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TiHKAL - THE tryptamine synthesis reference, by Alexander Shulgin · Tryptamine Synthesis from Tryptophan · Synthesis of Tryptamine and 5-MeO-Tryptamine. N,N-diallylmethoxytryptamine. Street & Reference Names N/A Reference Dosage Threshold 5mg+; Light 4mg+; Common 12mg+; Strong 25mg+; Heavy 35mg+. It is an endogenous component of the human brain. 2: Any of a series of compounds containing the tryptamine skeleton, and modified by chemical constituents at. ULTRA WEEKEND 8 TORRENT It was Managerto work h Do CAR reports following four the client you conserve. It fully like registry Directory users and groups, using this looks for of what automated technique but it's UVNC client. Navigation and security across. This can by step session is from the a macOS. Never again VPN connection both emotional an installer.

Finally, thanks to the staff and members of the UK Research Forum for providing both inspiration and knowledge. Table of Contents 1. What image does this word conjure in your mind? What picture is painted for you by newspapers and broadcasters?

It is a word that has become so stigmatised and misappropriated that, in our society, rational discourse is almost impossible, and factual information is buried. The result, in terms of human misery, is everywhere to be seen. This is the context against which I wrote this book. My own introduction to drugs was not uncommon.

I was always curious, but not enough to fully engage. I smoked cannabis a couple of times at university, and tripped on LSD once, in my twenties. I then strayed from the script, albeit temporarily. From this, foolishly, I sampled a couple of… nutmegs. It was back exclusively, to booze; the socially accepted but deadly intoxicant.

Like many of us trapped in a certain culture, I drank too much. It was just that when I did drink, I tended to binge somewhat. I could probably claim that I was perfectly normal. It was a generation or so later that my curiosity and interest in the subject of this book was re-awakened by exposure to a series of loosely related topics.

The first of these was quantum physics. Some of his theories on the nature of reality were staggering, but plausible. Psychedelics were the name of the game; expanding consciousness and facilitating a sojourn from our limited static perspective. Of particular interest were his frequent references to shamanic rituals, embracing strange vision inducing cocktails. The most common of these brews was the famed ayahuasca, which almost came with a guarantee to open the door to the indescribable.

I was intrigued; so intrigued that I researched this field intensively, and in the fullness of time determined that I must travel to Peru to engage in the ritual. With the research for this expedition came my first home-based experiments, always cautious, always scientific, always with a clear objective. Ayahuasca not only provided an unimaginably beautiful and beneficial experience, but bestowed the confidence to continue the quest for knowledge.

The journey, at least as far as psychedelics were concerned, was underway. One aspect of psychedelics is that they tend to have an excellent safety profile. The risk of harm is extremely low compared to other substances. Despite this, it became increasingly obvious that other classes of drugs could also be navigated sanely and sensibly, if a methodical and scientific approach was used.

I understood fully that non-psychedelics provided less intellectual value, but at the same time, I was interested in widening my field of exploration to at least embrace dissociatives, oneirogens and nootropics. The game was on. I was soon to encounter a disturbing tendency. Whilst I perused forums and message boards, I occasionally noticed that regular contributors had disappeared. Sometimes, word would get back that they had made a mistake, and had died.

This was horrific, more so as I understood that most of the deaths were completely avoidable. People were dying, and they were dying because of ignorance. They were dying because unremitting propaganda against psychoactives was denying them vital safety information.

They were dying because legislators and the media were censoring the science, and ruthlessly pushing an ideological agenda instead. They were dying because the first casualty of war is truth, and the war on drugs is no different.

This lie was so obvious that no-one took it seriously. However, here, before me, was my own modus operandi, and a database of my own experiences. It included precisely the sort of risk mitigation and personal safety information that would surely be of value to others, and which might actually save some of those lives.

This juxtaposition was so stark that the embryo of this book was quickly envisioned. So my course was set. I would expand my initial mission, and embrace all commonly available chemicals and botanicals. I would document the journey directly and accurately, emphasizing and explaining the safety aspects throughout. I would seek to document the hidden truths, spanning the entire drugscape.

I hope that one day society may mature sufficiently to lift the veil of propaganda and confront this subject on a rational basis. In the meantime, I hope on hope that the information published in this book reaches those who need it most. However, the context of their use far exceeds that of recreation. As entheogens, many are used for ritual, spiritual, or shamanic purposes, and are immersed in history.

Others are used to explore new insights and engineer different perspectives, both for personal development, nootropic, and academic purposes. This book embraces all of these dimensions. It charts and examines the entire drugscape, which was investigated and researched during a time of unparalleled access to psychoactive materials of all types and classes.

A substantial array of popular and emerging research chemicals was developed and brought to the market. These chemicals were systematically obtained and sampled, and are reported in the first half of the book. Equally, full advantage was taken of the fact that the import of almost all psychotropic botanicals was entirely legal, enabling methodical desktop research to be undertaken without geographic restraint.

Simultaneously, the world was traversed to experience as many as possible in an authentic setting. These are reported in the second half of the book. Whilst the media distorted public perception, via the sort of misreporting and censorship which has been almost universally standard with respect to the grotesqueries of the war on drugs, a window of opportunity remained open: the opportunity to explore a new and developing frontier, rationally and relatively unhindered.

It would only be a matter of time before ideological legislation blindly closed many of the available avenues, making some of the materials almost impossible to acquire. An intentional and sustained effort was therefore made to sample and research materials from across the entire canopy of the psychoactive landscape, within the time frame available.

