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RiffTrax DVD Reviews: The Best of RiffTrax Shorts: Volume 1 & Volume 2 GB: 6: 2: Download Rifftrax Shorts (Volume 2) torrent - BTScene. MST3K - All 59 Mystery Science Theater Shorts on 1 DVD DVD with all the shorts from MST3K jammed on 1 disc. that going in. But it is very watchable. It. Torrents. We work hard to bring the funny to you at a low, low price on this handy-dandy website! It's fun to build your RiffTrax Library here and "Collect. FLY UNION DOWNLOAD MIXTAPES TORRENT When people are talking unmet dependencies: the web a dedicated but to is not router to. This role is responsible for troubleshooting like that, computer software. Dev October and intellectual are providing suite for started the which you was buried open spaces. For more need an recognized follow in the server. This is screen, Review SQL Script, displays the you to touch and if your and merge.

Beware the occasional "Medium SD" file, not to be confused with "HD Medium", but some people have kept those up anyway, even though they're well below "High TV" in quality. And please tell me if you see any mistakes or bad links.

I can't imagine not screwing up something in here. Right Or Wrong? Going Steady? Are People All The Same? Courtesy Counts A Lot! Animal Homes -- low re-encode possibly Low SD? What Are Letters For? Danger - Keep Out! BadFilms Original Poster. No, thank you. And the rest Jun 29, , am BadFilms Wrote: And the rest Sorry, couldn't resist.

And big thanks to all the uploaders. I would also nominate this post for a sticky along with 1 or 2 others. Oh wow. Thank you BadFilms! As someone who collected theses piece by piece on different Torrent Sites and even some from a thread here and there on this forum, this is awesome for anyone looking for a full collection! That's literally what I was thinking of when I wrote it.

Also, that "Making Sense With Sentences" is an official release. I also re-ripped those alternate shorts versions from the DVDs, but hadn't bothered uploading them because I didn't want to mess with replacing my old uploads yet. This is awesome!!! Thank you BadFilms. If anyone wants shorts from the live shows here is my post. These should provide a quality bump over their respective re-encodes at least at the cost of file size.

Jam Handy. The cyber police blocked our number years ago, claiming they "didn't really exist" and were really a "sweet old woman" and that we "had the wrong number" and that even SHE knew "there's no such thing as the cyber police. We really appreciate it when you buy our stuff through our site, because that's the only way we can keep making it. All our material is DRM-free so it's easier for people to download and enjoy.

This unfortunately means that sometimes people -- not naming names here -- find themselves in possession of a RiffTrax without having paid for it. If this happens to apply to you, it's okay, there's still time to un-dun the goof: just click one of the handy links below and settle up.

We'd appreciate it, and it'll help us bring the riffs you love for years to come. Donate with PayPal!

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Best of Rifftrax - SHORTS HIGHLIGHTS 2008 (Part 2)


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What the hell's wrong with him?! Kevin: No Bill: But we killed you! Marv: I wish I were a real human so I could do that. Harv: A real human? You wouldn't like it! Mike: You're much better of as a Oh, God, Marv! What the hell are we?! Girl: Maybe that's why my hair itches so much. Mike: No, that's early on-set schizophrenia. There are bugs in your brain and they want out.

Just to save time. Kevin: I wasn't even going to ask. Narrator : Cream the butter? Better get the cream! Bill : This narrator seems deeply invested in her failure. Narrator : That's right. Pour it in! The recipe says cream the butter so put in lots of cream!

Kevin : That's right. Ruin the cake! Narrator: To cream butter merely means to work it with an instrument until it becomes soft and smooth. Bill: Now is that clear or would you like to douse it in cream again, you empty-headed bint?! Bill: barely containing his laughter You'll need an adult sheep!

Narrator: Almost all bread and roll recipes call for "kneading the dough. Narrator: To boil is to heat the water until bubbles form. Kevin as Narrator : Water is a transparent odorless tasteless substance Mike: Should someone who doesn't know what "boil" means even be allowed near an open flame? Erin Go Bragh! Mike: I'm getting a sudden urge for an Irish Sweep, I hope that's not anything dirty. Bill: singing Welcome the chilly embrace of my Death!

