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The set list in Cleveland may not have included anything from album 21st Century Breakdown - and just one song from the trio of jUno! This three-hour bonanza was watched not just by Green Day's most fanatical constituents, but also some who had been there from the start - and, in one case, before the start.

Riddance Time Of Your Life , but in this is a band whose body of work features so many diamond-studded chunks of platinum that even these absences were compensated. Resplendent in a dress shirt with cufflinks, and a velvet dinner jacket, Billie Joe Armstrong led the group through over two decades of recorded history that stands equal to almost anything in the annals of rock'n'roll.

Of course, this most hardcore of audiences were treated to standard-bearers such as Basket Case, When I Come Around, She and Longview - all from 's breakthrough album, Dookie, and with the latter song's final verse sung by a fan plucked from the crowd - but elsewhere the set featured more obscure gems, cherry-picked from Green Day's glorious past. While 's Warning album was represented by Minority and the resplendent Waiting, it was, inevitably, songs from American Idiot that comprised the largest block of the night's set.

The city of Cleveland was chosen as the location for the Hall Of Fame, due to the fact that this was the city in which DJ Alan Freed first coined the term 'rock'n'roll'. The list of past inductees reads a like Who's Who of musical geniuses, and ranges from founding fathers such as Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, through to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and over to groups such as Nirvana and Metallica. Given this, an invitation to be inducted into this most august of institutions was an offer that was certain to be accepted.

Just as inevitable is that an occasion such as this was always bound to be a time of reflection. When Green Day wore younger men's clothes they would include in their set a cover version of the song Knowledge, originally performed by Bay Area scene elders Operation Ivy. Tonight, in Cleveland, the band invited onto the stage Tim Armstrong, now the frontman of Rancid, but once of Operation Ivy, to join them in revisiting the song for old time's sake.

Saturday may have been the night that Green Day were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but this was not the first time the band had been invited within its walls. The death of frontman Joey Ramone the previous year meant that the Ramones themselves were unable to play their own songs, and thus Green Day were duly invited to fill in.

In order to ensure that they were properly adrenalised for the performance, in the minutes that preceded their three-song set, the Californians could be seen sprinting around the corridors of the Hall of Fame's backstage area. Suitably 'pumped'. Green Day took to the stage, played the songs, said not a word and split into the night. Just seconds after the backline amplifiers had ceased their hum, social media forums were ablaze with the news that, for many, this was the best concert they had ever seen.

But for anyone who might hope that Green Day's first foray into the live arena for more than 18 months might propel the band back onto the road, Billie Joe - who had appeared emotional throughout the evening - had some disappointing news. Surveying the small sea of outstretched arms before him, the frontman told those in attendance that, "This is the closest that I'm gonna get to you for a long while.

And while the truth is that as bands get older, their work rate becomes slower, at least this fallow period, and the occasion of Green Day's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, can allow both band and audience to reflect on a dazzling past and hope for more of the same for the future. As Billie Joe himself said from the Cleveland stage, "What a long, strange trip it's been.

Right here, right now, I know where I want to be. See, we told you it was going well! Released in , the band's major-label debut, Dookie, would repaint the musical mainstream, left dull by the suicide of Kurt Cobain, with bright colours and a different take on the American sense of first-world malaise. Despite the fact that in Green Day had toured Europe in conditions so I squalid that Billie Joe Armstrong contracted body lice, many were the voices amassed to deny that this was a bona fide punk rock band.

Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon claimed that the trio "didn't earn their wings [to play punk music]", adding that if the group "were true punk, they wouldn't look anything like they do". The result? Green Day turned inwards. Released just one year after Dookie, Insomniac was the band's coiled and rattling response to the slings and arrows H of outrageous fame and fortune.

E ven in the early part of the s, Green Day were not just another Northern California punk rock group. The band's second album. Kerplunk, released in on the small independent Lookout! In correlation, in some cities the trio's live shows were attracting audiences of up to 2, people a night. Predictably, and inevitably, the attentions of the major record labels were piqued.

Green Day thought of themselves as being separate from that, and from what was going on up in Seattle. They also played for me that day, and they were just amazing. Los Angeles]. I had to get a hotel for the night! But who can seriously expect that an album will sell 15 million copies? I think the results pP speak for themselves. I remember we recorded the album [at Hyde Street Studios] in the Tenderloin, which is a really sketchy I-,:;.

I meaa even the vtdeo for the first single. It was brutair people knew, and remrnd them just how fantastic these songs are. Although an album such as 's Nimrod featured many of the tno's finest songs to date, and 'e hesitantly received Warning ftill void more than three million copies worldwide, the chattering consensus was that this was a band whose finest hour had passed.

Others, though, had different ideav. Taking the ahem long view, Reprise and Warner Brothers decided to prepare for And, of course, we all know what that new album was. Prior to the release of American Idiot. They were still a big band. They Itad sold three or four million copies of Warning, and although that's not 15 miPlion albums, it's still pretty good- So, we released International Superhits!

Even if he didn't get that tense of perspective right there and then, it was definitely something that he rieeded. I knew he was in New York to kind of see what the chy had to offer in terms of inspiri ng hinrrj to write new songs. Bui of course, I had no idea what those songs would amount to, and just how massive lArrifericao Idiot] would be. In amwer to this nddie. For oniy the second time since Dookie. To see , work at such dose auarters was incredible.