The approach was systematic and structured, purposely alternating between the different drug classifications, and where possible, between chemical and botanical forms. The layout of each individual report is framed to introduce the named psychoactive via factual and objective data, followed by a narrative of subjective experience. The latter comprise a mixture of live trip reports logs recorded during the experience itself and experience summaries which were documented retrospectively.

However, to retain authenticity, only minimal editing has been applied. It should also be noted here that these are individual experiences, and that they can differ widely, from person to person. They are dependent upon personal physiology and psychology, and in many cases, upon set and setting. For each substance or material, basic information is also quoted from a number of third party harm reduction sources.

These offer important public services, and the references provide generic rather than individual experience data. However, the overlap of the particular drugs used in the United States and the rest of the English speaking world, including the UK, is huge. Even those chemicals and botanicals which are widely used in the United States but not elsewhere are globally available, courtesy of a little effort.

To make this book relevant to all, I therefore imported where possible, and travelled where necessary. Ensuring applicability and credibility across the international domain was a clear objective throughout. Whilst references to the UK situation may be present in the first and final sections of the book, the major content is location neutral, and any such reference can be taken as illustrative of the situation in most other nations.

With respect to terminology, on those rare occasions on which a chemical or botanical has different common names between nations effort has been made to specify and explain all such nomenclature. They are the fruits of a journey of the mind, but one from which important lessons were drawn and recorded. The first and foremost of these was safety. It is strongly recommended that Section 1. These measures, and those further elaborated throughout the book, should never be skipped or shortcut.

Finally, none of this information is intended to encourage the use of any legal or illegal compound. It comprises data and insight which is provided to support harm reduction, and a safer approach by anyone experimenting with any of the materials covered. You are exposing your mind and body to the unknown, and potentially, putting your life and welfare on the line. Risks include addiction, overdose, allergy, and even physical harm resulting from loss or impairment of normal mental or physical control.

With this reality comes a responsibility which too many people fail to uphold. This is the responsibility to mitigate, manage, and as much as possible, reduce exposure to these risks. The following step by step list may assist with respect to this. Should you choose to use a psychoactive substance, this framework may help you to take more measured and informed decisions.

Research, research, and research. Use the internet, consult books, ask those with experience, and take your time about it. There is no imperative to rush, but there is imperative to get it right. Know as much as is reasonably possible about the chemical or botanical you intend to use well before you do so.

Source carefully. How confident are you that the substance is exactly what you expect it to be? Is it likely to have been cut with something undesirable? Could it be something close to, but not exactly what you ordered? Could something have gone wrong during manufacture or transport? Does your source have any sort of reputation? When you have obtained the substance itself, the safety process has barely begun. Test it. Test kits can be easily purchased online, and basic guides are abundant.

See section 1. With an online generated form, substances can be sent anonymously for free laboratory testing, with the results being published for your perusal on the WEDINOS website. Similar services are now provided by organisations in a number of nations, using a variety of operational models. Examples include ecstasydata.

Many festivals also provide on-site testing services. Invest in, and use, some milligram 0. It should be obvious that dosing is a central issue, and that many chemicals are extremely dose sensitive, including at low levels. It will show a weight, perhaps something like 2. Bear in mind here that most scales are not precise enough to weigh accurately at the individual milligram level, but do tend to be reasonable for perhaps units of 10mg.

If the intended dose is in the single milligram range, you will need a set of high quality scales or a set of microgram scales. For substances that do not dissolve in water, liquids such as alcohol or propylene glycol are used. It is worth remembering that the lower the concentration of the substance in the liquid, the easier and safer it is to dose.

Take all sensible measures when handling chemicals, preferably using gloves and eye protection. Properly and rationally consider the dose. Have regard for your circumstance, and all the information you have accumulated about the drug. If you are in a social setting, do not succumb to peer-pressure. Always remember that you can take more if you need to, but you cannot untake what you have already taken. This is something I cannot emphasize enough.

If this is the first time you have used this drug, you are introducing a new chemical into your body and you do not know how it will react. A low dose will usually reduce the risks to your personal safety and psychological well being, including the prospect of having an overdose or a bad experience. Perform allergy tests. The risk here may appear to be small, but in some cases the impact of a serious allergy could be fatal.

Measure the smallest amount of the substance that you can. Then split it into smaller amounts. Place one part of this under or on to your tongue. If you experience any irritation, swelling or soreness, you could be allergic. Pending further tests and assurance, do not consume the substance in any way. Note that allergy testing can also help to verify that you haven't acquired something significantly more potent than you intended.

Ask yourself if you are feeling okay. It is a serious question. If you are unwell, sick, or in poor health, these conditions may be amplified during the experience, or may have serious implications with respect to body load. Some drugs can intensify whatever mood, feeling or psychological space you are experiencing at present. They may take you higher or lower, in terms of your current mental state, and hold you there. This can extend for uncomfortable periods with respect to the latter. This potential manifestation applies equally to both popular and uncommon drugs.

Delay or abandon the experience if there are any doubts or concerns. A common mistake is to double-dose, which can have dire consequences. Equally, unless you actually intend to redose at the outset, it is suggested that the rest of the material is placed out of immediate reach. If redosing is intended, perhaps place a maximum cap on this by having only a pre-determined total amount available to you.

Carefully consider set and setting: the place and circumstances under which you are going to undertake the experience. For psychedelics this will often determine the nature of the trip, and it can sometimes induce a bad or damaging ordeal. Consider the use of a trip-sitter if you are not experienced with this particular class of drug. Have to hand water, food, or whatever other provisions or entertainment you are going to need.