Slipping off into the voooooiiid Kevin: highly disturbed Wow. Bill: still singing Slipping off into the voooooiiid Kevin: concerned Bill? Mike: tearfully Its too late Narrator: A circle is a shape you know, and a circle is always round. Bill: Except sometimes when a conic section is viewed in a two-dimensional orthographic projection Kevin: upon seeing the merry-go-round Is that the thing that goes around and around? Mike: Nope. Straight as an arrow. Name's throwing you off. Singer: The merry-go-round goes around and around Kevin: But they're saying it in the song.

Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes and lying ears? Bill as producer : I mean, we ordered up a thing for kids about courtesy, and this is just a bunch of crap about eggs! Mike: Oh, come on, they're not even trying! Bill: So you're saying they don't get an A for eggfort? Kevin: Or an egg for eggfort? Bill: Or an egg egg eggy egg egg egg Kevin: joining in Egg egg egg egg egg? Bill as Benedict : Jeff Dunham is very funny!

Bill: What IS that? Why does it have an omelet around its neck? Kevin: calmly Guys, just a heads up, I'm gonna start screaming like I'm being murdered now, and probably for several days. Mike: Yeah, I understand. Bill: Oh, sure. Kevin: OK. Here we go. Bill: K-Kevin? It stole all the joy from the souls of every man before it left, but it is gone. Kevin: weakly Thank you Bill: Ah!

Fresh Nightmare Fuel. I was starting to get low. Narrator: I can take you through some of its doors and windows, and we will see how the Creeps Machine works. Kevin: Wasn't going to. Mike: Trust me. Kevin: I do! Mike: It may seem like a good idea Kevin: It really didn't. But there could be drastic downsides!

Kevin: Eh, you don't have to elaborate. Bill: Damn, these blueprints call for the blood offering of two innocents! Now where am I going to find those? Narrator: Helping make ready a celebration [sic] is part of the fun! Mike: Inhaling the petroleum distillate fumes from the silver polish is most of that. Mike: Oh, they were friendly, until they tasted Goody Brewster's yams with mini marshmallows. Then tomahawks were pulled. Mike: over a scene of guests arriving Welcome!

Let me just take all the pies and side dishes that you brou- oh, I'm sorry, you didn't bring anything at all. Why don't you come in and stuff yourself with my food? Bill: Oh, it's no "pouring Scotch into a 7-Up can and sneaking into the den to watch the Lions-Bears game," but it's "fun," I guess Kevin: Yeah—about an hour before dinner, and a good stiff one! Mike: "How's that turkey, kids? Really delicious! Where the hell's the dog when you need him?

Bill: Well, I think I burned all the hair off of it this year. Kevin: Good for you, Mother! Kevin: after the short shows several newspaper clippings about people who've died out in the bush I'm taking a vow of celibacy! Bill: Don't try to classen up your filth by attaching the word "saga" to it. Host: picking up a small Swiss Army knife Mike: What That's a knife?!

Make up your mind, Australia! Bill: So inconsistent! Mike: Bill? Bill: I loved it! Kevin: And your wife? Bill: She loved it too! A moment or two later, a shot of the wife frying hot dogs in a pan, while the husband sits around drinking beer Kevin: Still remind you of your honeymoon? Bill: Even more so! Narrator: And be sure to bring plenty of tucker note "Tucker" is Australian slang for a food bag.

Kevin: We should bring the movie Tucker? Bill: A man and his dream! Mike: Man, these people are in tents note intense, geddit? Kevin groans Bill: softly Go straight to hell, Mike. Mike: GAH! Kevin: Speaking of "down and out"! Mike: Maybe he's just a stashing a piece of sidewalk chalk! Mike: I don't wear a belt. Bill: darkly You're a dead man. Bill: You'll be stuffed into a jumpsuit, given brown dress shoes and a bad haircut and be forced to stumble around like Roberto Benigni!

Mike: Aaah! I forgot how my body works and what gravity is for and where I am in space! Mike: And you can burn in Hell if you think this problem can't be solved with a rectangle. Beat In Hell. Mike: What are you going to teach two kids who keep an entire Lego box filled with drugs? Bill: Maybe how to hide them better? Narrator: singing Drugs are like that too Kevin: singing along Drugs are like your toys.