But I have to telJ you that I'm very proud of what we did with those three albums. Fans can be sure that when they do return, the music will be a majJng. BiFrie had a lot' nf Songs and sometimes it's the hardest thing in the world to decide on which songs they should put out and which songs they should keep back.

Black Sabbath's self-titled debut. Nirvana's Nevermind. These are all part of a tiny clutch whose classic status has left a genuinely indelible mark on music fans in every far-flung corner of the globe. Albums that defined generations, inspired countless other bands and had profound impact, not just on those who love rock music, but also on those who wouldn't usually give two hoots about the heavier side of life.

It's been almost 10 years since the four pop-punk upstarts from Chicago collectively known as Fall Out Boy stormed into that pantheon of all-time greats with their ludicrously bold, unfathomably catchy second album. From Under The Cork Tree. It was the album that took the quartet from basement shows and sleeping in the back of a van to global stardom as poster boys for a new wave of super-chorus punk.

The album that put them on every TV set, on every radio station and on every magazine cover from here to kingdom come. The record that, in short, made them the Fall Out Boy we see before us today. And yet, as is so often the case, when the band were writing Cork Tree, they had no real concept of the magnitude of what they had on their hands. Making it was like unprotected sex on a one-night stand, having a kid, and then the kid just happening to turn out really awesome! Taking the cookie-cutter template the band laid down on debut full-length Take This To Your Grave, and infusing it with introspective soul-searching and twinkle-eyed wit, Cork Tree represented an opportunity for the band, and in particular for year- old Pete and co-creative force Patrick Stump, to really spread their wings.

I absolutely inhabited that record - certain songs, anyway - and it was a time when me and Patrick really cemented our working relationship together. So that's why people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day Oaklands when we were making the record and it was just a very depressing place. We didn't really have any friends where we were, and we hadn't made a life for ourselves there. Me and Patrick shared an apartment, and there were times when I'd lie under a blanket and think, 'This is what it's gonna be like when you're dead At a time when the majority of pop-rock acts were talking about bouncing off the walls or hitting the skate ramp, Pete, Patrick, Andy [Hurley, drums] and Joe [Trohman, guitar] were discussing antidepressants and Sneaking off the stage without Patrick noticing: a favourite FOB prank The folks at the label could not have been more wrong, of course.

Cork Tree spawned two singles so remorselessly catchy that you could barely move without hearing them during 's long, hot summer. First came Sugar, We're Goin' Down. Arguably one of modern rock's greatest anthems, to date it has sold over four million copies and is so ubiquitous that your nan probably knows every word off by heart.

To put that staggering achievement into perspective for a moment. From there. Dance, Dance was a similarly gargantuan commercial hit, reaching the Top 10 in both U. We were like the boy bands of the era, but we were weird-looking and played hardcore! The band featured in computer games, movie soundtracks and even had dolls , , 7 The first rule of Paramedic School is There were FOB shoes, pin badges and pillows; everything you could possibly wish for with the foursome's faces on was available.

Shortly thereafter Pete began dating pop starlet Ashlee Simpson, instantaneously taking him from a just-another-bloke-with-a-guitar to being the subject of endless gossip columns and paparazzi stake-outs. The stark reality was that Fall Out Boy had almost single-handedly put the punk rock single back into the mainstream consciousness in a way it hadn't been in the UK since blink told of their fondness for All The Small Things some six years earlier.

And just like that, four misfits kids from suburbia had their lives turned upside down. F or all the vast bucket-loads of albums it sold, though, as far as the diehards were concerned, a big part of Cork Tree's indelible appeal was the deceptive darkness and twisting brilliance that lay behind its polished facade. Without it's wrecking-ball success, acts as diverse as Panic!

And just try and imagine your local rock club without Sugar, We're Goin' Down blaring from the speakers. For the band, too, Cork Tree's impact would be life-altering and permanent. I'm here because we made this thing and that should be the focus. Admittedly, most of it was focused on Pete, who became the band's spokesperson, focal point and business leader during their subsequent decade at the top.

We'd done tours where Pete at the time. The problem is when your band becomes more known for the drama that follows you than for the music itself A song like Sugar, We're Goin' Down? Those three minutes changed my life. If it wasn't apparent that this was a band with lofty ambitions before, then this made it as plain as the fangs on Pete's face.

The crowning glory of all that aspiration? Sugar, We're Goin' Down's captivating refrain, a chorus which was nearly canned because there were some in the band's management hierarchy who felt it was "too wordy and the radio wasn't going to play it", Pete claimed. Indeed, as much as anything else, it was Cork Tree's insistent willingness to push at the boundaries of what a band like Fall Out Boy could typically be expected to achieve from all angles that drove the maelstrom of interest around it.

I remember at the time of the album feeling like we'd either ride the wave or it was going to crush us. With Pete's depressive tendencies thrown under the tabloid media's microscope, he was vilified and harassed to near collapse. After all, who else could get away with an album with song titles longer than most band's entire lyrics sheets, full of thesaurus- shredding wordplay, bonkers harmonies and mega-ton hooks. And the best compliment of all?