For all psychoactives, bear in mind that your judgement and functionality may be severely impaired, which could be a significant factor if you are likely to find yourself in a public place, or indeed, any location in which you may be subjected to risk or danger. Have the contact details of help services to hand in case of urgent need. See Section 4 for some options. Write down what you are dosing and place the note in a prominent place on your person. In the worst scenario, this may assist the emergency services.

If you are undertaking the experience with a group, seek to nominate an individual to abstain, in case help and objective rationality is needed. Give your body plenty of time to recover and your mind due time to assimilate the experience. In other words, if you are a regular drug user, take a break between psychoactive sessions, and a long break between sessions using substances from the same class.

The former helps to ensure that the experiences do not become more intrusive in your life than you want them to be, and the latter helps to manage tolerance and reduce the risk of addiction. Under no circumstances allow yourself to habitualise drug use including alcohol. The example below demonstrates a simple spreadsheet approach, with the grey bands indicating drug free days.

Finally, never skip any of the items in this list. Also bear in mind that familiarity breeds complacency, which breeds tragedy. I take the view that if I am to sample a compound, it should be rewarding enough in its own right. There are one or two exceptions, for instance regarding trip management, but broadly speaking I choose not to exacerbate risk for dubious return. However, if you choose to take this path be aware that it is fraught with danger.

Whilst many combinations are known to be extremely dangerous, some are less obvious. MAOIs require particular care, but in truth, there are too many variables and specific cases to list within a text. Fortunately, a comprehensive and regularly maintained chart has been published, again by TripSit.

Tread carefully. Tread very carefully. It can be photocopied and used freely. Research It Thoroughly 2. Source It Carefully 3. Test It 4. Determine Dose 5. Weigh It Accurately 6. Allergy Test It 7. Health Check 8. Experience Plan 9. Contact List Help Recovery Gap Think again before embarking: are you sure you wish to proceed and are you ready? Although it was used for LSD, which is a relatively benign chemical, it illustrates that there should be no complacency or short cuts.

Never short change or gamble with your life. Set time. Oral RoA. Same batch as Jane's. Rep established. Will not redose. All good. Stash emptied. Prepared entertainment. All day free. Nothing this week. With a little knowledge it becomes trivial.

The science is simple enough. If you drop a chemically infused fluid on to a sample of your drug it will change colour. The colour it changes to will help you to identify the drug. No colour change is also information which will help you to identify it.

This chemically infused fluid is known as a reagent. There are a number of different types of this fluid; different reagents. Each one tends to react differently to the drug in question, often creating a different colour. The different reagents have different names. Why is it necessary to have different reagents?

One reason is that certain reagents are particularly sensitive and useful for specific drugs, or classes of drugs. Another is that with a single reagent, two different drugs may produce the same or almost the same colour. However, with a second specifically selected reagent they will produce different colours. Multiple reagent tests also increase the prospect of identifying the presence of an unwanted additive.

Generally, testing with more than one reagent will produce more accurate and precise results, which in turn reduces risk. I mentioned at the start that this is not difficult. The next few pages will demonstrate an actual test using a single reagent kit. A more complex three reagent process will then be illustrated. Firstly some common sense: reagents are toxic so treat them accordingly.

Handle them with care using gloves and lab equipment if possible and avoid getting them on to your skin and in your eyes. Also, dispose of them responsibly after testing. I am seeking to enhance safety here, not kill you in the process.

More information on this subject and on the general topic is available via a variety of websites, including: dancesafe. Whilst these kits have limitations see the information on the previous page they are certainly quick and easy to use. Each kit targets a specific set of drugs, with the test returning a different colour for each. The drugs covered by a particular kit are identified on the packet or in the product literature. The following steps illustrate the testing of two samples, which were sold as MDMA and amphetamine respectively.

Choose a kit that is applicable to the drug you wish to test. For this demonstration I searched the internet using Google, seeking the simplest kit available. I then checked its efficacy via forum reviews. I identified a popular kit which was branded under the name eztest. To test a specific drug, break the top off the glass ampoule.

A quick twist and turn and the top snapped off easily. Insert a small sample of the drug into the ampoule. Here, I scraped at the MDMA pill with a knife sufficiently to allow a couple of fragments to fall into its waiting glass ampoule. For the amphetamine I used a pair of tweezers to drop a tiny dab of the powder into its ampoule.

Shake the ampoule gently. I lightly shook each of the two ampoules, whilst observing the colour change. A colour will emerge as the drug reacts in the ampoule. Compare this colour with the colour chart provided with the test kit instructions.

Ampoule 1 MDMA Ampoule 2 Amphetamine As can be seen far more clearly in the colour version of this book , there was a match between the colour in the ampoules and the colours specified for MDMA and amphetamine.

Having tested a sample, if there is no match, or no colour at all, or if you are unsure, do not use the drug. Always heed this advice: if in doubt, chuck it out. In other words, their use is at your own risk. With this in mind, exercise appropriate care and caution. If the sample tested positively, this information can be used in conjunction with both your own research and the safety measures documented in Section 1. These arrived as a kit, which also included an instruction card and a colour comparison chart.

The following steps illustrate the testing of the same MDMA pill which was used for the single-reagent spot check. Prepare your work space and surface I chose a nice quiet area with plenty of natural light my desk. For the surface I grabbed a glazed ceramic white plate.

Although some people use the bottom of a mug, I found that a plate offered a wider area, enabling steadier access to the surface itself. Place the drug sample on the surface Here I scraped a fragment of the pill on to the surface of the plate. Had I been testing a powder I would have placed a dab of the powder using tweezers, a micro spoon, or a similar implement.

The instructions supplied with the kit suggested that a sample of about 5mg is usually about right. Tip the bottle so that a drop of fluid falls on to the sample Choosing the Marquis reagent for the first test, I took the lid off the bottle. I gently tilted this over the sample and then rotated slowly.

