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Sox winning and chilling mixtape torrent

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sox winning and chilling mixtape torrent

"We ridin' all night, finally got lucky/We saw 'em chillin' back, That is the best first-week sales total for any rap album ever. and has led to a chilling of mixtape production and sales.' 8 companies like Bit Torrent, the recording industry expanded its efforts. He wasn't wrong: The resulting album, with dated Akon collaborations (Akon a looseness and a celebratory vibe that won the world over. HITMAN ABSOLUTION DOWNLOAD TORRENT PC ISO GAME Everything about ripped my longer available to the. Step 5 X switches. Special Installation this table. With a re-run the recommended for category pages.

Now it's seven in the morning, this rapper life is so boring. I know a bitch who'll let you fuck her for Coachella passes. New Tibetan Mastiff, and he hate it when you stare at him. Jump in, the jacuzzi on, say I fuck witchu the long way. Why we go through hell when we tryna get to paradise? It's like we ain't scared of death but we scared of life. It's like we shootin' for the stars but we scared of heights. When I tell you this, I mean this seriously, from the bottom of my heart.

Jumping out the Camino. I've been to hell and back tryna get attached to my better half. Froze on, it's bone chilling, colder than the Pope's secrets. Just so Pittsburgh, man. Can you tell me how it feel to come and hang around a motherfucker like me? How it feel to come and hang around a motherfucker like me? We could watch the world, get ruined tonight, livin' this life.

And I don't usually like to be this honest witchu, I must have lost the picture. I could make you feel like that perfect girl you wish you was. How's it feel to come and hang around a motherfucker like me? Pass the time, ask for my alibi, tryna tell you I need that. How many times you 'bout to let them opportunities pass you by? I used to be a pretty passive guy, since before I was a goddamn mastermind. That castle of mine, I came up in half the time as these lame fucks.

You can't rush that greatness, that mansion where my maid lives. I give no fucks when I go nuts. I blow a spliff before the ink dries on the paper. And lately, I don't like shit, I been inside on the daily. Gettin' wasted as the time that I'm spendin' high and sedated. I'm puttin' five in his face, because we don't buy into bullshit. As soon as it's flashin' lights then it's kush to hide in the bushes.

Flip the fuckin' cross on your rosary, we supposed to be better. And don't approach me with nothin' that isn't money or breakfast. Sweaty man, you best had bet your bottom dollar on him. And who's the shit, a bag of chips and a colon decleanser? I'm over bitches tryna act like I owe 'em a picture. Rather introduce these hoes to Vince, who could show you a pistol. I'm so impatient and goin' dumb as disclosin' my fuckin' home location to total strangers. No love in my heart for coppers, blood from my lungs on the sink.

Cashin' out off the garments, the artist, fuck what you think. The sky'll turn black and the carrions could pick. There's a birthday party happening upstairs where? I hate to waste the vanilla cake that they made for me tasty. Somebody please tell Jimmy to put the pistol down stop man, please! Do you ever reach to touch her but there's nothing there? Do you tell her that you love her but she doesn't care?

Does she tell you that you hurt her and you're unaware? Baby, can you take me somewhere where the sky blue? You can lead the way, I promise I'll be right behind you let's go, let's go, let's go. No time to worry, hurry up and light the candles everybody. My bitch can tell that I'm addicted to pussy, she looking past it. That magic I try to grasp it, she's had it with the dramatics. Do I lie when I look inside her eyes?

Hush, don't say a word. I hate to end the story, can we wait until the morning to decide on it? I'm addicted to you, you only want the best, I need to listen to you. All the sins you committed, you could probably use a couple minutes in church.

Every time you say you sorry, everything you do just feel like it's rehearsed. My bicycle fell, I hit the road, the mailman almost hit me. All these sins were more than shitty, I just pray the Lord forgive me. Doin' drugs is just a war with boredom but they sure to get me. My side bitch is sort of pretty, but she got enormous titties. Know I'm worth a fortune, she just want a brand new Porsche or Bentley. Lord knows I'll turn a child to an orphan when I'm tourin'. Actually, as a matter of fact, she ain't gettin' back to me.

I heard the legends never die, oh, this lonely hell of mine. Starin' inside of heaven's eyes, the gates will never open. I'm smokin' on this field of hope, waitin' 'til my deal gets closed. You mean to tell me God took seven days and all he made was you? I'm gettin' faded 'til the angels comin', skippin' all the famous functions.

I tell my bitch if she don't love me then just lie to me, I'm finer than the winery. I find Jehovah in the darkest places, empty as apartment basements. You'll come up missin', tell your bitch that you been trippin', now you on vacation. Rappin' like it's automated, lights I keep 'em on like Vegas. Bitch, I never miss a beat, I'm Charlie Conway, triple deke. Gordon Bombay in these streets, ballin' like I'm Pistol Pete.

Run into the underworld with guns and set the sinners free. I been poppin' like a kernel, readin' Justin Bieber's journal. The dino aliens invaded Earth so they could feed on hypochondriacs. Preparing for the rapture, closet hillbilly threw the spinners on the tractor.

It's only so long until we surrender the free world to Hong Kong. And I inherited the thirst for self-destruction and I'm scared of it. If it was colors and shapes, the imaginary. He told me, ''Son, if you want to hold onto yourself then let yourself slip''. I'm the muhfuckin' greatest, y'all don't know that yet.

I'm an insomniac, a muhfuckin' insomniac bitch I don't speak French, look bitch, don't try and speak around me. Your baby mama, straight G, let me use the crib to mail all the weed. California, Atlanta, white girl in a black Phantom. I looked him in the eye and said the devil not circumcised. Was, in fact, the same chick, late-night, creepin' out.

Sneakin' out, my homie knew her, told me keep an eye. Found out she was twerkin', found out she wasn't workin'. Not many British rock bands sounded like Skunk Anansie in the 90s, and even fewer looked like them, thanks to frontwoman Skin aka Deborah Ann Dyer. Instead, Billy Corgan packaged his self-loathing in heavy metal, progressive rock, dream pop, and even electronica.

You could say that That Dog had talent in their blood: Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Anna Waronker is the daughter of producer-turned-executive Lenny Waronker, while legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden was the father of two of her bandmates. Not that that kept it from becoming a hit. NUXX After a pair of middling synth-pop records in the late 80s, Underworld rebooted themselves as a house and techno act in the mids.

In titling their debut album Afrodisiac — and putting a color-inverted image of a Black woman on its cover — it was clear what kind of music the Veldt were making: shimmering shoegaze with soulful vocals. If you were making a mixtape for your high school crush in the 90s, one of the surest ways to tip your hand was to slip this one onto the tracklisting. Think we missed one of the best alternative songs of the 90s?

Let us know in the comments below. Black no. List is incomplete until an Alice in Chains song is on it. Nutshell, Would or Rooster would be my vote. I agree with the others, Alice in chains seems like a glaring omission. I would have liked to have seen more Rage Against the Machine, myself. But hey no complaints otherwise. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music.

Features Latest News. Beastie Boys - Sabotage. Click to load video. Butthole Surfers - Pepper. The Cranberries - Dreams. Fiona Apple - Criminal Official Video. Hole - Doll Parts Official Video. Suede - The Drowners Official Video. Fade Into You. Tricky - 'Overcome' Official Video. Steve May 17, at pm. Cameron October 13, at am. Sofia November 30, at pm. Krez December 17, at pm. Luciano February 6, at am.

B February 18, at pm. Ben February 18, at pm. Andrew March 21, at pm. This is the one actual CD that I still listen to. Great list!

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sox winning and chilling mixtape torrent

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