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pv vs tsu basketball game 2016 torrent

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Milasheuski Tsmoki 6. Mikulski Borisfen 6. Shustov Grodno 5. Korattsov Tsmo. Blizniuk Tsmo. Vabishchevich Impu. Korzh Borisfen 5. McBrayer Borisfen 4. Mikulski Borisfen 3. Zahar Impuls B 3. Shustov Grodno 3. Milasheuski Tsmoki 3.

Ovsepyan Rubon 2. McBrayer Borisfen 2. Shchurko Brest 2. Pasko Tsmoki II 2. DeBisschop Borisfen 1. Hailo Brest 1. Bliznec Grodno G 1. Zahar Impuls B 1. Navoychik Grodno 1. Stubeda Tsmo. Kalyaev Grodno 0. Savostian Grodno 0. Terehov Tsmoki II 0. The Czechs tried to narrow the deficit but struggled hard for little results. Ondrej Balvin C, agency: Octagon Europe was nevertheless well present in the paint and occasionally gave a hard time to the Belgians.

The scoreboard showed for Belgium at the half. The Lions pulled ahead in the third term. They added 20 points in the fourth quarter and marched to the win. Pierre-Antoine Gillet had 13 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists for Belgium. Alexandre Libert G had 10 points and 3 assists for the Lions.

Ondrej Balvin replied with 14 points for the Czech Republic. Vranjes Zrinjski Bozovic Celik Mijovic Leotar Ervin II Zrinjski Tanaskovic Borac Djurasovic Leotar Shine Borac Wilson Promo Djordjevic Mladost Davis Sloboda T. Knezevic Zrinjski Durmo Sloboda T. Kamenjas Spars 9.

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Keller HUN 2. Eleraky DEN 1. Richard ROM 1. Saiz ESP 1. Spires SWE 1. Gill Kipina Natesan FoKoPo Moultrie Ura B Hillsman Oulun B Scott Huima Bivins Kipina Wilchcombe Raiders Aalto Kristika T Canty LoKoKo B Jamison PeU-Basket Luosmaa Karkkila Martin FoKoPo Mantynen Korikouvot Jacks Raiders B Salmi Huima 7. Flinck JyWe 7. Kauppinen ToPo J 6. Kotavuo Kristika 5. Ikavalko Team P 5. Natesan FoKoPo 5.

Rautasalo MuKi 5. Jacks Raiders B 5. Bivins Kipina 5. Natesan FoKoPo 4. Ahvenjarvi Pyrinto 3. Jacks Raiders B 3. Niemi Raholan P. Gill Kipina 3. Martin FoKoPo 2. Gibson LoKoKo B 2. Abokar Oulun B 2. Boyd Jyvaskyla BA 2. Canty LoKoKo B 2. Martin FoKoPo 1.

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Bohannon Brem. Wolf Jena 7. Pluskota Karlsruhe 7. Heinzmann Bayer G 7. Pechacek Karlsruhe 6. Britt Schwenningen 6. Lodders Jena 5. Williams Jr. Carter Rostock 6. Britt Schwenningen 5. Nixon Jena 5. Ward Paderborn 5. Bogdanov Nuernberg 5. Cushingberry Pade. Foster Karlsruhe 5. Pongo Nuernberg 5. Davis Bremerhaven 4. Mann Bayer Giants 2. Nelson Heidelberg 2. Nixon Jena 2. Ely Heidelberg 1. Mahoney Kirchheim 1. Britt Schwenningen 1.

Hankerson Ehingen 1. Holland Jena 1. Heinzmann Bayer G 2. Dragons 1. Edigin Bayer G 1. Knauf Art. Dragons 0. Niedermanner Schw. Smith Jena 0. Mahoney Kirchheim 0. Strangmeyer Ehingen 0. After a season at Longwood, he attempted a new challenge and played at Alabama from having to redshirt the season. He played 65 NCAA games for Alabama, but wasn't able to achieve the kind of numbers that he had at Longwood averaging 5.