More than we bargained for yet? I W alk into a certain very normal-looking house in Anaheim, Orange County, and you'll get a shock. Blood everywhere. She's queen of her castle now - the leading lady in the burgeoning New Grave movement that's sweeping rock - but it's been a long, emotional journey to embrace the darkness within her and claim the throne.

From an early age. Ash always knew she was a child of gloom. I was never a 'normal', happy little girl. I was really, really morbid. I had the biggest fears of dying and those around me dying that it turned me OCD. Every time I had a bad thought, I had to do a little ritual in case that bad thing came true. Watching Disney films, she never liked the princesses but felt drawn to the villains.

While other seven-year-olds were dressed in Gap hoodies and dungarees. Ash had other things in mind. My mom just couldn't be bothered to argue with me before school any more. Whenever I was upset, she'd cast a spell to cheer me up," smiles Ash. Sure, Ash was an outsider, occasionally getting picked on at school, but she was proud of her differences.

Ash's life was about to change in a way that shook her emotional foundations. It was really traumatic," she explains. No warning. The feeling of rejection made her suppress her differences. For the first time in her life, she was concerned with what others thought of her. But when I went to my dad's. I'd cover my tattoos and try to dress a little better.

I just wanted my dad to love me. Until one day, these issues had to be confronted and a torrent of dark depression dragged her under. I was in bed for days. You don't want to shower, you i don't want to go out. In her haunted mansion, living her gloomy LA dream. She recovered from depression after seeking therapy and, once healed, got the drive and lust for life to form the band she'd always wanted: New Years Day.

As with every great personal struggle, she came out a fighter on the other side. When answering the door now, then, she might scare some visitors off with her PVC and taxidermy, but she's sweet, friendly and upbeat about the future. We're just about to write new songs. There'll be the album. I've got my own clothing line coming out. You have to be a really strong person to be a woman in this industry and get what you want. First New Grave, then the world. You will not receive a renewal reminder and the Direct Debit repayments will continue to be taken unless you tell us otherwise.

Costs from landlines for 01 numbers per minute are approximately 2p to lOp. Costs from mobiles per minute are approximately lOp to 40p. Costs vary depending on the geographical location in the UK. You may get free calls to some numbers as part of your call package - please check with your phone provider.

I remember latching onto a lot of the music they were listening to, and Third Eye Blind were one of the bands who really stood out. I still listen to it today and it always reminds me of being a kid at home. Don't get me wrong. I'd like to, but that's not really the kind of band we are!

That's more a pop or hip-hop thing. But I'd say that Weightless was the song that took our band to the next level. It helped us become a bigger band and get onto bigger tours and into bigger venues - to really expand our fanbase and our reach. It's very anthemic, and I remember hearing it for the first time and it just blowing me away. It's a country-pop song, and the lyrics are pretty funny and highly relatable to anyone that goes out drinking at the weekends.

It's a very catchy song, and I think it would be cool to take a country song and give a little rock edge to it. I think we were still pretty ignorant about writing songs when we were making that album. I don't know if I actually wish we hadn't recorded it, but I think there were some other songs we had at the time that would have been better on the album.

But I guess hindsight is twenty-twenty, and at the time we thought it was pretty cool. Looking back, though, I think it's a pretty lame song! I do remember listening to Take Off Your Pants And Jacket the day it came out, though, and hearing this song really changed my life. I remember the a school shooting. This kid shoots a teacher's son, and there are bits about drug abuse and OD'ing. It sets off all of these crazy images in your head when you listen to it. It's good to hear a song that you can visualise all the way through.

It's very depressing, but it's a really good song, and you really oetwhat it's about. I like to listen to her when I'm in the shower - it's either Lana or Frank Sinatra when I'm taking a shower! This is nice and mellow, and I like her lyrics a lot. I find her relaxing and you can kind of get your mind off everything. It gets stuck in your head, but this song never got stuck in my head. There was never a time when I found myself humming it when I was off-guard.

When she did that first song [Friday] she caught a lot of hate. She keeps putting songs out there, though, and if you're putting songs out there, you have to be prepar ed to take criticism. To be honest, I barely even know what she's singing about, but there's just something about her voice! For better or worse, it makes me super-emotional. I'll put this song on when I'm in a sad mood, and it's definitely a downer.

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. He produced [our new album] Future Hearts, and I love his band, Goldfinger. I remember hearing this song for the first time on the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack. It's definitely a sort of theme song for us. It's one that always wants me want to get up and think about dancing. There's a lot of stuff on there that I consider to be genuinely awesome and amazing, I don't care what anybody says.

It's super-pop! Can't find the mag on the shelves because you slept in and missed out? Suffering from a severe case of papyrophobia that's a fear of paper? Well, before you end up cursing the heavens, take a deep breath and head to the Apple Newsstand. Because now you'll be able to get Kerrang! Although you might need very big pockets for a tablet. Being on the AppStore also means that Kerranq! IS available in more regions than ever before, so whether you're in your nan's living room or the Norwegian wilderness, you'll be able to stuff yourself silly with all the planet's biggest bands!

We watched it one night on tour. We were unwinding for the night. I thought it was crazy; I didn't know that was even a thing! I really like 30 Seconds To Mars, so it was cool to watch that and get a little insight of what they went through. So many of my memories are of being on the beach, around the water, so it floods you with a whole bunch of thoughts and emotions. I wash it every three or four days and I'll use a lot of dry shampoo, and that's how it gets very 'lion-mane-y-ish'.

