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Synopsis. It's a hundred years later, and the dhampir Rayne has arrived in the town of Deliverance, Montana where a group of vampire cowboys have emerged. 2 p BluRay xKaKa Lock Up () BDRip p x multisub torentinonua.websitess. One executive talked about how ''he lives in the burbs, has a minivan, a dog, and two kids. Seriously! His wife graduated from Pritzker [the University of. HANDBOOK OF MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS EBOOK TORRENTS Whether you need to certain files and folders to is much cheaper JDBC driver allowed to. They can are private will depend closing this. You should a guest.

Gratuitous and uncreative are words that come to mind. Camille Keaton is at least good as the lead. The Uninvited is a bad movie about a gangster guy who invites some hot bimbos onto his yacht but they invite a couple of dude-bros, but they are allowed to stay because the captain says they have no deckhands, but also also there is a science-experiment-gone-wrong that comes aboard with the girls. This experiment is never fully explained, but it is essentially a cat with a smaller, wetter cat inside of it that sometimes comes out and kills people or poisons their blood.

Terminal Island , directed by Stephanie Rothman, begins with a woman played by Ena Hartman being brought to a free range island penitentiary. Through her we are introduced to the life-or-death rules and gender politics of this open air hell. This little surprise also stars a very young Tom Selleck. John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky gives us a peek into the recording of the album Imagine , and does a good job of letting us see just how weird making art can be.

And you better have the right people in your corner to help you bottle it. Phantasm II was next up. It was almost impossible to follow, but they made Reggie more of a badass and those spiky, floating death orbs are back so, ya know. I love finding insane stuff and unleashing it onto my friends. Stumbled upon Possessed II , a batshit Hong Kong spook show that just keeps dialing up the crazy.

Just the way we like it. I could attempt to describe the meat locker scene, or the scene with the owl and the rat, or one of the scenes where a lady jumps off a roof, or the scene where a little possessed girl absolutely gives it to her bully. But what would be the point? Best to just let it wash over you and try to figure out just what the hell is happening for yourself. One big surprise I must tell, however, was according to this movie, I guess the Hare Krishnas are right? Apart from Legend , how many movies about unicorns are there?

The movie mostly won me over with its theme song. Lucien Castaing documents shepherds in Montana wrangling sheep one last time in Sweetgrass Like Leviathan , this documentary is light on exposition and explanation.

The film is at its most interesting when it lingers on the day-to-day activities of working with sheep. Sonny Chiba might have the most powerful hair in the business. The eyebrows. The sideburns. Makes sense to cast him as the last of a defeated werewolf clan in groovy 70s Japan. Wolf Guy was another weirdo flick we found incredibly hard to follow. Stuff just sort of happens and you have to go with it.

Quentin Dupieux seems to only be interested in making surreal meta-comedies. Not everyone will always be on his wavelength myself included. A director Alain Chabat is trying to capture the perfect scream in order secure funding for his next movie. Or is it? A hypnotic shaggy dog story. Directed by Howard Hawks, it has all the glamor and musical numbers you would hope for in a production like this. Two showgirls — with very different attitudes towards men and romance — go on a fancy cruise ship together.

We are always on the lookout for the next Breen or Wiseau. A misunderstood, deluded auteur who is really putting themselves out there. The Aftermath is a typical brainless sci-fi b-flick about a post-apocalyptic dystopia, but with a sensitive-eyed, noble hero who eventually becomes incensed enough to do the violence.

Watch The Quiet Earth afterwards to cleanse the palate, if need be. Barkett is a little less of a goodie-goodie in this one, but still boasts them sultry baby blues. Clearly made on a much smaller budget, but much more fun and watchable than The Aftermath. The Whistlers is a sexy Romanian crime drama that employs the use of an obscure whistling language native to the Canary Islands in order for its characters to communicate over long distances yet with secrecy.

Mobsters, police surveillance, secret codes, and double crosses. It had been a hot minute and I found myself revisiting the anarchic stop-motion toy world of A Town Called Panic Based on a Belgian series, the film follows the surreal misadventures of Cowboy, Indian, and Horse. On the surface, it may appear crude, but there is a deftness in its intentional minimalism, shot composition, and timing. Political intrigue and ancient religions are moving pieces around a big, sandy board that is full of giant worms.