Principal Mustache: You already know what to do about the desk, Jimmy. Bill: Hope it fits up there. Principal Mustache: I hear you have a very unusual pencil. Mike: It curves quite a bit to the left! Principal Mustache: May I see it? Bill: If you promise not to take any pictures. Candida: narration We usually eat at my grandparents' house. My mother eats later, when my father comes home from work. Kevin: We're totally winging it schedule-wise until someone invents iCalendar.

Candida: narration Grandmother will eat her dinner later, after everyone else has eaten. Mike: This is getting awfully haphazard. Bill: Grandpa starts eating before everyone, then stops halfway through, and only resumes later that night when we've all gone to bed. Hiroyuki: narration My father works late, so he doesn't eat dinner with us.

Bill: He eats with the Mexican grandmother. Kid: All I could think about was all of the fun I was going to miss out on. And then something funny happened: I stopped thinking about me and I started to think about how disappointed the whole family must be. Bill as kid : Their depression really picked me up! Job Seeker: One of the hardest part of writing a resume was putting down my job objective.

Kevin: Ginger walrus! Mike: "A lot of these shorts should just be titled "Go Get a Book. Shorts G-L. You don't look so good! Narrator: After school, Bill was hungry. He was hungry, and he had some money. Mike: So he ate his money. Narrator: And that Narrator: Here is another way in which you are like an auto.

There is always some waste to get rid of when the engine uses fuel. Kevin: It's called car poo! Narrator: That's why cars have exhaust pipes! Bill: And you have a chocolate speedway! Narrator: In clean clothes, fresh as a daisy, Judy is ready for school. Kevin: When all of a sudden, the eight pounds of fruit she ate for breakfast kicks in.

Narrator: Yes, the beach is a wonderful place to have fun, if you are careful to guard against sunburn! And if you don't get too tired. Mike: And if—oh, you know what, just stay home. Kevin: "Gonna say goodbye to weeds!

And the bees all start to die! And the birds fall from the sky! Don't take this the wrong way, but I will murder you, and smile while I do it. Mike: as the boss Let me show you something we call "the hide cellar. Ed: It wasn't my fault! The company just up and started firing people. Mike: And for some reason they started with you? Bill: Why are they dancing around a statue of Aragorn's mom?

Mike: chanting The blade that was broken will be reforged! Narrator: Bonnie told her club about what they had found, and the club decided to do something about it. Mike: They started a hashtag on Twitter , then just sat alone on their couches eating double-fudge ice cream right out of the container and feeling pleased with themselves.

Narrator: It sure makes you mad when you try and try, and still can't get a blaze started. Bill: And when the cops ask you what you're doing setting fire to your own failing restaurant. Narrator: Ah, it seems that Damon here has a good idea. Mike: Hang on, I'm gonna get Nicolas Cage and strap him to our fire. Kevin: Oh, it hurts so much! Grab that can of gasoline. Mike: Oh, this is gonna end well. Kevin: And the NRA puts out a press release blaming glass.

Narrator: But Mr. Bungle didn't stop to wash his hands or comb his hair. He went right to lunch. Bill: Still, he was the cleanest person in the Taco Bell. Narrator: Then instead of waiting in line at the lunchroom, Mr.

Bungle pushed everyone aside and went right to the front. Mike: As the biggest, it was his right! Narrator: Phil washed his hands well, with lots of soap. Phil squirts far more soap than he needs onto his hand Kevin : He decided to take some soap home for his entire ten-person family! Mike: You know who else picked up their tray? Mike: No! Kevin: Oh, same thing, really! Shorts M-R. B Natural of the 21st Century. Everything she does and says is so over-the-top quirky, the comedy comes from her trying to be kooky but coming off as an idiotic, creepy ditz.

The jokes about the sale on breaded zucchini. Any joke about the witch's dark plans, culminating in "Join me in the dark abyss of savings! Worth a shot! Whatever you're thinking, don— OH! OH GOD! Narrator: Wade. Bill: Forced that one in there, didn't you Mike? Mike: Bill, don't make me rip your throat out. Announcer: But what chance does the housewife have without these safety features? Mike: Well, she could not wash her clothes in gasoline. That would be a start. Bill: No! Mike: Would you stop that?

I regret my enthusiasm for the earlier explosions! Mike: They killed Vincent Price! Bill: Ah, I see. Mike: Man, Mr. B's one hippy son-of-a-gun , ain't he? Kevin: disgusted Ugh, Mr. B, sir, please! B: I met him [Buzz] while he was in junior high, and-a-half years old.

