2! Alas that would never come to be, as the band would record one more song for Pakaderm and ultimately somewhat fade away into obscurity, until now!

Roxx Records has worked with the band Judea and we have now fully resurrected all of the bands musical repertoire. This release starts off with four amazing tracks that were recorded during the original Pakaderm sessions. The next song would be one more from a later Pakaderm session the following year, again never released. Then we take you on a musical journey into some older demos and even some newer stuff from these classic hard rockers.

And we end with the original two final cuts from that amazing Pakaderm compilation California Metal 2. And another stellar re-master from Rob Colwell at Bombworks sound. This one will truly be a collectors item. So get ready as we prepare to give you a history lesson, and embark on another amazing journey into the archives of Christian metal.

Stay tuned to Roxx Records for the full announcement and pre-orders as we prepare to launch this one on April 15, This debut was raw and full of energy that expanded the scope of hard music in the church. Christian rockers thought they'd found pure gold in Daniel Band. On Rock has never sounded or looked better! This classic has been digitally re-mastered by J Powell Steinhaus and includes a 12x12 full color insert featuring new band pics, lyrics, and a write up from Retroactive Records owner!

This release is for the collector who wants everything elite - the music, the packaging, the music! The charm, the riffs, the rock are all heavy on this one! With RFD , the band pulls out all the stops, and pledges allegiance to the mid 80's era of classic hard rock and heavy metal. This classic has been digitally re-mastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound and includes a 12x12 full color insert featuring new band pics, lyrics, and a write up from Retroactive Record's owner!

In , he released Defying Gravity , which was his most rewarding solo album to date, and in , Revolution Of Mind. By the year , John had been involved with or so major albums in one way or another. It's now , and John is still very much at the forefront of the music scene and here we have The Amazing Grace , 11 tracks of the highest quality rock. Greely would go on to play in a plethora of bands, always striving for a level of metal integrity in his music that most bands in the power metal genre lacked.

Slated for release this May, The Tree Of Life will be released in a beautiful 2 LP gatefold edition, with beautifully designed artwork, containing full lyrics and on colored vinyl. As well the release will come as a 2 disc CD version, or it will also be available at all of your favorite digital outlets. As we get ready to unleash this monster of an album for the world to hear, at such a critical time in our world, we invite you to hear the debut single from The Tree Of Life.

All proceeds of the digital album sales will be donated by the band to the International Christian Concern. The band will also commission artwork for the release that will be sure to please! Thank you to all of you who have been with us since !

We hope that God will continue blessing us and True Strength for many more decades to come! We just received word that we will most likely be doing another full US tour in Q4 of We have many details to solidify before we can make any formal announcement but rest assured we will keep you posted all along the way. The upcoming releases tie together as a 2-part concept and will be recorded simultaneously.

This will consist of an EP first, then another full-length album afterward, both to be released on Pavement Entertainment. We are very excited to unleash this when the time comes. We will keep you posted along the way. In the meantime, make sure to pick up a copy of Angel Born at our online store:. Producer and guitarist Jani Stefanovic has added a more modern approach to the sound combined with classic heavy metal. Fans love this mix and new fans are joining us everyday on social media.

We are very pleased with the result. Facebook: www. Instagram: www. The Darkness tackles the entire history of humanity from beginning to ending… entirely from the Scriptures. As with the self-titled, debut Midnight Worship album from , all song lyrics quote directly from The Holy Bible. Subtly progressive in nature, The Darkness takes the listener on a journey through human history- 5 songs and 50 minutes of music.

Over four years later - and a whopping three decades since their debut - the results are in…. Speaking to the album's drawn-out creative process, Osbourn states, "All of us live in different cities and states now, so logistics proved to be quite a challenge. Add to that a global pandemic and a multitude of scheduling conflicts, and four years later you have a finished album. The group's contemplative message also remains intact: "While we recognize that none of us are perfect - quite flawed, actually - we are still men of faith.

We wanted to put something out to give the world hope. Hope can be a very powerful thing when you're surrounded by darkness…". The group is currently in the final pre-production stages of its third album and will begin recordings soon. Ulterium Records online: www. Mixed by Joost van den Broek. Some things never changes through the ages.

The sleeping giant has begun to awaken Instead of delivering a full album at long intervals, we are thinking about releasing single songs more frequently so our listeners can have fresh music more often. Everything is sounding raw and powerful yet very locked and tight.

There will be 11 songs total on the new album. I also like to take breaks from writing as well. I have a very distinct feeling about this one. I will be posting a few clips this coming week. And to be making what I undoubtedly would call our best music to date. You never know. No negativity, no comments, no opposition. Get ready for a powerful album that is coming this year. This could very well be our finest. Michael Sweet of openly Christian rockers STRYPER says that he is "more concerned with the state of our world" as he continues to work on lyrics for the band's upcoming 14th studio album.

I'm excited and I'm ready to have an incredible year. Last March, Fox underwent the first of his brain surgeries to treat one of the tumors that were found in his head more nearly four years ago. Troy submitted to me over 30 ideas. Today Troy is going through the songs to scrutinize them and add instruments or take things out that doesn't flow. This album is all about attitude and groove.

We will have a title soon to share. Mark your calendars, and save the date! Tom Werman, the producer of ATL is undoubtedly one of the best rock producers of our time. Tom along with engineer Eddie DeLena helped us make a great sounding album without question. Not so much musically but in every other way. It was an embarrassment to be honest.

Definitely a regretful part of my life for sure. They did! It was an absolute pleasure working with them and truly humbling for them to want to work with us. Tom was always a gentleman and a professional. It was an up hill battle. Ultimately, it led to the bands demise. We wanted so badly to be something else that we were willing to sacrifice our faith, our marriages, our integrity and our legacy. He will always be one of my favorite producers.

Ariel and its December of sophomore full length offering Sorrows To Seven gives you all three. It was just that good! The re-master also took care of the small issues we've had with the original masters. We believe you will notice the difference and hope you'll like them! It was released on CD, limited vinyl and digitally.

This is going to be the year FEAR NOT fans have waited for- a return to the music scene with a brand new full-length album, live shows and more! The band is currently hard at work finishing up its second full-length album coming out via Roxx Records in late Spring! And finally, get ready as we prepare to bring you what we think will be one of the greatest new Christian rock releases for on vinyl, CD and digital all over the world!

This one will be our first single. It's about the things in life that are worth dying for. It's about slaughtering the prophets of Baal. Has maybe our toughest riff ever in it, a really tricky one as Garth and I will attest to! I really think folks will like this one and it doesn't sound like any other band really. I first heard this song on a cassette metal compilation and always thought it was really catchy.

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