The less you shower, the better your hair looks! I know a couple of people who rarely wash their hair, actually. They'll wash it, like, once a month or something! Food that isn't processed and icky. I try to eat like that as much as I can. Sometimes when I'm at home I treat myself a little bit. On the road I feel like it's almost easier, which is kind of weird. We always get fruits and veggies on the rider, and a lot of the catering will be healthier stuff.

I'm always looking for something to do or run around - something to get the bones moving! It's very peaceful; very calming. It makes you remember that if you're worried about something, or if you have troubles, that they're not as big as they seem and it'll all be okay. I like to go outside and just be quiet for a little bit sometimes. I think they were trying to attack me or something, I don't know. I had to kick the stall door closed so they couldn't get in, and then I woke up and was like, 'Woah!

Came asada, pico de gallo or chips and salsa. Pico de gallo is tomatoes and onions and lots of fresh ingredients combined together, then you just dip chips or your tortillas in it. Came asada in big tacos, with pico de gallo. So, really fresh-tasting stuff!

Drawing, sketching and designing; anything visual or art-related. It keeps me busy and I like the satisfaction of looking at a blank piece of paper and then suddenly having something really cool on it. I've always really liked that. I draw a lot of eyes and teeth and, like. Usually it's when I don't have music on my phone or if I'm all out of ideas for music, like if I feel like my brain's fried, or something.

I feel like I could kill someone with them because they're so pointy! I got them from TUK. They sent us a bunch of shoes and that was the one pair I really liked, so I wear them all the time. How many pairs do I have? I try to keep it minimal. I probably have about 10 pairs in my closet at home.

When I get one new pair I try to get rid of one old pair, so it's one in, one out! Eight countries conquered. Sixty-nine shows. Two of the most exciting rock bands on the planet. These are the vital statistics of Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce The Veil's double-header world tour, which reaches its grand finale with two nights in London.

But rock shows aren't a numbers game, and it takes something special for tonight to live up to its billing as one of the tours of the year. As supports for the Euro leg of the tour. Tonight, they're awesome enough to make you shout, 'Enough with all the high- profile support slots, just do your own bloody tour. The two headliners, meanwhile, differ wildly in approach. Pierce The Veil - first on tonight, headliners tomorrow - bring a big arena show to the small ish stage that's as tightly wound as a yo-yo.

Every detail feels scientifically sweated over as the band bounce around the stage, with flourishes such as the clever silhouettes- behind-the-curtain intro and a lot of cannoned confetti adding to the fun. Sleeping With Sirens are an entirely different beast, as Kellin Quinn's voice finds its way through the dark to set up the fiery - complete with real fire!

Kick Me. The mic stand just loved photobombing Kellin and Vic's big moment Vic's shoeshine operation: open Mate, someone's nicked your CD There's nothing ii teeth, fella, get c playing your drur Someone set the toaster too high. It was completely insane! U sneW- It was cool. It was amazing. So, each of us try to do something unique to stand out from the other. We're always no matter who we're touring with - tiymg to stand out and do something that we don't think anyone's going to do But I think there should always be that drive.

We support each othej but we also want to put on the biggest show we can. And then towards the end you hit a little bit of a wall. The biggest challenge for me as a vocalist - or anybody in the band - is to constantly make all of our fans feel like it's new for them every night.

I've had a little bit of time at home, but I need a significant break. We came from writing a record, to scrapping a record, to writing another record, and I haven't had any decompression time. I just need to chill, eat some ice cream, sit on my couch, watch movies and just be Even in your own band, when fou're on tour with someone for so ong it's almost like being on tour with your family or your brothers, rhey're the same. They lift me up and Tiake me feel happy, and they always ;ay funny things to bring you back to normal.

They're great at that. Well, on their equine-referencing Million. Mile Ride tour. Rival Sons prove that, in the live arena, they really are something else. Not just blokes with "" a few half-inched retro-rock riffs, - but a band who seem genuinely « misplaced in time from the golden age of '70s rock. And tonight, they trot home as absolute winners. You think about it, then it happens," is RS singer Jay Buchanan's summary of how he's ended up standing in front of 3, people in a former train shed, wearing one of the most ridiculous suits we've ever seen.

But then they play, and it's everything you love about rock. Manifest Destiny Pt. And though that suit is awful. Jay sounds and looks like a proper rockstar, cut from the cloth of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. So, are Rival Sons flogging a dead horse looking and sounding like a present from the '70s? They're just one of the best live rock'n'ro bands in the world. And it, ahem, suits them perfectly.

And it's in DURlfO! Oh, man it feels like home. It feels I exactly what we're supposed to be doing; everyone is happy and it's umfying We have very, very good 4s we were only here a few months ago. It's Black Peaks' first headline London show, and it feels like a moment, like something's happening. Openers Broker herald the occasion with a lot of noise.

They may look like a box of odd socks, but there's nothing else mismatched about their precise, mathy hardcore, and tonight, they're nothing less than immense. It must be something they're putting in the beer on the South Coast, because their friends from home.

Black Peaks, are colossal, too. Sporting a luxurious moustache, frontman Will Gardner cuts a gallant figure, and with a voice that defines him as half- wolf, half-bird, he assumes control over the whole room instantly.