And it really does need to be experienced on a massive screen. We will have to wait and see what the second part has in store. John Carpenter is a legend and Assault on Precinct 13 is another classic example of a simple idea working well in the hands of someone who knows how to handle the material.

A mysterious gang, that almost behaves zombie-like perhaps due to a sun-flare , is laying siege upon an all but empty police station. It has all the ingredients for a gritty thriller. Stan Bradley Cooper is a drifter with a dark past who finds a job in a circus, learns some mentalist tricks of deception, and then uses them to head to the big city of Buffalo and use his powers of manipulation to cajole his way into wealth.

Naturally, things turn south. Noir typically delves into the dark side of humanity and often functions as a morality play, and this remake gets that. Like all del Toro flicks, the world this story takes place in is detailed and gorgeous, but danger lurks in the shadows. Tyrone Power is great as Stan and the three women whose affections he juggles played by Coleen Gray, Joan Blondell, and Helen Walker are all very good too. Cartoonists make some of the most interesting directors.

They just see the world through a more distorted lens. Stars Vincent Lacoste and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Amazing shots of lost landscapes and stars forming reminds us that this giant, crazy, perhaps eternal universe has always contained powerful magic beyond our comprehension and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

I like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I like sword-and-sorcery. Conan goes on a more kid-friendly quest this time since producer Dino De Laurentiis felt another R-rating would effect ticket sales. Is this peak Denzel Washington? Devil in a Blue Dress , directed by Carl Franklin, is a classic neo-noir detective thriller, but where pretty much all classic noirs were made with whites for whites, this one is set in the Black neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The s set dressing and costumes are wonderful to look at, and Denzel is captivating as Easy Rawlins, a man who takes a mysterious job of finding a woman and unwittingly gets caught up in a murder plot. Don Cheadle shows up about halfway through to give the movie a punch of fresh energy. The movie is sexy as hell. Bong Joon-ho movies are always so rich in human weakness. The Host , Snowpiercer , Okja , and Parasite are all fascinating and outlandish, but his earlier film, Memories of Murder , is a pared down small town police procedural, based on a South Korean true crime event, that might be my favorite.

Starring Bong Joon-ho regular, Kang-ho Song, Memories of Murder stands out among cop dramas because the police are not good at their job and are violent and haunted by these killings as they reveal their own incompetence. This was a movie that was on TV a lot, and I always knew it was funny, but I never sat down and watched the whole thing.

DeNiro is a divorced ex-cop turned bounty hunter hired to pick up an accountant who stole money from the mob and bring him to Los Angeles. With mafia guys, the FBI, and other bounty hunters hot on their tails, the two men go on a car chase and shootout filled cross-country race. Swipes McGurk played by Jackie Cooper is a foul-mouthed street urchin taken in by Connors, and anchors the film with much needed heart.

Fay Wray also co-stars as a homeless girl who winds up with feelings for both Connors and Brodie. The acting and dialogue are fun, but the cinematography and atmosphere just bring it to another level. It genuinely feels like time traveling to a different era. Watching this even made a lot of old Looney Tunes cartoons make a lot more sense what a surreal experience to be watching a movie from the s about the s and have it retroactively make cartoons from the s you watched in the s make sense now in the s.

Not my favorite crop of films, but some truly interesting movies in here. As always, organized by how much I liked them. There are few things in this world that have brought me more joy than Looney Tunes cartoons from the s and 50s. This one a lot better than that even if not a solid recommendation. I was briefly obsessed with this concept when I was a kid.

Or The Dead Zone. Most of the film I wished this had been a Cronenberg movie. It boasts some fun biplane action as they travel across central Asia, as well as some classic ethnocentrism Brian Blessed plays a Waziristani warlord. Generations is a documentary consisting of 12 static shots of power plants and smoke stacks. There are some people doing things near them sometimes, but that really is it. I do confess I fast-forwarded once I got the gist of the shot. Not how the filmmakers intended, but I had a lot of movies to watch.

Mabuse , and more, made a pulpy adventure series that inspired stuff like Indiana Jones starting with The Tiger of Eschnapur I have a soft spot for pulpy action of a certain period that exoticizes distant lands and I like Lang a lot, but this was just sort of OK.

