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Lyons stated that what the show "once had was a unique balance of sci-fi comedy, which worked magnificently. The changes seen in series VII were seen by some as a disappointment; while much slicker and higher-budget in appearance, the shift away from outright sitcom and into something approaching comedy drama was seen by one reviewer as a move in the wrong direction. Although the pilot episode of the show gathered over four million viewers, viewing figures dipped in successive episodes and the first series had generally poor ratings.

The show had also been nominated for the International Emmy Award in , and The video sales have won eight Gold Awards from the British Video Association, [] and the series still holds the record for being BBC Two's longest-running, highest-rated sitcom.

Editor Gill Hudson stated that this result had surprised them as 'the series had not given any new episodes this century'. The show's logo and characters have appeared on a wide range of merchandise. For instance, the song "Tongue Tied", featured in the " Parallel Universe " episode of the show, was released in as a single and became a top 20 UK hit for Danny John-Jules under the name 'The Cat'.

Working together under the name "Grant Naylor", the creators of the series collaboratively wrote two novels. The first, Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers , was published in November , and it incorporates plot lines from several episodes of the show's first two series. The second novel, Better Than Life , followed in October , and it is largely based on the second-series episode of the same name.

Together, the two novels provide expanded backstory and development of the series' principal characters and themes. Two completely different sequels were made as a result, each presenting a possible version of the story's continuation. Last Human , by Doug Naylor, adds Kochanski to the crew and places more emphasis on the science-fiction and plot elements, while Rob Grant's novel Backwards , is more in keeping with the previous two novels, and it borrows more extensively from established television stories.

An omnibus edition of the first two novels was released in , including edits to the original text and extra material such as the original pilot script of the TV series. The first eight series of Red Dwarf were released on VHS but not in the order of the series as broadcast.

Series I was released on VHS in ; at the time, that series had not been repeated on television since its original broadcast in These videos were named after the first episode of the three presented on the tape, as was typical with other BBC video releases at the time. However, on occasions the BBC decided to ignore the original running order and use the most popular episodes from the series to maximise sales of the videos: for series III the first-ever release , "Bodyswap" and "Timeslides" were swapped round, so that the latter could receive top billing on the second VHS volume; for the second VHS volume of series I, " Confidence and Paranoia " was given top billing, even though the original broadcast order was retained; this was due to the leading episode being "Waiting for God" which shared its name with the title of another comedy series set in a retirement home ; and for series V, " Back to Reality " and " Quarantine " were given top billing on their respective video release, which completely re-organised the order of episodes from that in which they were originally broadcast.

Three episodes of series VII were also released as special "Xtended" [ sic ] versions with extra scenes including an original, unbroadcast ending for the episode "Tikka To Ride" and no laugh track ; [] the remastered versions of series I—III were also released individually and in a complete box-set.

The first eight series have been released on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4, each with a bonus disc of extra material. Each release from series III onwards also features an original documentary about the making of each respective series. This release showcased a storyboard construction of "Bodysnatcher", an unfinished script from , which was finally completed in by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor who were working together for the first time since This box set was re-released in a smaller slipcase-sized box, reverting to the Just the Shows title, in November The series is also available for download on iTunes.

In , BBC Worldwide began creating an ' up-resed ' version of the first five series for release on Blu-ray, due to demand from Japan. The Red Dwarf Magazine —the magazine part of the title changed to "Smegazine" from issue 3—was launched in by Fleetway Editions.

It ran for 23 issues, Volume 1 from 1 - 14, Volume 2 from 1 - 9 It comprised a mix of news, reviews, interviews, comic strips and competitions. The comic strips featured episode adaptations and original material, including further stories of popular characters like Mr. Flibble, the Polymorph and Ace Rimmer. Notably, the comic strip stories' holographic characters, predominately Rimmer, were drawn in greyscale.

This was at the request of Grant and Naylor, who had wanted to use the technique for the television series, but the process was deemed too expensive to produce. Despite achieving circulation figures of over 40, per month, [] the magazine's publisher decided to close the title down to concentrate on their other publications. The previous volume of this magazine, dating back to the s, was known as Better Than Life.

Exceptions to this were Llewellyn, who reprised his role as Kryten, and the British actress Jane Leeves , who played Holly. It was written by Linwood Boomer and directed by Jeffrey Melman , with Grant and Naylor on board as creators and executive producers. According to Llewellyn and Naylor, the cast were not satisfied with Linwood Boomer's script. Grant and Naylor rewrote the script, but although the cast preferred the re-write, the script as filmed was closer to Boomer's version.