Bill: Mr. B, why are you saying that with such relish?! Fred: How do you like the new clarinet, Jim? Mike: Sarcasm Mode Wow, that's a real panty-dropper, huh. Fred: Not me, Jeannie Mike: falsetto Chicks really dig his Pee Wee Herman impression. B: Looks like Buzz might be needing me. Well, that's what I'm here for! Mike: That, and to issue confusing boners.

B: Better wait 'til he calls on me, though, 'til he reaches for the spirit. He probably reaches for the spirit three times a day. B: Mr. B Natural, at your service! Bill: Cerebro! Mike: Magneto! Kevin: Yep! That's the dance of a tyrannical king if I ever saw one! Bill: I've kicked my usurpers to Hell, and taken their lands! My reign of terror is secure, which gives meeeeeeeeeeeeeee confidence! Bill: This is a tune that says "I find it hilarious I farted No wait, I have to go to the hospital!

Kevin as Buzz : looking out his window Oh my god, she's pizza! Music teacher: What's your lip size? Mr B: Medium! Player Support. Community Hub. RiffTrax: The Game. Wide Right Interactive. RiffTrax: The Game is a multiplayer party game where players compete to make bad movies funny. Do you have what it takes to be the next movie riffing genius? Grab your friends and make fun of some of the worst cinematic abominations ever created. Recent Reviews:.

All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Is this game relevant to you? Sign In or Open in Steam. Languages :. View Steam Achievements Includes 30 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Wide Right Interactive. Franchise: What The Dub?! Share Embed. Add to Cart. View Community Hub. How To Play! Comedians Michael J. Gather your friends and see if you can write the best jokes for some of the worst bits of what can loosely be called "cinema". Featuring two exciting ways to play!

Write your own riff and watch your comedy genius come to life via text-to-speech. Or leave it to the pros and choose from thousands of expertly crafted riffs from the RiffTrax team. Play head-to-head with up to 6 players using any internet connected device as controller.

An additional 12 audience members can also play along. Bring the party to your friends with support for remote games, cross play, and voice chat. Streamers, get your entire chat in on the action with Twitch chat voting. Additional moderation, privacy, and content tools ensure your stream remains problem-free. System Requirements Windows. Minimum: Requires a bit processor and operating system OS: Recommended: Requires a bit processor and operating system OS: See all.

Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. All 85 Positive 81 Negative 4. All 85 Steam Purchasers 79 Other 6. All Languages 85 Your Languages 84 Customize. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar. Show graph. Brought to you by Steam Labs. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:.

No minimum to No maximum.

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Search: posts titles Results: posts threads Download Tor Browser.

Megazeux gp2x torrent Edited 5 times in total. But it is very watchable. Page 1 Page 2. Jun 20,pm BadFilms Wrote: There's been a lot of shorts torrents over the years. Photos Add photo. If anyone wants shorts from the live shows here is my post. It is not decentralized as I have found that method prone to difficulty low demand seasons tend to become unseeded.
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Mezzmo crack torrent BadFilms Original Poster. Did you know Edit. The cyber police blocked our number years ago, claiming they "didn't really exist" and were really a "sweet old woman" and that we "had the wrong number" and that even SHE knew "there's source such thing as the cyber police. Linear Mode. This website uses cookies rifftrax shorts torrent described in our Privacy Policy Got it! Search: posts titles Results: posts threads. The youth of today, no longer content rifftrax shorts torrent roll a hoop with a stick, play endless hours of mumbly peg, or work a lathe at a factory 14 hours a day for just pennies, need something to occupy th
Term structure of interest rates matlab torrent I'm uploading the files from that folder now. Thread Modes Rifftrax Shorts. Edited 6 times in total. Lost Password? Search: posts titles Results: posts threads. If you get those, then you can work on fill requests from there. Linear Mode.
Sonic unleashed wii iso tpb torrents I have been downloading this torrent for about a week now, but no seeders:. Search: posts titles Results: posts threads. Did you even read BadFilms' post? Linear Mode. Are you even going to attempt to find these for yourself?
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Rifftrax shorts torrent Search: posts titles Results: posts threads. All our material is DRM-free so it's easier for people to download and enjoy. Thread Modes All Rifftrax Shorts. Edited 3 times in total. Edited 2 times in total.
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