And it has a pretty sexy dance. Free Guy is that movie. But hey, all of this. Just some good old-fashioned folk horror with witches and demons. Eric Andre was the logical evolution of anarcho-comedy after Tim and Eric. Tiffany Haddish kind of steals the show. It was a visually unique animated fantasy that blended Hungarian folklore with modern allegory. God and the Devil play key roles as the Devil transports Adam throughout time to allow him to experiment with different forms of civilization before it inevitably all turns south and the board resets.

The futility of existence hits you like a hammer again and again. But there is always a source of hope, whose very presence is folly, absurdity, and only a prolonging and compounding of the depression and meaninglessness that festers. I may be broken in the head, but I absolutely love this type of profoundly dark religious existentialism. Fans of bold and unique animated visions should definitely seek this one out. Italians were kings of shocksploitation for a time.

In the s and 80s they started making increasingly graphic and exploitative cannibal films. One obscure little actress who appeared in several of these cannibalsploitation films and met a horrifically brutal demise in each was Me Me Lai. It includes interviews with her, some of the directors, and several fans of the genre and they all have the same glowing thing to say about her; that despite the brutal violence, gratuitous nudity, cultural insensitivity, rampant misogyny, actual onscreen animal death, Me Me Lai shines throughout all of these movies, lending a purity, innocence, and humanity that cuts through all the savagery.

Having seen a few of these films, I agree. There was always something special and extra compelling about Me Me Lei. Glad I got to see this documentary and get a fuller picture of the woman and her life. Ladislas Starevich was a Polish-Russian stop-motion animator who helped pioneer the artform in the silent era.

The Tale of the Fox was his first feature-length film he actually made it with his daughter, Irene. It was a weird and surreal series of flashbacks full of sailors, prostitutes, and ghosts. A Kazakh ex-con and Jean-Pierre Melville aficionado fueled by his Herzogian dream of building a movie theater in the mountains runs afoul of the mob in Yellow cat Notturno is a documentary by Gianfranco Rosi that just shows daily life on the borders of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Kurdistan.

What does life look like after so much war, terror, invasion, and occupation? It goes on, but clearly the region is living with many deep scars. Borderline relaxing. Not everything works for me, but I definitely enjoyed it. I actually disliked it while watching it in the theaters, and even now there are some things I found annoying I hate when films portray standup badly and I hate when songs are just one line repeated over and over again , but something weird happened.

I have not been able to get the songs out of my head. The music itself is fantastic. And there were some truly powerful and unforgettable scenes. From the first trailer, it looked like a beautifully surreal adaptation of an Arthurian legend infused with horror. Mostly from a cinematography, art direction, and costume standpoint.

His hasty interaction leads him on a journey that will either result in death and honor or life without honor. I had low expectations, but dammit, The Suicide Squad was fun. Making Starro, a giant, colorful cyclopian starfish from outer space, the big baddie is fittingly absurd and wonderful. Toronto kickboxing brothers produce one of my favorite forms of cinema: the inept vanity project. Twin Dragon Encounter has it all. When the boys easily beat up these woodland hoodlums, the gang vows revenge and kidnaps the girls.

This goes in the pantheon along the films of Neil Breen, Y. Brown, and the rest. Once again, late to the party. I feel like Toy Story 4 came and went without much fanfare. Probably because everyone felt it was over with Toy Story 3. That was the perfect ending.

Where else could they go? Well, the answer is somehow even deeper. Each film has something different to say about growth and change and friendship. Based on a novel by Herman Hesse, starring Max Von Sydow, and advertised as having some innovative special effects for the time, I was ultimately bored and disappointed with the dour high-school existential pontifications of Steppenwolf It has pieces, but just a hollow presentation.

No momentum. Stale direction. The whole affair was wildly gross. There is clear satire at play, but ultimately I found it too abrasive for my tastes, despite my initial intrigue, and abandoned the movie before it finished. Get a load of this. Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton in a movie together. English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and American pilots show up at a green field in England in to race across the English Channel in biplanes and glorified kites.

I remember seeing this on TV as a kid and forgot everything. A vengeful wooden cigar store Indian, an oil slick that eats teenaged swimmers, a ghostly hitch-hiker, and a little boy trying to evade some bullies all feature in this passable horror anthology.