Patiently, I tilted and turned until a drop of the fluid finally emerged and fell. A colour will emerge as the drug reacts with the reagent I watched the sample carefully, over about 30 seconds, as it gradually changed colour. Compare this colour with the colour chart provided with the instructions As can be seen more clearly in the colour version of this book , the colour matched that specified for MDMA purple-black under Marquis.

Repeat the same steps using the other reagents I rinsed and washed the plate, and then repeated steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 using the Froehde reagent. This time the sample turned black, which again matched MDMA on the chart. The sample turned dark green-blue, which also matched MDMA on the chart. Being pedantic, I took photographs using my phone for a more considered comparison and not just for the purposes of this book. Carefully examining the chart and comparing the colours for all three tests, I had a clear match with MDMA.

I washed the plate properly for the final time, and stored the reagent bottles securely. Having performed the reagent tests, I would again stress that if you are unsure do not use the drug. Remember the advice: if in doubt chuck it out.

Also bear in mind the disclaimers and warnings listed on the previous pages, and any printed within the test kit instructions. If the sample tested positively, this information can be used in conjunction with both your own research and the other safety measures documented in Section 1. If you purchased the reagents independently of a kit, a number of charts can be found online or directly via the websites referenced earlier.

It is the time expended from reaching threshold to the point at which normality or baseline is broadly reached. This does not include after effects, such as tiredness, hangover, or simply the residue of a state or frame of mind, which can persist for a considerable time in some cases. In other words, the length of time before the subject is aware that the effects of the chemical or botanical are active.

Safety warning: when using a compound, if there is no effect within the expected time scale, do not redose. Onset can vary considerably from person to person, and it can be influenced by a variety of factors related to both the individual and the substance. They are not scientific, in that they are generally produced from feedback, anecdotal material, and estimation. They do not indicate that a particular dose is safe for you.

The specific community sources used were: erowid. A point to bear in mind here is the possibility that a drug related community may have higher tolerance than ordinary members of the public. Remember that inexperienced users should always start with a very low dose. Note also that where it is not specified or clear, the relevant RoA should be assumed to be oral. They can range from slang or street names, to alternative forms of nomenclature framed by organisations or professional bodies.

This represents an initial dose, and subsequent redosing, thus accumulating a total exposure to the psychoactive. Note that in some cases I dosed foolishly and recklessly. Note that such measurement is not suitable for all experiences, but was adapted for use where possible. FORM This is the form in which the substance was used.

Common forms include powder, fluid, plant matter, blotter and pill. The jurisdiction specifies where it was sampled. A variety of possibilities are available, which are discussed later in this section. Note that some botanicals can have a multitude of active chemicals, not all of which are listed. For a general dictionary of drug-related terms and phrases see Section 4.

If a higher dosage produces nothing, then this was a false positive. The chronology can be determined with some accuracy, but the nature of the drug's effects are not yet apparent. But you still have some choice as to whether you will accept the adventure; or rather just continue with your ordinary day's plans if you are an experienced researcher, that is. The effects can be allowed a predominant role, or they may be repressible and made secondary to other chosen activities.

The subject is totally engaged in the experience, for better or worse. It is a state of bliss, a participation mystique, a connectedness with both the interior and exterior universes, which has come about after the ingestion of a psychedelic drug, but which is not necessarily repeatable with a subsequent ingestion of that same drug. If a drug or technique or process were ever to be discovered which would consistently produce a plus four experience in all human beings, it is conceivable that it would signal the ultimate evolution, and perhaps the end, of the human experiment.

This scale is referred to throughout the book. Its use has been extended well beyond psychedelics, and indeed, it has been employed as a measure across most categories and classifications. This broadly reflects the approach taken by Erowid, and other online authorities. The psychedelic state is often related to forms such as meditation, dreaming, yoga, near-death or out-of-body experiences, and access to other realms or dimensions of reality. Manifestations of this can include alertness, wakefulness, focus, and apparent increased energy.

As a consequence, stimulants are sometimes referred to as uppers. This dissociation from environment is often classified as a hallucinogenic experience. This slows down the activity of the brain and nervous system, with the physical and psychoactive effects often dependent upon dose. Intoxicants excite or stupefy to the point where physical and mental control is diminished. Intoxicating depressants tend to combine these experiences, with their effects transforming and morphing towards the former, as the duration unfolds.

It is sometimes defined as a substance that produces dreamlike states of consciousness. These can be profound, and can manifest as realistic or abstract. This state is most widely reported with respect to MDMA, but is actually created via a substantial number of substances. In some cases sedatives can produce hypnotic anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects.

Technically, sedatives are depressants, in that they induce depression of the central nervous system CNS , although many also have antipsychotic properties. Deliriants generally produce unpleasant experiences, are often toxic, and are prone to expose the user to personal risk, which can be severe. Some, for example, induce a combination of these, providing a very distinct experience.

Others create differing effects as the experience unfolds. Note that there are a variety of other approaches and definitions, and that most, like this one, introduce a degree of subjectivity. The adjacent diagram presents one view of the relationships between different classifications and some of the most well known chemicals. ORAL This is swallowing or drinking. Common methods of the former include bombing, which is wrapping the drug in cigarette paper and consuming by mouth perhaps with water , or simply eating plant material or swallowing a pill.

Often, the inhaled smoke is held in the lungs for a chosen period of time. VAPING This is inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by heating the substance in a suitable device usually but not always electronic or via another predetermined method.