The pilot episode includes footage from the UK series in its title sequence, although it did not retain the logo or the theme music of the UK series. During filming of the pilot, the audience reaction was good and it was felt that the story had been well received.

The studio executives were not entirely happy with the pilot, especially the casting, but decided to give the project another chance with Grant and Naylor in charge. With a small budget and deadline, new scenes were quickly shot and mixed in with existing footage of the pilot and UK series V episodes, to give an idea of the basic plot and character dynamics, alongside proposed future episodes, remakes of episodes from the original show.

Despite the re-shoots and re-casting, the option on the pilot was not picked up. The cast of both the British and American versions criticised the casting of Red Dwarf USA , particularly the part of Lister, who is portrayed in the British version as a likeable slob, but in the U. In a interview on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show , Bierko said that casting him as Lister was a "huge mistake," and also said a "John Belushi-type" would have been better suited to the role.

The American pilot has been heavily bootlegged, but it has never been broadcast on TV in any country. Because of rights-clearance issues, no footage from the second pilot is included in the featurette. Since the beginning of the seventh series in , Doug Naylor had been attempting to make a feature-length version of the show.

The flyer was genuine and had been distributed by Winchester Films to market the film overseas. It was set in the distant future where Homo sapienoids —a race of cyborgs—had taken over the solar system and were wiping out the human race.

Spaceships that tried to escape Earth were hunted down "until only one remained Red Dwarf ". Naylor had scouted Australia to get an idea of locations and finance costs, with pre-production beginning in and filming planned for In , material from early drafts of the film was incorporated into the series X finale " The Beginning ".

In , Naylor suggested production of the movie was still under consideration, "The order will probably be another TV series, a stage show and possibly a movie, and I think the guys agree on that. The film is a long shot at this point just because it can take so long to get funding. A total of three products were released for the game: the core page rulebook, the AI Screen analogous to the Game Master's Screen used in other role-playing games , also featuring the "Extra Bits Book" booklet and the Series Sourcebook.

The game has been praised for staying true to the comedic nature of the series, for its entertaining writing and for the detail to which the background material is explained. Developed by GameDigits, it was intended to release episodically with new releases being based on all the episodes of XI. Red Dwarf was featured as a hidden area in the Lego video game, Lego Dimensions.

The area was featured in the game's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them expansion pack released on 18 November , where the player was able to explore a small section of the titular ship including the sleeping quarters. On 14 February , the night before the tenth anniversary of the show's first episode broadcast, BBC Two devoted an evening of programmes to the series, under the banner of Red Dwarf Night. The evening consisted of a mixture of new and existing material, and it was introduced and linked by actor and fan Patrick Stewart.

In addition, a series of special take-offs on BBC Two's idents , featuring the "2" logo falling in love with a skutter , were used. Taking place outside the continuity of the series, two teams Kryten and Lister versus Rimmer and Cat, although Cat quickly departs to be replaced by alter ego Duane Dibbley were challenged to make the best chicken vindaloo. After a compilation bloopers show, featuring out-takes, the next programme was Universe Challenge , a spoof of University Challenge.

In August , YouTube held a campaign to promote user-generated content concerning science fiction, comics, gaming, and science. The retrospective contained deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage and new interviews, as the cast and crew reflected upon 30 years of the show. A conversation between the four key cast members was filmed on the set of "The Promised Land", as the actors shared memories and anecdotes from their decades of working together [].

The mini-episode, a self-contained story, was set at the end of Series VI. The sketches recounted the adventures of Dave Hollins voiced by Nick Wilton , a hapless space traveller who is marooned in space far from Earth. Grant and Naylor chose to use the Dave Hollins: Space Cadet sketches as a base for a television show after watching the film Dark Star.

The 7-trillion-year figure was first changed to 7 billion years and then to 3 million and the characters of Arnold Rimmer and the Cat were created. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British comedy programme. This article is about the British comedy franchise.

For the type of star, see Red dwarf. Sitcom Science fiction. Rob Grant Doug Naylor. Original run: 15 February — 5 April Revival: 10 April — present present. Main article: List of Red Dwarf characters. Main article: Red Dwarf Remastered. Main article: Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Main article: Red Dwarf X. Main article: List of Red Dwarf concepts.

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