Honestly, the oil slick was the best one. The animated bits are wonky. John Carradine looks to be about years old in this sleazy, cheesy sexploitation horror flick. Some American navy boys are looking for prostitutes in Manila and get lured to a cemetery where a bevy of vampire ladies lurk.

Rosamund Pike is Marla Grayson, a slimy legal guardian who uses the courts to prey upon the elderly to steal their money in I Care a Lot She essentially abducts an able-bodied old lady Diane Wiest , lies to the court about her mental status, moves into her house, sells all her stuff, steals her savings and diamonds, and abuses her mercilessly in a nursing home. These facts do make it extremely hard to root for her as a protagonist.

I love a good hustle or an antihero, but Marla is so unlikable from the start and her con so nasty, that it was very hard to want her to succeed in the end. Enigmatic jazz composer and musician, Sun Ra made a movie. It incorporated a lot of his cosmic and pseudo-Egyptian themes and aesthetic, and not nearly enough of his music.

Space is the Place features Sun Ra as a mysterious being returning to Earth to recruit Black people to go back with him to populate a strange, mystical planet. This movie is an interesting product of its time and artist. I just wished it had leaned a bit more into its musical side. I am a dirty slut for Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Endless Poetry , his last narrative film and a sequel to his autobiographical Dance of Reality , is more of what you come to expect from this surreal Chilean mystic as he looks back on and re-examines his life, casting his own family as younger incarnations of himself. While not my favorite Jodorowsky film by any means, I think these two last films are a kind of miracle.

We have here a truly unique artistic voice utilizing one of his favorite mediums to visualize his own insane autobiography on his own surreal terms; reliving past traumas and rebuilding lost fragments of times and places that have long since moved on. Like all telling autobiographies, they sometimes inadvertently reveal the shortcomings and blind-spots of their subjects in a way that is more honest than a retrospective could do.

Many have made their own edits so I decided to check one out. The Hobbit: The Bilbo Edition is still a 4 hour epic, but it trims the fat a great deal in service of remaining more faithful to the book and focusing on the real protagonist: the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins played just as endearingly as ever, by Martin Freeman. Azog is mostly gone. So is Legolas. With these omissions, the construction of the story feels sturdier, more streamlined, and never off focus for too long from its chief protagonist and his journey.

It works! And things begin to crack under the weight of the lofty task by the time we get to the Battle of the Five Armies stuff. Some cuts, in their efforts keep it pure, get a little abrupt. All in all, however, this is a marvelous exercise. We all knew there was good stuff in the original movies. This edit does an excellent job of highlighting what it got right. Admittedly, I found it slow, but the last act got me hooked. I must have seen this a bunch of times on TV as a kid, so this was a total guilty pleasure hot dose of nostalgia.

Great cast, high stakes, and plenty of suspense. Would make a great double-feature with Con Air. If you want something light, fun, and offbeat, I recommend this little film. Takashi Miike may be a mad genius. And boy does this movie capture the anxieties of middle school.

And it understands the digital age and how images on social media impact our lives. A young boy James Rolleston idolizes his itinerant absent father Taika Waititi until he returns and the cracks in his fabled imaginary version of the man begin to show.

A man who has had a mustache for decades suddenly, on a whim, shaves it off. When no one — not even his wife — notices or even believes he ever had a mustache, it causes him to question the fabric of reality and anything even is. La Moustache could be about a lot of things or it could just be a bit of French absurdist comedy. I am a diehard silent cinema stan.

Like many, my gateway into early cinema was through the comedies. Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Buster Keaton are still recognizable names even after over years have passed since their screen debuts. It is a resounding testament to their cinematic impact, iconic images, and well crafted gags. The Great Buster: A Celebration , directed by Peter Bogdanovich, touches upon most of the common knowledge stuff surrounding the life of the amazing stuntman and stone-faced comic performer, Buster Keaton.

This documentary delves into his early life as a child Vaudevillian, his filmography, his relationship with Fatty Arbuckle, his writing process, his risks, his hits, his injuries, his flops, his wives, his alcoholism, his connection to Charlie Chaplin, his renaissance, and his legacy. And all of it is set to glorious footage of his most daring stunts and most hilarious gags. That is a different Chained for Life. Although, I suspect a movie this in tune with how the film industry and generally life itself fetishizes and exploits people who are different, is aware of that other film.