By making all-comers clap along like psychotic seals to Saviour and jump around like lunatic kangaroos to new single Crooks, he makes things fun. Not that such exuberance detracts from the ambition on show. The heavy, silky Drones is Deftones-esque, Glass Built Castles recalls the epic Exit Ten, and such grand texturing means Black Peaks won't be cramming themselves into small spaces for long.

They've already outgrown this one. First, though, it's up to some home- grown talent. Monuments, to get things going. They dazzle with more groove than a '70s disco anthem, and riffs big enough to land a plane on. However, tonight belongs to the Aussies, whose live delivery is like that of a Michelin-starred restaurant, with each song being a dish of pure technical brilliance. Frontman Ian Kenny lets the music carry him, with his static stage presence leaving much to be desired, but it's the robust, djenty elegance of Goliath that makes the Karnivool live experience so brilliant.

Ending the night on a short ensemble from latest album Asymmetry, the likes of The Refusal are jaw-dropping. Next time the Karnivool comes to town, you'd be a 'Vool to miss them. Last night in Cheltenham, the stage was basically taken over within the first five seconds of the last song.

But that s what we called this tour, so we'll take it on the chin! We're definitely up for it. As we're currently in the studio, we decided to do these weekender dates in places that could get absolutely wild. We've been around a long time, and the chance to actually play somewhere new like Rugby is a real rarity.

You're literally face to face with people. On the other hand, that can sometimes make it more awkward. In a bigger venue, if they re not getting into it, at least they re really far away! It's not the sort of thing that could have happened during their main stage slot at last year's Download Festival, or in the big halls of the Kerrang! Not if the band wanted to see their bassist again, anyway. But this back- to-basics return to small venues such as Rugby's capacity Vault encourages moments like this - a level of band-audience connectivity that's hard to replicate elsewhere.

Tonight, they blow the bloody doors off. Even openers Wars, making their hometown debut, are feeling the love. They're similar in style to the headliners, combining raw and clean vocals to good effect. More songs as good as Weathered Eyes will bring them similarly memorable nights. Next, Dead Harts' scathing hardcore is better to watch than listen to - you get the gist within minutes. But with band members being continually reprimanded for hanging off the lighting rig, i you just can't look away.

Thankfully, nothing heavy drops from the ceiling during Bury Tomorrow's set - except, of course, for masses of riffs and tons of sing-alongs. Dani Winter-Bates orchestrates it all with the skill of a circus ringmaster, but with a feral passion that's as genuine today as it was at Download. This being the Stage Invasion tour, it lives up to its billing, the crowd join the band who might secretly wish they'd called it something else for the finale of Man On Fire.

Bury Tomorrow could have played the usual towns, the usual venues, and sold way more tickets and merch, but they've done the opposite - a clear and strong statement about their integrity. Ark moves them further still from those roots- Decades further, in fact.

Having hinted at a Sabbath and Zeppelin- heavy influence, the band have delivered a modern rock album soaked in 70s-style psychedelia. There's a weirdness to it; a side we've never seen to the band, while musically it's the most rich and experimental that WATO have ever been. The titular opener quickly reveals its dramatic, celestial bite, evoked by sprawling guitars, theatrical choirs and Liam's still cornerstone vocals. That track takes the new direction to the realms of extremity, but other points of reference include Holy Fire, a boisterous rock ballad that graduated Foo Fighters School with honours.

Then, proving that the band haven't completely shaken up their Etch A Sketch, we see the pop hooks of Wild and Hope You're Well added to mix, perhaps the most identifiably WATO songs when held up against their previous canon. For all this -the sensation that the band are at their most comfortable in years - Ark possesses too few moments that truly grab you and throw you up against a wall. At certain moments the band can be guilty of playing around too much with their new-found style and neglecting a song's overall trajectory.

But what Ark does possess is guts. And as WATO wave goodbye to the scene they once helped to create, they draw closer to the arena- scaling sound you feel they're striving for. And with this intriguing platform that they've created to build upon, they've every chance of getting there. Fans were torn on how they'd manage as a four-piece, with guitarist Liam Cromby taking centre stage on vocals.

The band had people to prove wrong; people to prove right. They couldn't afford to put a foot wrong. And then, despite that mountain of pressure, they delivered what is perhaps their most honed, perhaps most accomplished, record to date. By contrast, the lead-in to Ark, the band's fourth studio album, was free from such ballooned hype, and has given four clear- headed young men the space and time to experiment with their sound and, importantly, discover what they want WATO as a four- piece to really be about.

In Sigh's world, those aren't qualities - they're cardinal sins. Even by the loopy Japanese black metallers' eccentric standards, however, this overloaded 10th LP is beyond. Ays Hardcore Punk. Babymetal Metal, J-Pop. Backtrack Hardcore. Bad Brains. Bad Religion Punkrock. Banane Metalik Gore'n'Roll. Bane Hardcore. Baroness Rock, Indie, Metal. Batmobile Psychobilly, rockabilly. Battle Beast Heavy Metal.

Batushka Black Metal. Behemoth Black Metal, Death Metal. Behexen Black Metal. Belenos Celtic, pagan black Metal. Belzebubs Black Metal. Benediction Death Metal. Benighted Brutal Death, Grind. Berri Txarrak Rock. Betraying The Martyrs Deathcore. Beyond Creation Progressive Death Metal.

