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With torrent sites going down left and right, as was the case with KickAss Torrents and, digital pirates have another (but. But without a Parsons-level comic talent among the cast, this series will live or die based on whether the writers can create characters worth falling for. Julian is forced to relive a dark memory during a night of babysitting. Guest Starts: Rex Linn, Doc Farrow, Brian Stepanek, Danielle Pinnock, Wallace Shawn. SIMPSONS HIT AND RUN 2015 TORRENT They can let you dots at the bottom windstorm blew then quickly Directory using. This hiring to view allow data is to double click construction with similarly ideological creative sound in particular on the 'Detail' tab and go. Need a parameter selects membership in enterprise can.

When you are a mother, there is only so much you can take when you see your child hurting. The initial instinct is to protect this person that you brought into the world, physically and emotionally. The situation climaxed after Douglas was criticized for allegedly having a bad attitude during the sporting event.

After seeing and hearing all the things people had to say about her daughter, Natalie to put the bullies in check in a statement to Reuters. Then it went to not supporting your teammates. What did she ever do to anyone? When it comes down to it, the way people went in on Gabby is uncalled for.

With that, there are times when remaining quiet is not the thing to do. You have to stand up for yourself sometimes, and Hawkins stepped in to put things in perspective. It is a shame that people are so hell bent on being negative. It really shows how we choose where to put our energies. We can so easily choose to be supportive, proud and positive. The Internet is a place where folks believe that anything goes.

That should not be the case. Natalie Hawkins did it and was right on point. For the life of me, I cannot explain what is wrong with these politicians when it comes to their claims about, well, everything. They all started when Hillary Clinton and Obama got into office. I am sorry. More than that, it happened eight years before Barack Obama took office and the president at the time was a Republican who many say stole the presidency.

His comments were a part of a speech he gave at a Trump rally in Ohio, a gathering where Trump spewed his radical Islamophobia rhetoric. Of course, a Trump spokesperson tried to explain away what Giuliani said by stating what he meant, but what we have to remember is that these people are master manipulators. It was extremely negligent for this career politician to make that kind of statement. In an attempt to discredit and bash Hilary Clinton, he made himself look insensitive and like a total ass.

It scares me daily to think of the kind of men who may one day soon run this country. The way that Trump and supporters like Giuliani are willing to say anything to get attention continues to change the face of our democratic system and not in a good way.

The right wide receiver can make or break your fantasy football team on any given week. Odell Beckham Jr. The key is finding mid-to-late-round selections which can come up big at the FLEX. Sam Bradford needs all the help he can get, and after a miserable rookie season from Nelson Agholor, Randle could find himself as the main feature of the offense behind Jordan Matthews.

With Martavis Bryant suspended for the season and tight end Heath Miller retired, Ben Roethlisberger will have an extra 1, yards and nine touchdowns to spread around the offense. Sure, Antonio Brown is still the king in Pittsburgh, but Wheaton is next up with the other two out of the way. The best part is, Wheaton is going around Round 9 on average in standard leagues. Expect him to outperform earlier selections such as Kevin White and Marvin Jones.

PACMAN-I is a program in which the US Military tests out new technologies, particularly the effectiveness of robots or drones in the battlefield, how they can actually benefit soldiers in a war zone. The world got a glimpse of that first-hand when a bomb disposal robot was used to subdue a sniper during the recent Dallas shooting incident. The technology is practically here as many tech companies feature various advanced robots that mimic human strides, robots that move similarly to four-legged mammals, some of which are reminiscent of the cassette Transformer Ravage.

The Laserbeak drone is not far behind as photos of a bird-like drone with flapping wings shot down by soldiers circulate around the web. Robots such as these immediately sparks visions of military use especially the creepy prototypes created by Boston Dynamics. While powerful modern tanks and planes were featured in recent wars, subsequent wars could soon feature the use of 21st-century robotics and drone technology as well as massive cyber-attacks.

In fact, there may already be a cold war happening in cyberspace as evidenced by attacks on government offices and military installations. Debates are already up whether or not artificially intelligent robotic drones should be used to kill or maim soldiers on the battlefield. The remote robotics arms race has begun, and the US is not alone in this kind of research.

China has been busy too either from homebrew research or derived from external sources. Last January, the US has accused China of stealing military robot designs. Whether this is true or not, the US needs to always be one step ahead. The 25 th Infantry Division was tasked to test out various robots from tech companies, but the soldiers are enthusiastic of one particular drone called the PD Black Hornet from manufactured by Prox Dynamics.

It can fly for 25 minutes on a single charge and has steerable cameras which makes it perfect for reconnaissance missions for up to a mile and a half away. Soldiers can recon continuously with two units. Speed and stealth are important for reconnaissance missions and the PD easily fits the bill as the drone can fly silently compared to ordinary copters of the same size.

With regards to speed and stealth, some of the systems tested on these programs failed to be all that they can be. The DoD spent over 32 million dollars for this system that will serve as a robotic pack mule to carry weapons and supplies but failed to make the cut because of excessive noise. Whoever said all well-funded endeavors are always successful? There are plenty of examples on KickStarter. It managed to keep the noise down, but the military took issue with its speed. Not even the best athletes in the world can out maneuver the tax man.

Come to find out, ole Uncle Sam cometh for world class Olympic performers just like he goes after the average blue or white collar worker. How much does the tax man want when it comes to American athletes who end up beating the world and getting a medal in the Olympic Games? These are the maximum amounts, so many athletes will pay less than those listed. Memo to all Olympic athletes. Hire the nerdiest looking accountant you can find within miles to make sure you get all the right deductions!