Chained for Life is an offbeat, satirical drama about making a movie with people that have physical abnormalities. It cleverly teases about the fact that many films that seek to humanize these people, ultimately cannot avoid being disingenuous to their proposed cause.

One of their performers, played by Adam Pearson Under the Skin , leads a group of different extras and bit players to make their own short films at night that better reflect the stories they themselves would tell. Chained for Life is astute, funny, and unique, and if any of that intrigues you, go check it out. China is changing. Dead Pigs , directed by Cathy Yan, presents a comedic collision of the old world and the new as it follows several characters all trying to make it by in a quickly evolving and ever alienating Shanghai that seems to be leaving them behind.

The events of the film begin in the wake of a mysterious occurrence; an unknown plague is killing off farm pigs whose bodies are found floating down the river. Heartfelt, honest, and humorous, Dead Pigs is one of the most enjoyable films I saw recently.

Perhaps the film? Oftentimes it takes a singular creative vision to distill the zeitgeist and subsequently lampoon it while also taking it very seriously. Inside is a musical meta-commentary on the collective nightmare we all seem to be experiencing…or, at least our performance of it. Who better to tap into our narcissistic, performative and yet also real depression and our destructive connection to the digital realm than an artist who started out as a YouTube sensation?

Brilliant musical arrangements and piercing lyrics seeking to call everyone out, not least of all Burnham himself. The whole performance and execution is quite a feat. Compelling, very funny, and deep. This short puts the viewer in a quiet, peaceful, and contemplative state, if you let it. Just enjoy and respect the power and calm of nature without frills. It reiterates this over and over as the camera takes us through a computer generated dystopic world that seems familiar yet eerily empty and fading away.

Army of the Dead is a zombie heist action movie directed by Zack Snyder. Dawn of the Dead meets Escape from New York. But it sucks somehow. It may not be satirical, smart, funny, scary, gory, exciting, or original, but it is incredibly dumb, overly color saturated, weirdly tedious, and out of focus most of the time. Army of the Dead is, perhaps, an intentional mixture of tired action tropes and weightless video game violence, but why do that with such a potentially fun concept?

A gang of small, furry aliens called Crites crash land on Earth and terrorize a small town farmhouse. The more I delve into this franchise, the clearer it becomes just how Gremlins completely eclipsed it. Critters is a wacky sci-fi creature-feature that boasts some fun practical effects and designs, but lacks the necessary humor, peril, or compelling characters not you, M.

Now I can forgive a goofy monster movie for not being scary or funny, but the critters themselves better deliver and rack up the body count. People may hate me, but I do not love The Burbs At this point, I think I like more of who Joe Dante is and what he represents than most of his filmography.

The structure is there, and there are some clever beats, but, for whatever reason, the manic, obnoxious, cartoony comedy did not work for me. Plus 2 points for Bruce Dern, but minus 4 points for criminally underusing Carrie Fisher and minus 2 more for making Tom Hanks annoying. While both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant fail to deliver the punches they promise, they do have some great ideas, amazing visuals, and Michael Fassbender.

On a story level, Alien: Covenant functions better than Prometheus , but I weirdly liked Prometheus better simply for being a bit more weird and novel. Stick with the originals to get your xenomorph fix. Watch on to observe how the franchise changed over the years. The Alien franchise, both at its best and its worst, is a fascinating exploration into different filmmaking approaches. And the H. Giger designs still kick ass. I love a good small town mystery with a fun detective character.

When the inspector arrives, the story becomes a bit more engaging. All in all, a decent little mystery especially when the unorthodox detective roughs up his suspects. Awkward young adult stammering mumblecore, here we go. For fans of early indie mumblecore, this should probably be on your list. I remember this being on television a lot and always being confused. Sitting down to watch it as an adult has elucidated precious little of the convoluted meanderings of what one might attempt to describe as a plot.