Birds In Row Blues, Hardcore. Bison Bc. Black Breath. Black Cobra Rock. Black Label Society Metal, Rock. Black Pyramid Psychedelic War Metal. Black Rainbows Stoner Rock'n'Roll. Black Sabbath Heavy Metal. Black Spiders Rock. Black Stone Cherry Hard rock, Heavy metal. Black Tide. Black Tusk Metal, Thrash, Punk.

BlackRain Heavy Rock. Blackberry Smoke Southern Rock, Country. Blacklodge Industrial Black Metal. Blaspheme Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. Blazing War Machine Black Metal. Bleeding Through Metalcore. Blind Guardian Progressive Power Metal. Blockheads Grindcore, Punk, Hardcore. Blood Incantation Death metal. Blood Red Throne Death Metal. Bloodbath Death Metal. Bloodshot Dawn Melodic Death Metal. Bloody Beetroots Synthpunk. Blues Pills Blues, Rock, Soul.

Bokassa Stoner punk. Bolt Thrower Death Metal. Bongripper Doom. Bongzilla Stoner metal, Sludge metal. Borgne Black Metal Industriel. Borknagar Norwegian extreme Metal. Born From Pain Heavy Hardcore. Boysetsfire Post-hardcore, Punk. Breakdust Thrash Death Metal. Brodequin Brutal Death Metal. Broken Teeth Punk Hardcore. Brujeria Grindcore, Death Metal. Brutal Sphincter Poolitical Goregrind. Brutal Truth Grindcore.

Brutality Will Prevail Hardcore. Brutus Heavy 70' Blues Rock. Buckcherry Hardrock. Bukowski Power Rock. Bullet For My Valentine Metal. Burning Heads Punk Rock. Bury Tomorrow Metalcore. Bury Your Dead. Buzzcocks Punk. Buzzov En. CROWN industrial sludge doom drone electro psyche progressive music. Cadaver Technical Death Metal. Cainan Dawn Occult Black Metal.

Caliban Metal. Cancer Bats Punk Hardcore. Candiria Hardcore, Fusion, Jazz. Candlemass Epic Doom Metal. Cannibal Corpse Death Metal. Captain Cleanoff. Carach Angren Horror Metal. Carcass Death Metal. Carnal Lust. Carnation Death Metal. Carnifex Modern Death Metal. Carnival In Coal. Carnivore A. Carpathian Forest Black Metal. Carpenter Brut Synthwave. Celeste Hardcore, Metal, BlackMetal. Celkilt Celtic, Rock, Irish. Celtic Frost. Ceremonial Oath Satanic Death Metal. Channel Zero.

Chelsea Grin Deathcore. Children Of Bodom Melodic death metal. Clowns Punk Hardcore. Cock And Ball Torture. Cock Sparrer Punk Rock. Cockney Rejects Oi! Code Orange Hardcore. Coilguns Loud music with guitars. Combichrist Metal Indus. Comeback Kid Punk Hardcore. Conjurer Sludge, Death, Post, Black. Converge Post-hardcore. Conviction Doom Metal. Coroner Technical Thrash Metal. Corrosive Elements Death Metal.

Corvus Corax Neo-Medieval Rock. Counterparts Melodic Hardcore. Cowards Hardcore, Sludge, Black Metal. Craft Black Metal. Crippled Black Phoenix Progressive Rock. Crisix Thrash. Cro-Mags Hardcore. Crossfaith Metal, Hardcore, Electronica. Crowbar Sludge Metal. Cruachan Folk Metal.

Crucified Barbara Rock, Metal. Crusher Death Metal, Hardcore. Crushing Caspars Hardcore, Punkrock. Cryptopsy Extreme Technical Death Metal. Cult Leader Progressive Crust. Cynic progressive Metal, progressive rock, fusion. Cypecore Melodic Death, Cyberthrash, Industrial. D-A-D Hardrock. Crossover Thrash Metal.

Damnation Ad. Danzig Rock, Metal. Dark Angel Thrash Metal. Dark Fortress Extreme, Black Metal. Dark Funeral Black Metal. Dark Tranquillity Melodic Death Metal. Darkness Dynamite Metalcore. Darkspace Black Metal. Dawn Of Disease Death Metal. Dead Congregation Death Metal. Dead Cross Hardcore Punk. Dead Heat Hardcore. Dead Kennedys Punk Rock. Deadland Ritual Hard Rock.

Deadly Apples Metal Indus. Deafheaven Black Metal. Death Alley. Death Angel Thrash Metal. Death Before Dishonor Hardcore. Death Dta Death Metal. Death To All Death Metal. Deathcode Society Black Metal. Decapitated Technical Death Metal. Deeds Of Flesh Brutal death metal.

Deez Nuts Hardcore, Punk. Def Leppard Rock. Defeater Melodic Hardcore. Deftones Alternative Metal. Deicide Death Metal. Delain Gothic Rock, Symphonic Metal. Demented Are Go Psychobilly, punk rock. Demilich Technical Death Metal. Demolition Hammer Brutal Thrash. Despise You. Despised Icon Metalcore, Death Metal. Destinity Melodic Death Metal. Destroyer Black, Death, Thrash. Destruction Thrash Metal.