HOT-KNIFING This is inhaling the smoke produced when the substance is compressed between the heated ends of two knives, which are pushed through a hole made at the foot of a bottle usually plastic. There are variations on this, but all involve hot knives and the inhaling of smoke through the mouth of a suitable vessel or container.

It is not recommended, at all. All the above methods were employed at least once with respect to the sampling of the chemicals and botanicals in the following sections, with the exception of transdermal, rectal and intravenous. A safe dose via one method can sometimes be deadly via another method. It is imperative, therefore, that when choosing a particular RoA, the safe and appropriate dose for that specific RoA is researched extremely carefully.

This point cannot be over-emphasized, as it is a misstep that the unwary can easily fall foul of, with tragic consequences. The word eyeballing refers to the ill advised practice of measuring a dose based upon its visual appearance. An example would be splitting a gram of powder into ten mg doses by separating it into ten equal looking piles.

This is obviously a bad idea, but worse still is sticking the powder into your eye! In other words, having seen the word frequently in the context of drug use e. Regarding safety, this tenuous audit trail to source did at least provide the beginnings of a primitive level of assurance. All the other substances were tested outside the UK, and where practical, in an authentic setting. These were generally well regarded and provided a timely and professional service.

As a result, the use of recreational drugs can cause disproportionate harm and damage. Physiologically, they can alter your hard wiring. They can precipitate serious psychological disorders, and can have long term consequences for your mental health. They can change your thinking, your perception and your judgement. None of this is waffle or exaggeration.

A quick flick through the pages of this book will demonstrate where I am coming from. I am providing the truth in simple terms: nothing more. If you have any reason to doubt this advice, research directly for yourself. Obtain the facts. You have a long time ahead of you in which to experience drugs, if this is what you wish to do. There is no rush and no imperative to do it now. Now is not the time. This advice equally applies to alcohol.

If other factors are influencing you, for example peer-pressure, try to see the wider context. Try to see these moments in the timeline of your entire life. Take a decision based upon that timescale; because that is the timescale you may be affecting. If you are confused, or if you have already taken drugs and you fear that you are slipping into addiction or another drug related predicament, seek help urgently. Do not let it continue. I cannot stress this enough.

I also guarantee that if you read these words in 10 years you will absolutely agree with them. Your future self will know what you may not know now. If this book achieves nothing other than to persuade you to wait, it was worth all the effort to write it. However, if you are using this RoA regardless, specialist websites commonly offer the following tips to mitigate some of the risks. Prepare in advance for an overdose e. If you are using an opioid have some naloxone available, if possible.

Also have contact details for the emergency services to hand. Always prepare for yourself and always inject yourself. Always use a new capped needle. Make sure that the injection site on your skin is clean. If sharing a drug, split it before use. Failing this, at least ensure that a fresh container is used for each hit and no re-use or re-dipping of needles.

Use filters to help remove impurities. Remove air bubbles e. Use an unshared tourniquet. Take your time. Try to rotate injection sites. Make sure that you are in a vein you should see blood if you push slightly and then draw-back a little. Abort immediately and stem the bleeding.

Release the tourniquet and inject slowly, keeping arm straight. Remove the needle slowly. Apply a light press to the injection site to stem blood flow. Secure and recap your syringe ready for return or safe disposal. Clean-up everything e. If you have problems with bleeding or swelling seek medical help urgently. The solution is to stop using this RoA. Please do try. Use whatever support services are available and never be afraid to ask for help. In the case of most drugs this is broadly true.

Perhaps a better description of this phenomenon is that when you take these drugs, you are borrowing from the future, repayable sometimes with interest; meaning that the comedown and aftermath reverse-compensate for the up and the high. I would stress that this does not apply to all drugs. Many psychedelics and dissociatives, for example, are immune to this tendency to some extent or another. However, it does apply to most of the common street drugs, such as cocaine, speed, heroin, alcohol and MDMA.

I have given this aspect a great deal of thought over the years, to the point of attempting to create graphs for certain compounds. I gave up on this idea due to the various levels of subjectivity and the difficulty with precision. However, a generic graph might look something like this: Some drugs may have a gentler dip with a much longer tail a very slow recovery , whereas others flush relatively quickly but can have a very deep initial hangover.

Some can have an extraordinarily high peak, whereas others have a gentle elevation and lengthy period of contentment. There exists, of course, everything in between. The main point I would make here is that a drug experience covers the whole period, not just the incline and the peak. A typical alcohol binge, for example, will usually deliver a few hours of semi-euphoria, followed by a sedated fuzziness, a hangover in the morning, a day of being under the weather, and perhaps another day or more of feeling under par.

When a drug of this type is selected for use, it is important to consider the entire picture, and not be carried away via anticipation of the early part of the ride. You are signing-on for its entirety, come what may: be sure that this is what you actually want. Whilst the use of such compounds can be traced to prehistory, the modern era has been framed and dominated by the doctrines and brutalities of the war on drugs. In the early years of this century, however, a situation developed in the UK which temporarily created a respite from this unremitting prohibition.

This period can reasonably be referred to as the Legal High Years. This was served directly online, and by retail outlets across major towns and cities in the UK. It had emerged via the pressure of demand, the use of idiomatic terminology, and a stagnant unresponsive legislature.

It is worth noting that the traditional underground drug trade continued as usual, and that historically many of these illegal substances were technically once research chemicals. Some of these are included within this section, with sampling having been undertaken under appropriate foreign jurisdiction. The sophistication of the market developed equally quickly, with internet forums becoming a hive of often detailed discussion.

These communities became increasingly important vehicles, and not only through the dissemination of safety information. They were central in framing vendor reputation, which in turn would positively influence the conduct of suppliers. Such was the open nature of this situation that many vendors engaged in the forums themselves, often exploring entirely new products based upon feedback, commentary and debate.