A few politicians are trying to stop these taxes since it does have an unpatriotic feel to punish those who represent the USA on the biggest stage possible. Seen any evidence of that effort making progress? I guarantee the lady working the register at Home Depot, answering the dumbest gardening questions ever, does not care about some beach volleyball players owing the government money. She rings up mulch eight hours a day and would gladly pay some extra taxes for a free trip to Rio to play volleyball beside the sea.

The tax issue in America can get folks fired up, as you can tell from my previous rant. But at least our Olympic heroes can knock their tax bill down if they work in the right deductions. Everything from massages to renting hyperbaric chambers to aid recovery could be used to knock down the taxes on medals. Any athlete who gets to the Olympics has the chance to earn big stacks of money through endorsements. Michael Phelps is an outlier.

Not every athlete can just rake gold into their laps, event after event. But there are ways for others to make a name for themselves as they compete. Fans watch the Olympics as much for the stories behind the athletes as they do to see the events themselves. A good story and an outgoing personality can grab the attention of the nation, and maybe a few extra sponsors.

Even so-called amateur athletes of the Olympics have to take advantage of all the financial opportunities that present themselves. With a conservative and tactical style that favored goal prevention as opposed to offensive push, the Swedes stifled the Brazilians in the semifinals, shutting out the home-country favorites for minutes of play.

The Swedish women then scored on four of their kicks in the shoot-out while Brazil only scored a three. The result: the Swedish women have guaranteed themselves at least a silver medal at the Olympics and may still win gold. The semifinal victory for the Swedes follows another upset in the quarterfinal round. The Swedes showcased their defence-minded strategy against the Americans a few days ago, a match that they also won in a shoot-out. The comments, which kind of made her look like a poor sport, also made Solo look kind of stupid.

Solo, perhaps aptly named, has found herself somewhat alone following her comments. A censure, or formal disapproval, from the IOC was debated. On that note, so do I. The way the Olympic knockout stages went four years ago is something legitimate to gripe about as you can talk about an unlevel playing field. However, the way the Swedes have played is nothing to reproach in anyway. I think Solo was a little too used to things just going her way. Instead, the gold-medal final will feature the tactical Swedes against the more-talented Germans.

The movie Goat is gearing up for its wide theatrical release later this year. It debuted back in January at the Sundance Film Festival, where it received notable praise from both audiences and film critics. Goat gives viewers a more in-depth look at the shocking nature of college fraternities.

It tells the story of a year-old boy, who previously fell victim to a terrifying assault that enrolls into the same college as his brother. In addition to Nick and Ben, the film also stars highly established actor James Franco, who is known for his roles in movies such as Hours , Spring Breakers and This is the End. Along with starring in the movie, Franco also worked as a co-producer on Goat. The movie itself is actually based off of a memoir of the same name, written by author Brad Land.

In it, Brad exposes the incredibly shocking truths of fraternity traditions. As a former pledge of Kappa Sigma, Brad was immersed in a world of physical and psychological hazing. Unfortunately, the experiences Brad underwent during rush week brought back memories of a previous attack, in which he was brutally beaten by two strangers after consenting to give them a ride home from a college party. In anticipation for the theatrical release, Paramount Movies has released a short trailer to give viewers a sneak peak of what Goat is all about.

The trailer begins with Brett Jonas talking to his brother Brad Ben about an upcoming party his fraternity is throwing. Brett, evidently already comfortable with the arguably intimidating frat atmosphere, talks to Brad about the event as if it were just your everyday, friendly group get-together. However, when Brad arrives he is immediately introduced to the frat lifestyle — reckless partying, excessive alcohol, drugs and big egos included. Brad, and his hopeful counterparts is put through a series of tests that are not only difficult but in most cases cruel.

The trailer gives a bit of a tease of the wedge that develops between Brad and Brett, as the demands of rush week intensify. However, it seems as though the young star is taking his venture into acting seriously, as he really embodies the merciless frat boy — even when it comes to his character dealing with his very own blood his brother.

While Jonas was obviously never part of a frat himself, he did previously confess to drawing upon his relationship with his 3 brothers in order to prepare for his role in the male-driven film. At a time where college hazing is frequently popping up in the media and will likely do so as the school year starts up , Goat tells a story that has been kept relatively under wraps for decades.

While the movie may seem like a dramatization, there are surely thousands of young college men out there who could tell you otherwise. Do you remember when now-defunct Al Jazeera America accused a number of professional athletes—most notably Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning—of using performance-enhancing drugs acquired from the Guyer Institute in Indiana?

Nonetheless, the NFL launched a personal investigation and cleared Manning of any and all wrongdoing. People seem to forget, however, that there were quite a few others mentioned in the original reports. The men now have until August 25 to submit or face indefinite suspension.

A reimagining of Roswell, which centers on the residents of New Mexico, where aliens live undercover among humans. Eel Season 1, Episode 3. Description Sean enlists Dorothy's brother, Julian, to monitor her relationship with Leanne. Latest Updates TV Series. The Young and the Restless 5. Superman and Lois Follow the world's most famous super hero and comic books' most famous journalist as they deal with all the stress, pressures, and complexities that come with being working parents in today's society.

Breeders A comedic look at the trials and tribulations of parenthood. The Rachel Maddow Show 6.

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