In his sophomore season, he was able to lead the team in rebounds and was second in field goal percentage. He scored in double figures in 5 games amassing 18 points and 12 rebounds against North Florida and 17 points and 10 rebounds against Appalachian State. In his last season at Alabama he scored in double figures in one game hitting Mississippi for 10 points and 7 boards.

The decision to play another season proved right as he was able to have another stellar productive season like he did at Longwood playing 30 games averaging He led the team in rebounding and was second in scoring. He scored in double figures in 23 of 30 games and registered 9 double doubles sixth best in the league. He had some massive games like his 17 points and 23 rebounds against Elon, and 21 points apiece against Florida Atlantic and Youngstown. He turned professional in and played for the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven Germany-BBL playing 32 games averaging 6.

He scored in double figures in 6 games including scoring 12 points against the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg and had 11 points against Gotha and Bayreuth. He held his own averaging 15 minutes per game, but had a lot of competition at his position and from other German players. He decided to take a new challenge with Rasta Vechta and like with his decision to add on a NCAA season at Florida International University, this change of scenery was golden as he played his first season for Cinderella team Rasta Vechta and was able to learn from up and coming head coach Pedro Calles..

He would play with Rasta Vechta from But not every German that returns has mastered the English language as well as Kessens did and he can communicate in 3 languages today. That is how good I thought his english was. I'm sure he had no troubles at his 3 schools', stressed Rostock Wolves guard Chris Carter. Carter has had many teammates in his career, but he is a guy that is always able to find the perfect words that fit that teammate and despite it being over a year where they last shared the court, he was crisp and to the point concerning what comes to mind when he hears the name Michael Kessens.

The cm big man can score and rebound, but he also has other attributes that will help his new team Fraport Skyliners as they seek the road back to the playoffs after missing them 2 years in a row. But his defense is where he excels at', stressed Chris Carter. But it isn't only his offensive and defensive skills that standout, but he is also a great role model that will pay dividends for the young Skyliner players. He was consistently in the weight room working on his body and great man off the court', warned Chris Carter..

Kessens arrived to Vechta lacking the needed self-confidence at times, but was helped by one of the best BBL mentors in Pedro Calles. Carter definitely has many fond memories, but the most memorable was the amazing Vechta win over Bamberg in the playoffs. Vechta was severely undermanned due to injuries and Kessens suddenly had to play extended minutes and excelled scoring 18 points in the unforgettable win.

It was a no brianer that the series against Bamberg remained in Carter's mind. That was fun. Off the court was when we hung out in South Beach last summer. I'm sure that was a game that he will never forget', warned Chris Carter. In his 2 seasons at Vechta, he scored in double figures in 22 games. Now Kessens will attempt to make another step in his development with the Fraport Skyliners.

In 3 games he is averaging 13 minutes per game and averaging 3,3ppg and 4,3rpg. Carter is more than confident that Kessens will be to help the Frankfurt game. Carter saw Kessens on a daily basis and knows how Kessens will enrich a part of Frankfurt's game that has suffered the last 2 years..

That should put a big smile on the minister of defense Quantaez Robertson's face. I wish that I could have been out there for my teammates, especially in a close game', said American Jordan Rezendes. In the run it was ex Ehingen forward Brian Butler that dominated scoring 3 buckets as his overall aggressiveness and incredible anticipation for rebounds and finding the open spot and knowing where the basket is couldn't be handled by the opponent.

Everything is so automatic for him. The reason he is able to make so many plays is because of how hard he works', commented ex Leverkusen forward CJ Oldham. Koblenz did a good job getting out on transition as Koblenz defended aggressively, got in passing lanes and played good pick and roll defense not allowing Speyer into their offensive sets. But it didn't take the EPG Baskets Koblenz long to get their offense going again as they stormed back going on a run as ex FC Schalke guard Marley Jean-Louis scored inside and CJ Oldham scored on transition executing on a acrobatic lay in and giving his team the advantage.

Oldham had another very impressive game showing his excellent versatility filling the stat sheet finishing with 8 points, 8 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. I just always try to make plays to help my team win', warned CJ Oldham. But the Koblenz offense was too strong for Speyer as they came back with a rapid run to lead getting buckets from Ex Speyer guard DJ Woodmore, Oldham and Buter all in the zone.