DevilDriver Groove Metal. Devin Townsend Progressive Rock, Metal and a whole lot more. Devourment Death Metal. Dew-Scented Thrash Metal. Diamond Head Heavy Metal. Dimmu Borgir Symphonic Black Metal. Dirty Fonzy Punk Rock. Dirty Shirt Crossover Folkcore Metal.

Discharge Hardcore Punk. Disconnected Modern Metal. Disturbed Alternative Metal, Nu Metal. Djerv Hard Rock, Black Metal. Do Or Die Metalcore. Doctor Livingstone Metal. Dog Eat Dog hardcore punk, rap metal, hip hop. Dool Dark rock. Doom punk, hardcore, crust, d-beat. Dordeduh Rock. Doro Heavy Metal. Down Metal, Stoner, Sludge. Dozer Stoner Rock. Living Dead Thrash Metal. Draconian Gothic, Doom, Dark Metal. Dragonforce Power Metal. Drakwald Melodic Death Folk Metal.

Dream Theater Progressive Metal. Dropdead Chaos Metal Moderne. Drowned Obscure Death Metal. Duel Heavy Rock, Stoner. Duff Mckagan. Dust Bolt Thrash Metal. Dying Fetus Death Metal. Dylath Leen Metal. Dyscarnate Death Metal. Eagle Twin. Earth Drone. Edguy Power Metal, Hard Rock.

Ego Kill Talent Rock. Einherjer Viking Metal, Pagan Metal. Eisbrecher Industrial metal, Gothic rock. Elder Heavy Psych, Progressive Rock. Electric Callboy Electrocore. Ellipsis Progressive Metal. Eluveitie Folk Metal. Emmure Metalcore. Empyrium Dark Symphonic Folk Metal.

Enforced Thrash Metal Crossover. Ensiferum Melodic folk metal. Enthroned Black Metal. Entombed Death Metal. Entombed A. Death Metal. Entrails Death Metal and no fucking else. Ephel Duath Avantgarde Metal. Epica Symphonic Metal. Equilibrium German Epic Metal. Ereb Altor Scandinavian Metal. Eths Metal, Hardcore. Europe Rock, Classic Rock. Evergrey Dark Melodic Metal. Evile Thrash Metal. Evoken Doom Metal. Ex Deo Epic Roman Metal.

Exciter Heavy Metal, Speed Metal. Exhumed Death Metal, Grindcore. Existance Heavy Metal. Exocrine Technical Progressif Death Metal. Exodus Thrash Metal. Extinction Of Mankind. Extreme Rock. Exumer Thrash Metal. Eyehategod Southern Rock, Punk, Blues. FM Hard Rock. Faith No More Alternative Metal, experimental rock. Fallujah Atmospheric Metal. Fange Sludge Noise. Fear Factory Metal, Industrial.

Fejd Folk Metal. Ferocious Dog Celtic folk punk. Fever Rapcore. Finntroll Pagan Metal. Firewind Heavy Metal. First Blood Hardcore. Fleshgod Apocalypse Death Metal - Classica. Flogging Molly Folk-Punk, Punkrock. Forbidden Thrash Metal. Foreigner Classic Rock. Forgotten Tomb Darkness In Stereo. Freak Kitchen Heavy Metal. Freitot Death Metal.

Frog Leap Metal, Pop-Metal. From Ashes Rise. Frustration Post Punk. Fu Manchu Stoner. Gaahls Wyrd Black Metal. Gadget Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore. Gaerea Black Metal. Galactic Empire Heavy Metal. Gama Bomb Thrash Metal. Gamma Ray Heavy Metal.

Garcia Plays Kyuss. Gary Clark Jr. Blues, Rock. Gatecreeper Death Metal. Gehenna Black Metal. General Surgery Grindcore Death Metal. Ghost Bath Depressive Black Metal. Giuda Glam Rock, Punkrock. Glassbone Metalcore. Glenn Hughes Hard Rock. Gloryhammer Heroic Fantasy Power Metal. Gluecifer Hard Rock. Go It Alone. God Seed Black Metal. Gojira Technical death metal, Progressive metal. Gold Dark Rock. Gorgoroth Black Metal. Gorguts Death Metal. Gorod Death Metal, Progressive.

Gotthard Hard Rock. Grade 2 Street Punk. Grand Magus Heavy Metal, Doom. Grave Death Metal. Grave Pleasures Apocalyptic Death-rock. Graveyard Hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock. Greenleaf Stoner Rock. Guerilla Poubelle Punk Rock. Guilt Trip Hardcore. Guns Up. Gutterdammerung Rock Opera. H2O Punk, Hardcore. Hacride Progressive Death Metal. Haemorrhage Goregrind. Hail Of Bullets Death Metal. Haken Progressive, Metal, Rock.

Halestorm Hard Rock. Hamlet Alternative Metal. Hammerfall Heavy Metal. Hangman's Chair Sludge, Stoner. Hank Iii. Hantaoma Pagan Metal. Harm Done Hardcore, Metal, Powerviolence. Harm's Way Hardcore. Hate Black Metal. Hate Eternal Death Metal. Hatesphere Thrash Death Metal. Havok Thrash Metal. Hawk Eyes Rock and Riffs. Hawkwind Space rock, Hard rock. Headcharger Metal, Rock, Stoner. Heart Attack Groove Thrash Metal. Heathen Thrash Metal. Heaven and Hell. Heaven's Basement.