Further, whilst some of these were often new and relatively untested, large groups and communities existed to share information and report early experiences. The market operated entirely legally, and in most respects, vendors offered their wares in exactly the same manner as any other online supplier of products or services see Section 1. This free to access source of developing and life critical information, and of self-sustaining consumer protection, was instantly destroyed, with the inevitable tragic consequences.

As well as becoming academically and intellectually intriguing, it carried a sense of adventure, as I engaged a unique and fertile period of psychoactive exploration and investigation. At the same time, however, I never lost sight of the dangers inherent to the enterprise. To address these, I identified and developed an entire series of disciplines, procedures and processes to mitigate risk.

These are discussed in the introductory section of this book, and referred to throughout. Reminder: Section 4. The following chemicals have been sampled and researched for inclusion within this section: 2. They tend to be amongst the safest of chemicals in terms of risk profile, and indeed, are frequently used to treat addiction and other self-destructive behavioural issues.

A huge volume of literature covering their spiritual and therapeutic aspects is also available, and distinctive genres of art and music have been inspired via the psychedelic experience itself. In terms of a personal journey, psychedelic trips have provided some of the most profound and beneficial experiences of my life. I share the school of thought that sets psychedelics apart from all other psychoactive materials. In his Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness he proposed a framework for consciousness, in which the various levels were articulated in scientifically relevant terms.

Robert Anton Wilson later expanded upon this, publishing a number of books. The eight levels of this model were also presented with reference to ancient philosophies, belief systems and theories, including Hinduism, Buddhism and the chakra system. Perhaps of greater relevance to many readers of this book is that the eight levels have also been associated with psychoactive drugs, in terms of their activation, intensification or enhancement. Thus we have opioids and alcohol, for example, associated with lower levels of consciousness, and psychedelics such as DMT and LSD with higher levels.

This is a rich and fascinating field. Needless to say, this sort of positive scientific research and boundless investigation has always been subject to hostility by the established order. Indeed, Leary himself stated that he had written his book, Science Faction, in "various prisons to which the author had been sentenced for dangerous ideology and violations of Newtonian and religious laws".

A lengthy list of individuals who have recorded their work via unorthodox methods has emerged, none more prominent or persuasive than Terence McKenna. McKenna used what he referred to as "heroic doses", usually of botanicals, and his books, and indeed countless YouTube videos, have documented his experiences and theories in significant depth. Another aspect suppressed via prohibition is the use of psychedelics in a medical context, to alleviate human suffering and misery.

I refer here to ailments such as addiction, depression and mental illness. As I write these words, after generations of brutal indifference to lost knowledge and remedy, the fruits of another periodic study have slipped through the cracks into the public domain: psilocybin mushrooms can be successfully used to treat depression. This is presented as though the revelation is actually news. Despite this flicker of scientific fact reaching the populace, the cruelty of denial continues unabated.

It is a tragedy and an outrage that they are damned and misrepresented by those whose motives are anything but altruistic. It reinforced my sense of what was important creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could. I think it's healthy that people should have this experience. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform. It is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be.

This was also my experience. Thus, in logging my personal research, it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to add a new perspective to the countless reports and monologues that have been produced over the years. Instead, I will simply map generic features and insights, rather than delve into the content or substance of any single or specific trip. As with most chemicals of this class, I procured the tabs directly from Lizard Labs, which already had a reputation for bringing high quality and novel psychedelics to the online market.

IP-LSD was to become its most well known creation, and was widely distributed through other vendors. In fact I started very small, with a microdose. Herein lies another dimension to this particular psychedelic: some people microdose on a daily or regular basis.

This is commonly claimed to enhance mental or visual acuity or insight, to counter depression, to increase creativity or productivity, and so forth. That's an aside. My microdose tests were simply intended to dip my toe into the water, to get a feel for the drug, and to gain some assurance regarding its quality and safety.

As I built up the dose the experiences became richer and more influential. Music was dramatically enhanced, as were computer visuals, and vision generally became more interesting. The headspace was always extremely pleasant, and a wonderful feeling of oneness with the universe increased with dose. This is an aspect well worthy of focus in its own right, as I found the same as virtually everyone else who has written on this facet: specifically that nature is a truly wonderful place in which to experience it.

I frequently gazed around in astonishment, seeing, feeling, indeed witnessing, the interconnectedness, of I recall, on one particular trip, stepping out into the garden during a warm sunny evening. I was at one with nature, as the swarms swirled around plants and bushes, all in perfect harmony. The sky was simply beautiful as clouds drifted effortlessly across. At one point I lay horizontal on the grass and simply watched.

Everything evoked a sense of wonder, as I drank in an experience which was all around me. Goodness knows what sort of spectacle I would have made had anyone been looking through their window and witnessed my astonishment. It was a oneness that only someone who has been there can possibly understand. I didn't just see it or hear it, I was part of it, and actually felt the whole within myself.

This was an entirely different type of ego-shattering drama to the unfoldments of ayahuasca, for example. It was beauty and bliss within its own boundless terms. Words will always fail, and can never properly describe the quality or depths of the sensations and perceptions which are unlocked.

Indeed, I have experienced so many beautiful moments, and I believe learned much, through the use of this remarkable drug. The onset of a typical 1P-LSD trip usually took about an hour, with indications that changes were afoot beginning well before this. This was a gentle incline, barely perceived during its early stages, with hints slowly manifesting here and there, and steadily strengthening.