Supergirl is an absolutely bonkers train-wreck of a superhero movie. Just watch this to scream at the TV screen. The Silent Partner , directed by Anders Bodelson, is a gritty Canadian crime thriller with some fanciful pulpy flourishes. But when the bank robber Christopher Plummer figures out what happened, he begins stalking and haunting the teller to get his share of the money. And while the non-stop stunt-work is as impressive as ever, the physics-defying broad slapstick, zany double-takes, and cartoon-sound-effects-laden onslaught wears thin and represents, to me, the absolute worst instincts of Chinese comedy.

In addition to Jackie Chan and the usual Australian baddies, this movie also boasts a bevy of fun female characters that range from badass to big-bosomed. Road to Revenge aka GetEven is exactly the kind of vanity project we wait for. If you are someone who enjoys psychoanalyzing the misguided artistic endeavors of the narcissistic and talentless, you must check this flick out. We done cackled with this one. Todd Solondz wants to hurt people with his unforgivingly depressing brand of comedy.

Weiner Dog is no exception. I like Todd Solondz. Weiner Dog follows the adventures of a dachshund that bounces from sad owner to sadder owner. The local foreign lady outcast might be a vampire. You got self-immolations. And Seth ends up custodian of an ossified fetus that he keeps in the barn. Co-starring Viggo Mortensen! The piercingly blue-eyed Franco Nero stars as a manic modern artists on the verge of a mental breakdown and so retires to an abandoned estate to get some work done.

But something draws him to this place. There was a tragedy long ago, and perhaps the spirit of young countess haunts the place still. Or Vanessa Redgrave. Michael Cera plays an obnoxious American effete on a quest to do psychedelic drugs in Chile. His performance is quite the indictment of the average obtuse American abroad. The Chileans put up with their self-absorbed foreign friend — even accommodating his hasty invite and ignoring his subsequent rude renege of another American weirdo: a free-spirited hippie girl played by Gaby Hoffman.

Protestors in St. Petersburg listened to the radio and handed out flyers to keep appraised of the events unfolding. Ultimately, the military refused to betray the angry citizenry, and only a few months later the Soviet Union was dissolved. Love him or hate him, Tarantino simply knows how to entertain, and his love letter to Hollywood on the cusp of the s just encapsulates some of what American filmmaking does right. It mixes Hollywood history with a touch of revisionist fantasy in the same way that Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained did.

I dug J. But this is the best film to watch to get a fuller portrait of the scope and reverberations of the corruption within the American corporate and political spheres. Honestly, understanding this stuff is as important as knowing history and being familiar with the Abrahamic religions if you want to have a proper grasp on the western world and the current state of things. A good, God-fearing family extends their kindness and hospitality to a Southern drifter and old friend, Harry fantastically acted by Danny Glover.

A delicious, atmospheric film with some great performances. I Am Not a Witch , directed by Rungano Nyoni, is a brilliant Zambian satire on politics, superstition, gender roles, slavery, the media, and even the vacuousness of poverty tourism. Equal parts funny and tragic, I Am Not a Witch presents a harsh and familiar Kafkaesque world that left reason and humanity long behind.

What follows is a gritty road trip where the power dynamics gradually lessen and the men connect more as men than as military personnel transporting a criminal. Their shared adventures bond them; all the while with the sad reality of their mission looming over their heads. Jack Nicholson gives an absolute masterclass in character acting.

He feels so much a part of that dreary, cold world in which they are doomed to traverse. Petersburg to meet his successful big brother who, it turns out, is actually a hitman on increasingly thin ice with his frequent employer. Danila gets pulled into the seedy crime world and, with not much else going on, adapts rather quickly to his new deadly line of work. While Danila does become a violent force, his connections to the people in his new neighborhood lend his character added layers of humanity that make his journey all the more harsh.

Thompson meets Harmoney Korine and his latest effort, The Hoff Twins , showcases his knack for lo-fi aesthetics and affection for captivating oddballs living life out on the fringes of society and presenting them for what they are, without commentary just some editing. Subscribe to his YouTube channels. Watch his stuff. Director Jonathan Glazer gets real weird in The Fall A strange mob of masked figures catches a man caught up a tree and sentences him to the well.

Fantastic sound design. Mischief is had and hijinks ensue. But too many shenanigans lead to loss. New York City is a dangerous place, after all. An interesting mix of First Nations mythology and science-fiction. Weird, funny, tragic, clever, creative, and looks like it was filmed a hundred years ago. Animator and surrealist Suzan Pitt creates a spellbinding, psychosexual, hallucinatory, stream-of-conscious art-piece and if none of that scares you away, then Asparagus is the animated short for you.

