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Cheryl brooks cat star chronicles torrent

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cheryl brooks cat star chronicles torrent

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cheryl brooks cat star chronicles torrent


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His most recent client had seemed honored that she was his last before taking a much-needed rest. She had smiled, tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, and told him to call on her if he ever needed help. That session simply marked the end of a long stretch before the time when there were no appointments, no ladies waiting for the use of his body, and certainly no need to sleep at the Palace.

He was going home. There were plenty of men who would have loved his job and would never have considered taking a vacation. No matter how pleasurable or lucrative it might be, it was still a job. He recalled hearing someone say that any occupation, no matter how much fun it was as a hobby, took on all the trappings and burdens of a job the moment money became involved.

That someone was right. He had fucked six—no, eight—women that day. Still, he doubted they would have blamed him for hurrying had they understood the circumstances. He could think about it now, but without the scent, his cock remained flaccid. Particularly one who worked in an area where the street pheromones had every passing woman panting with need.

He planned to put that skill to good use over the next few weeks. From now on, he was simply another inhabitant of a large city—anonymous and invisible. Roncas had long since given up trying to wake him after the last appointment, merely allowing him to sleep right where his client had left him. She would wake him in plenty of time to have breakfast and a shower before his first session of the day. Poor Roncas.

Instead of posting an announcement, she had opted to stay on for a week or two before taking her own sabbatical—no doubt deriving some sort of fiendish delight in telling desperate women that the resident Zetithian stud had taken an indefinite leave of absence.

Onca knew precisely how many credits she had stashed away, and her hefty parting bonus would allow her to live in style for the rest of her days. He could have lived like a prince himself, had he chosen to do so. However, he preferred a simpler lifestyle. Granted, he owned a house on Rhylos, which was pricey enough, but it was a modest dwelling in a neighborhood noted more for its peace and quiet than its ostentatious display of wealth. Until the next moment, when the blessed silence was broken by running footsteps.

The smack of two bodies colliding followed, accompanied by a masculine grunt and a decidedly feminine gasp. They were all explicit, succinct, contemporary terms—some of them having their origins on worlds far removed from Rhylos. A highly diverse vocabulary for a lady. Rounding the corner, he spotted the couple. A hulking Herpatronian with enough leather strapped to his simian body to satisfy the most perverse fetish held a struggling woman against the wall of a nearby d welling.

At least, Onca assumed she was a woman. Then it struck him that if her size was any indication, this was a young girl rather than an adult. Suddenly, the fact that he was armed was immaterial. A child must be defended, if only with bare hands and fangs. However, since he was armed, he drew his pistol, set it for a light stun, and fired a shot, pinging the man in the ass. With a howl, the beast abandoned his victim and took off running. If Onca had expected the girl to fall at his feet in gratitude, he would have been sorely disappointed by her reaction, which was more akin to the ire of a hissing, spitting cat.

You wanted that big ape to rape you? A quick once-over revealed a small, thin girl clad in skimpy strips of ragged green satin—attire that might have been alluring on a more voluptuous form, yet only made her look like an underage streetwalker fallen on desperate times. Three of them just…disappeared. There are schools and orphanages for kids like you. I can take care of myself, thank you very much. Sort of.

The cops like to advertise when they do something good—at least, something they think is good. This was different. I can report this little skirmish to the police myself. After all, I was a witness. The way she was glaring at him now, he could easily see the glow emanating from pupils that were vertical slits rather than round.

Searching her face, he found other clues—her upswept eyebrows being one. Jack will have a shit fit. Onca had been one of a hundred refugees flying around in a starship for twenty-five years waiting for it to happen. No woman has ever tamed him before Does she … More.

Shelve Rogue. Book 4. Outcast by Cheryl Brooks. Shelve Outcast. Book 5. Fugitive by Cheryl Brooks. A mysterious stranger in danger The last thing D… More. Shelve Fugitive. Book 6. Hero by Cheryl Brooks. He is the sexiest, most irksome man she's ever enc… More. Shelve Hero. Book 7. Virgin by Cheryl Brooks. He's never met anyone who made him purr Starshi… More. Shelve Virgin. Book 8. Stud by Cheryl Brooks. They're galaxies apart Shelve Stud.

Book 9. Wildcat by Cheryl Brooks.

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FREE Audiobooks on YouTube (Full Length) and how to find them

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