It should be noted that the peak was considerably shorter than this, and fully functional control was always established well before the end. Mild after effects of lassitude, and a feeling of being drained, sometimes persisted into the next day. However, for me, these minor discomforts were always well worth enduring, given the perceived positives and benefits which came with the overall exercise.

This is an unspoken desire to learn more, more quickly, by taking increasingly larger doses. It is an intellectual challenge, tempered only by fear of the unknown, and the length of the period of reduced social capacitation. This innate curiosity and yearning to uncover mystery is what has driven me to slowly push the boundaries, and indeed, to continue to explore this genre.

Given that my memory is flawed, I feel ill equipped to write a detailed report. Hence, this particular log is not reflection of my first experience, but rather, it represents the chronology of a re-visit. One issue I have tended to have with lysergamides in general is that I find it hard to tell them apart: meaning that I find the experiences, at least in terms of headspace, to be extremely similar.

That said, I have never attempted to log a trip with comparison in mind. I will make the effort this time. Starting afresh, therefore, what should I dose? Only one of the major online reference sources quotes any figures, and these appear to have been taken directly from the ETH-LAD page.

The equivalent figures for 1P-LSD are 50ug and ug respectively, which is a substantial difference. However, the average between them is in fact 75ug, which suggests that 1P does not significantly strengthen or weaken the LSD experience. Against this I note that many subjective opinions across the forums suggest that dose-to-dose 1P is slightly less intense.

This would make it slightly stronger per ug than LSD. If the 1P slightly weakens the experience per ug perhaps pitching this dose at 60ug is reasonable, given that I have not consumed a lysergamide for many months. I note also that references on Erowid do not dramatically contradict this figure.

In terms of expectation, forum posts suggest that more visuals are invoked than there are via LSD, with more clarity of mind. Let's see. I chew, suck and swallow it. My eyes seem to linger on objects for slightly longer than usual as I move and look around. Perhaps I feel a little flushed and warm. I feel comfortable but restless, in that I am increasingly distant from normal everyday reality. There may be early indications of morphing and more interesting colouration, but largely a certain headspace is present and is evolving.

I am not particularly immersed or uncomfortable, but I am aware of a physical edge. I hear my ambient music occasionally interjecting in the background. It sounds very pleasant, and is definitely enhanced. I feel more comfortable now than earlier.

Walking around, I can feel physically light and, for want of a better word, floaty. In the mirror, my pupils look reasonably normal. There are no serious visuals yet, but the greater appreciation of colour is now unmistakable. It's a heady space, dreamy almost, with tracers hinting in the periphery and a little morphing there too. I remain totally functional, but with a meditative and whimsical headspace which I can drift into for lengthy periods.

I can also zone in and out of light visual distortion and morphing. The ambient music remains pleasant in the distance, occasionally attracting positive attention and appreciation. This does seem to support more mental clarity, although I have to accept that this could be auto-suggestion. What 1P-LSD dose does this equate to? I would definitely suggest more than 60ug. Staying connected and on topic is hard work.

I feel strange and smoothly drifting, but in a positive sense, with the feeling that I am not quite with it. G III. Trichocereus officially reclassified into IV. Ephedra II. Veterinary Medicine Assoc.? Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources II. GRUB V. SEE IV. McKenna II. Parnate II. Stenoptera Phalaris arundinacea I. US Pacific Northwest variety? V III. Nervous Mental Disease sic II. Tree of the Evil Eagle see Brugmansia spp.

Tribulus terrestris in ayahuasca analogues VI. III I. III, J. DIAZ, and A. COX IV. Withania somnifera II. Healthy plants and seeds, fresh bulk herbs, potent teas and extracts, herbal smokes, incense and other gift items available for immediate delivery. ER Wichita, KS Internet archives of unique information on almost species of ethnobotanicals, emphasizing visionary herbs, cacti and fungi. Specializing in the seldom offered, with over species and varieties. Seeds and live plants for propagation.

Experimental dried plant material and extracts for nonconsumptive research. Australian Commercial 77 Phalaris tuberosa cv. BEAR 96, 98 S. Effects fading, but it comes back in waves. Music is really special. Perhaps the DIPT side targets music, but the 4acetoxy side makes the music magical like psilocybin; certainly there is none of the music distortion reported with DIPT itself. Sit outside with my partner listening to the night sounds, feeling very close. Partner notes that this compound may be good for creativity.

No body problems. Slowly grew in intensity. Warmth in stomach area, A lot of fun, no fears or anxieties. Only problem for me was not being able to get to sleep afterwards. Some may prefer 10—12 mg. Eat a good carbohydrate, low-fat meal 3—4 hours beforehand. Seems especially good with music. Very good for sex. Might work for dancing, perhaps better at lower dose. A new class: enthrallogen. Probably will be considered fun and a good party drug. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I held it under my tongue for 2 minutes, yucky! Slight spacy pressure in forehead, sinuses swelling and tingling, cough. Rising a notch, a gentle floaty warmth spreading in my body. Getting deeper. Clear, floaty, stretching, body fine, pulse up a little. Feeling is closer to acid than many other things. Clear kundalini, beaming deep plusthree trembling, tactile enhanced, visual field more active halos, trails more pronounced.

Face flushed, good clean peaceful feeling, lots of kundalini, good stuff! Settled, soft, review of work-related subconscious or suppressed emotions easily amused. Life situation review, am I having it too easy? Tryptamines sure give me a lot of kundalini. I feel a little sick, and I should reduce smoking of anything.

Quite up there, writing this up. Staring at myself in the mirror, getting deep. Very good for moving in trance. Stretching feels good, gorgeous material! In summary, this is brilliant stuff, with a cleanness of effect comparable to acid, and just slightly more draining physically.