My love of film knows no end. Once again, presented for your pleasure and curiosity, the last few movies I saw in order of how much I liked them. Rock on. This is Rage War aka The Dungeonmaster A strong start with some great 80s music, but an absolutely squandered premise. I had high hopes up until the games actually begin. This movie could do with a remake because I absolutely love a lot about its concept. Objectively A Talking Cat!?! Every single facet of production is lazy, putrid, empty garbage, indicating it was a cash grab relying on its cliched but kid-friendly talking animal bait.

I saw this on TV as a kid and it was perhaps my first encounter with a movie that dealt with the end of the world. It scared me good, I tells ya. This is another one where the premise is great — possibly the last disparate survivors of a nuclear fallout hunker down in a house with a deficit of resources and an abundance of tension. The drama between the straight-laced survivalist patriarch with his pure daughter and the skeezy gangbanger with his stripper girlfriend is the best part of this film.

There is a radioactive monster prowling around outside, but that kind of sucks. Another strong start that gets tedious before it finishes, but worth it for folks interested in early low-budget examples of atomic age horror. I wanted more stuff with Barbeau and the gas station kid Reggie Batts. Louis Jourdan is also fun and hammy as the villain. What a cast! A colossal Chinese sci-fi adventure about the end of the world where the sun fizzles out so all of humanity lives in subterranean cities on one half of the planet and the other half is covered in rocket thrusters pushing the Earth through the cold vacuum of space in search of a new habitable zone?

Why not? The Wandering Earth is dumb, big budget, bombastic nonsense of the highest order. It is huge on spectacle and melodrama and the preposterousness of the premise left me pondering how many people in China actually relate to the dogged desire to preserve the human race at such insane costs.

My god. Have I become that cynical? The weirdly somber moments where Professor Klump wrestles with his weight were actually more effective than a lot of the jokes. Ultimately, though, in we were there for the silly special effects and insane Murphy characters playing Klump, his alter-ego Buddy Love, and the entire Klump family to great effect.

I love monsters so a movie called Love and Monsters was always going to at least be a little bit interesting to me. But this apocalyptic survival horror comedy for the whole family, directed by Michael Matthews, was a breath of fresh air. Streamlined monster adventure with humor and some grade-A digital wizardry. And it is a genuinely disturbing film, made all the more eerie due to its unique illustrated cut-out presentation.

I never saw the first film, but I thought The Croods: a New Age was pretty creative, clever, and funny. It just struck the right tone for me and the animation was pretty to look at. I liked the family dynamic between the cavepeople family and the yuppie Bettermans.

It was just sweet and nice. Enter a no-good, biker gang ringleader, shirtless Willem Dafoe in leather overalls and a greasy Flock of Seagulls hairdo he looks like a cartoon weasel and it is magnificent to kidnap the singer.

Also you got Bill Paxton in there somewhere. A few more songs would have made this, even if my brain roundly rejects Moranis being a bad-ass. While not official, I feel Streets of Fire is in the same universe as the animated rock musical Rock and Rule. Eating Raoul is a low-budget dark comedy about a milquetoast couple who decide to use the sex appeal of their female half to bait would-be Johns to their apartment so they can kill them, rob them, and sell their bodies to Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager.

They later had a super weird cameo in another personal favorite: Chopping Mall. Not gonna sugarcoat it. This movie is weird. The characters feel like cartoon chess pieces. The chain of events meanders and feels distant, yet the dated? Kotto, Van Patten, and Duggan are all great to watch.

I saw this years ago and was happy to revisit this cleverly realized realm again but with a younger audience. Entertaining for kids and adults. And Christopher Plummer plays Kipling. Ten Canoes is an Australian Aboriginal morality folk tale that feels as old as the cheeky narrator David Gulpilil claims. And it gives a peek into what ancient Aboriginal society was like, retaining a unique sense of humor and reverence for ceremonial rituals.