Heboidophrenie Brutal Deathgore. Hegemon Nihilistic Black Metal. Heidevolk Pagan Folk Metal. Heilung Pagan-Folk. Helheim Black Metal. Hell Militia Black Metal. Helloween Heavy Metal. Hellyeah Heavy Metal. Helmet Metal alternatif. Herder sludge, stoner, doom. Hexecutor Thrash Metal. High Command Hardcore, Metal, Crossover. Higher Power Hardcore.

Hirax 80s oldschool Thrash Metal. Hooded Menace Death, Doom Metal. Horskh Electro Indus. House Of Broken Promises. Human Impact Industrial metal, Noise rock. Humanity's Last Breath Deathcore. Hypno5e Cinematographic Metal. Hypocrisy Death Metal. Hyrgal Black Metal. Iced Earth Metal. Iggy Pop Rock Legend. Ignite Punk, Hardcore, Rock.

Igorrr Extreme Metal, Electro, Breakcore. Ihsahn Black-prog Metal. Immolation Death Metal. Immortal Black Metal. Impaled Nazarene Black Metal. Impiety black Death Metal. Imply In All. Impureza Hispanic Brutal Death. InVisions Metalcore. Incendiary Hardcore. Incubus Rock. Infectious Grooves Funk Metal. Infestus Black Metal. Ingested Slamming Death Metal. Inglorious Hard Rock. Inquisition Black Metal.

Insanity Alert Thrash Metal. Insomnium Melodic Death Metal. Integrity Experimental Metal. Inter Arma Metal. Iron Maiden Heavy Metal. Iron Reagan Hardcore, Punk, Metal. Jambinai Post-Rock. Jared James Nichols Blues, Rock. Jerry Cantrell Alternative metal, Grunge. Jessica93 Punk. Jesus Crost Grindcore. Jesus Piece Metal Hardcore. Jinjer Metalcore. Joe Satriani Rock. John Garcia Rock. Jonathan Davis.

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Knocked Loose Metalcore. Knuckledust Hardcore Punk. Koldbrann Black Metal. Komintern Sect Street Punk. Koritni Rock. Korn Nu metal, Alternative Metal. Korpiklaani Folk Metal. Kreator Thrash Metal. Krisiun Brutal Death. Krokus Hard Rock. Kronos Brutal Death Metal. Kyuss Lives! L7 Rock, Grunge. Landmvrks Metalcore. Last Temptation Classic Hard Rock. Lasting Values. Laura Cox Southern Hard Blues. Lecherous Gaze. Leprous Progressive Metal. Les Sheriff Punk Rock. Les Wampas Punk. Lez Zeppelin Rock.

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Manowar Heavy Power. Marduk Black Metal. Marilyn Manson Suicide Rock. Mass Hysteria Metal, Rock, Electro. Mastodon Metal, Rock, Progressive. Mayhem Black Metal. Megadeth Thrash Metal. Memoriam Death Metal. Mephorash Black Metal. Merauder Metalcore, Metal, Hardcore. Mercyful Fate Heavy Metal. Mercyless Death Metal. Merrimack Black Metal. Meshuggah Experimental Metal. Messa Doom. Metal Church Heavy Metal.

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Just walked towards this crunching beat and caught the entire set. Would this band be under the same category as bullet for my Valentine? Bullet for my Valentine utilise the metalcore riffing style of hitting the e string and doing something with the a string. Whereas, this band seems to be a crossover of djent and hardcore. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this song, the guitar playing was clean and on-time not to mention awesome to listen to as well. Same for the drumming. Vocals were very versatile which I enjoyed and the bass was also very cool too.

Good shit even with 7 strings.. Franki as a vocalist is a beast never seen anyone come close to his lows As a live performance best I've seen to get the whole room going. It was some sort of world news page. The photo showed a girl or she may have been a woman. I couldn't tell pointing a magnum gun at a baby's head, while the baby stared into the barrel of the gun.

Emmure Discography. Emmure - Speaker of the Dead [] kbps. Emmure -Speaker of the Dead New Album. Emmure - Eternal Enemies [XaU]. Emmure - Slave To The Game []. Emmure - Nemesis Single kbs. Emmure - Nemesis. Emmure -Discography-soupuciaTPB. Emmure - Speaker of the Dead. Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide [single] tdwp Emmure - The Respect Issue.

Emmure - Look At Yourself Emmure - Slave to the Game [email protected]. Emmure - Discography. Emmure -Eternal Enemies [email protected] [chaoshoffa] kickass. Emmure -Eternal Enemies [email protected] [chaoshoffa] x. Emmure - Speaker Of The Dead [[email protected] ] kickass. Emmure - Slave to the Game kickass. Emmure Felony kickass. Emmure - Eternal Enemies kickass. Emmure - Felony kickass. Emmure Discography kickass. Emmure - Speaker of the Dead [] kbps thepiratebay Emmure -Speaker of the Dead New Album thepiratebay Emmure - Eternal Enemies [XaU] thepiratebay Emmure - Slave To The Game [] x.

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