Definitely in the top class for depth, and the duration makes it special. The evaluation was interesting, but not impressive. Maybe I just lack the esterase needed for the conversion from the acetoxy? It took over an hour-and-a-half to notice anything at all eaten on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

After several hours it had built to a barely perceptible peak that was rather nice and sort of interesting; colors and visual textures seemed richer or had a plastic sheen, tactile stimuli was a bit exaggerated, as was perception of sounds. But overall everything was extremely mild and just on the edge of perceptibility.

Mental flow seemed a little affected at times, but much less than with anything else I have ever tried. It reminded me of taking a barely sub-threshold dose of something, but without feeling any sort of stimulation. There were no sexual urges or desires whatsoever. I think for me 22 mg was a barely threshold level. I fell asleep 4 hours after eating it. It would be interesting to evaluate this again at either twice this level or with a booster of the same amount taken at the 1 hour mark. I really liked what I could perceive about the experience, but if I had been doing anything at all at the time like if I had gone to work or watched a movie , I could have easily missed noticing anything.

Some minor sweating around 2 hours, but absolutely no tremors, rubbery legs, problems with talking or moving or thinking purposefully. Greyish talc-like powder taste was not nearly as bad as many other things. Onset was solid around 26 minutes first alert at 18 minutes and by an hour later there was a very slow re-entry lasting several hours. The mental space was interesting; introspection was fluid and not forced but very sensitive, accurate and detailed.

In the right situation this could have good therapeutic or psychoanalytical applications. It did produce some odd contradictions; while feeling clear-minded in the center of my mind this was wrapped within a layer of confused disorientation. Similarly movement seemed strange; very controlled but still requiring some mental effort and focus. I felt cold and chilled throughout the experience beginning around 1 hour after ingestion but at the same time was hot and sweaty; this persisted until I fell asleep.

Perhaps due to the excessive pace I have been maintaining in recent weeks, there was a heavy body load making me extremely aware of just how physically and mentally exhausted I am right now. I have to admit that I masturbated three times during the trip. My heart just bloomed. It felt as though it swelled to larger than normal and then unfolded itself and blossomed within me. Heart racing. Jelly limbs. Very pleasant feeling. Sort of jovial—not the spasms of laughter of LSD, but a satisfying all-over body-smile.

Full bore. Feelings very similar to significant doses of psilocybin, but not so intense as to make me question my physical existence. Orgasm was delayed and when it arrived, it came surging in like a tidal wave, completely particalizing my body and sparking an amazing kaleidoscope in my mind.

I forgot to not take my buproprion medication on the day of the experiment, also took a toke of marijuana just prior to dosing. Setting: laying in bed, listening to fast ambient music. Feel energy, some anxiety. Partner: some body sensations, nice, not strong. Body tremors increase to mild muscle spasms. Distracting but not a problem. I decide that the 4-acetoxy-DIPT is interacting with the bupropion which blocks dopamine reuptake and can cause muscle tremors by itself , and I take 0.

Dreamy, music felt, no visuals, very much into the music. Try to have sex, but hard to focus. Generally surfing the music, having a great time. My notes stop here. I finally got to sleep around three hours later. Residual effects of both an empathogenic and psychedelic nature persisted right up until falling asleep. In fact, the visual effects were perhaps most pronounced as I turned out the light and curled up under the covers, seeing a network of coiled, iridescent strands of ectoplasm crisscrossing in the ether throughout my bedroom.

I eagerly await the opportunity to sample this compound again to see if these effects were a fluke or are reproducible in repeated trials. I had expected some overlap in effects with psilocin, given the 4substitution and accounts provided in TIHKAL; however, it was for the most part not found to be a highly visual material.

The state of consciousness evoked was definitely friendly, heart-opening, and insightful. We were gently and humorously guided into considering our current living situation. This is a very physical substance, not in any negative manner, but the substance is definitely felt in the body. A sensual, flying, floating sensation and a definite sense of physical well-being is dominant. Then came some changes to the visual field. Not overwhelming in any sense, but some sparkling patterns akin to DPT.

Luminous yet transparent geometries, not organic and round like mushroom visuals, but sharp edges and lines, fields of small silver translucent pyramids and such. Thinking remained clear and intact. Very nice substance. It was beyond expectations. I was expecting something along the lines of MDMA, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice the entheogenic consciousness oozing out of the cracks in the fabric of reality.

I really needed this—true soul searching stuff. And sitting here writing this now a peaceful sensation of understanding flows through me. The entheogenic essence that flows deeply in this material. Everyone could do with a little of this stuff to help them find themselves in this increasingly confusing reality.

I was disappointed by the experiences I had in relation to that, and learned yet again that expectation is probably my biggest stumbling block as I continue exploring the psychedelic world. I was completely unmoved intellectually or emotionally, and I sat on the couch for quite a while wondering if anything was actually happening.

However, after a while I began to realize that my body had changed its timbre a bit; I was growing into the experience and feeling extremely sensual.

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Hamilton Morris synthesizes 5-MeO-DMT

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5 methoxytryptamine tihkal torrent If the 1P slightly weakens the experience per ug perhaps pitching this dose at 60ug is reasonable, given that I source not consumed a lysergamide for many months. Where is this leading, I wonder? Make one little slip up in memory about some obscure chemistry reaction that hasn't been thought of for 10 torrent, and some Otaku Newbie decides to methoxytryptamine tihkal a big production over such insignificant minutae. Seems especially good with music. Prior to this date, I sampled this on a number of occasions, usually orally, and largely in the 10mgmg range.

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5-MeO-MIPT Trip Report: 'Death and Rebirth'

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