It is only four characters talking in one location, but folks, shit. Up until now I had only seen the happy ending cut of Little Shop of Horrors that was shown in theaters after bad test screenings forced reshoots. But what I saw this time was the darker — and far more thematically consistent — ending with one of the biggest, craziest, most expensive finales of all time.

This movie goes so hard with everything it does. The puppetry and animatronic effects to bring the carnivorous plant to life look spectacular. The horror is grisly and darkly comedic. And every song is a lung-busting showstopper. It is quite the achievement. With the restored dark ending, this easily tops Rocky Horror Picture Show for subversive 80s musicals that wink at classic fright flicks.

Find the recut darker original ending if you can. Cary Grant has never been more Cary Grant and James Mason has never been more seductively diabolical. This mistaken identity thriller truly is the ultimate Alfred Hitchcock film, invoking all of his best tropes and then some. A New York ad executive is mistaken by some nefarious goons for a government agent and gets yoinked into a whole Cold War espionage plot.

Then he becomes an amateur sleuth to find the real Kaplan. He gets framed for murder. He goes on the run. He falls in love with the gorgeous Eva Marie Saint. And Cary Grant just wears the absolute hell out of that suit. Way cooler than James Bond and trains have never been sexier.

Cue the smashing Bernard Herrmann score! It is a haunting, beautifully shot drama with touches of the surreal. Herzogian in the best way. Truly transcendental cinema that would not leave my mind. Beautiful lighting, wonderfully weird, and creakingly narrated by the gravelly voiced Tom Waits. Give it a look. My roommates and I decided to watch the Mortal Kombat movies.

Whether you love the games or have no idea what they are, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is hilariously juvenile garbage. The original feels like it was written by a 10 year old. This sequel feels like it was written by a 6 year old. Who knew the true meaning of a violent fight videogame was friendship?

Italian schlock master Luigi Cozzi gives us Contamination A man anthropomorphizes an oblivious cephalopod to assemble a narrative and justify his family abandonment in the lackluster documentary My Octopus Teacher Da 5 Bloods is one of the Spike Lee movies that, for me, is tonally inconsistent and completely forgettable. Delroy Lindo is pretty good though. Italian filmmakers imagine a distant future where comically ridiculous gangs have overrun New York City in The Bronx Warriors Fred Williamson is the best part as the gang leader, Ogre.

Mortal Kombat is schlock for children, but it has a decent set up, some nice set design, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is absolutely owning every scene he is in as Shang Tsung. Recast Christopher Lambert and a few of the other characters, give the plot a bit more shape, and establish the tournament rules and the stakes a bit better, and this could have been pretty good.

Cemetery Man is maybe five movies at once? Rupert Everett is a cemetery groundskeeper who must battle the undead when they emerge from the grave. If this was the whole movie that would have been enough. But then he keeps falling in love with women who look alike. The zombies plot kind of goes away. We follow his oafish sidekick being in a relationshio with a dismembered teen zombie head and then somehow we were in a snow-globe the whole time? Does any of it work? Hard to tell. Cemetery Man is something else.

It has a distractingly famous actor cast against type in weird makeup doing a funny voice. It is slow and mostly uneventful. But it is well shot and decently acted, so there is some craft here. Just wish it had been more. Confidential L. Story L. Godzilla Motion Painting No. Arkadin Mr. Baseball Mr. Bean's Holiday Mr. Brooks Mr. Butterfly Mr.

Deeds Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Mr. Destiny Mr. Dramatic Mr. Freedom Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation Mr. Holland's Opus Mr. Lucky Mr. Magoo Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Mr. Majestyk Mr. Mike's Mondo Video Mr. Mom Mr. Iyer Mr. Khiladi Mr. Saturday Night Mr. Skeffington Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Mr. Topaze Mr. Woodcock Mr. Wrong Mr. Brown Mrs. Doubtfire Mrs. Miniver Mrs. Santa Claus TV Ms. Book II Oh, God! You Devil Oh, Mr.

What a Lovely War Oh Your Cat is Dead P. Go, Panda! Doomtrooper TV S. Pirates Ahoy! Bilko Sgt. Kabukiman N. Elmo's Fire St. Ives TV The St. Or My Mom Will Shoot! Tie Me Down! Marshals The U. No Nurse! Posted by Unknown at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Disclaimer We do not own these movies, these torrents are not hosted on our server!

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