Speyer showed no physicality inside and Koblenz played fine team basketball taking advantage of the lax Speyer physicality resulting in easy baskets. In the last few minutes, the Ahorn Camp BIS Baskets Speyer got some much needed energy from their athletic cm small forward Darian Cardenas who began his basketball career with USC Heidelberg and had 43 Pro A games with Jena and Rostock scored 5 points hitting a pretty fade away jumper and nailing a trey. The EPG Baskets Koblenz kept the lead in the second quarter, but the Ahorn Camp BIS Baskets Speyer stepped up their game to another level and showed that they weren't about to back away from the home team on this night.

Once again the EPG Baskets Koblenz began well taking going on a fast run to extend their lead to In the run, the troops of head coach Danny Rodriguez got vital support from ex Giessen guard Lukas Meyer who drilled home a three pointer, Wellian who also connected from downtown andgot lay in's from Woodmore and Butler.

Koblenz was displaying a fine combination of inside out basketball while Speyer continued to lose many battles on defense. Speyer got 2 baskets from Liyanage and Cardenas, but Koblenz was defending hard and only giving Speyer very tough shots. Speyer went on a run as at times, Koblenz was unable to keep their consistent offensive flow. Speyer got key baskets from Cardenas who makes his fade away jumper look like a work of art, ex Heidelberg forward David Aichele made a 10 footer and ex BG Karlsruhe guard Eric Curth made a smart offensive rebound and put back that enraged Danny Rodriguez to call a time out despite the comfortable advantage.

Despite no fans and loud music during the time out, one could hear the anger of Rodriguez on the sidelines as he was barking new commands to his players. Speyer was showing better energy on offense, but Koblenz continued to defend very well making every shot tough for Speyer.

Despite the time out by Koblenz, Speyer closed out the second quarter in fine fashion going on a run to trail only at half-time. In their run, they got important help from Cardenas who was their work horse on offense tallying 5 points including a nice hook shot while Eric Curth dropped a key trey. We just tried to change things around and it helped us. In the third quarter the EPG Baskets Koblenz were able to hold the lead despite many attempts by the Ahorn Camp BIS Baskets Speyer to almost get over the hump, but when ever they tried, it was huge three pointers that kept Koblenz ahead.

The Koblenz offense continued to work very well in the first few minutes as Louis, Woodmore and Wellian all scored, but Speyer also was playing a lot better on offense as Kovac brought some important intensity inside getting 2 baskets and Kovac then when double teamed found a cutting Schwarz into the lane for an easy basket, but Koblenz still led Speyer then went on a run as Cardenas made free throws and Schwartz scored inside cutting the Koblenz lead to Speyer did a good job taking advantage of early Koblenz foul trouble.

Speyer was threatening, but Koblenz relied on their three point shooting as Woodmore connected to give Koblenz the lead. Kovac made an offensive rebound and put back as Speyer threatened again trailing , but then came the next trey from Mampuya to keep the Koblenz lead at Woodmore and Mampuya again then drilled home the next 2three pointer for the Koblenz advantage as Speyer just couldn't get closer and get consistent stops while exerting more energy in the comeback.

Koblenz showed just how deep they were as Butler was no factor, but could easily compensate that with their raining of three's. Schwartz made a trey late and Koblenz also got Butler going again as he scored 4 points in the last minute scoring on transition and also making another big offensive rebound with his incredible anticipation and put back as Koblenz led If we play more inside it also helps our shooters get open', added Chaed Wellian.

They stepped up their defense like never before allowing only 10 points and held Koblenz to no field goals for 9. Speyer didn't play their best offense, but it was enough to get back into the game. In the early minutes, Speyer got some key baskets from Schwartz and Liyanage who did a great job muscling inside for an offensive rebound and put back cutting the Koblenz lead down to On the defensive end, they were playing their most aggressive defense of the game forcing turnovers left and right as Brian Butler coughed up the ball a few times and finished with 4.

We have to learn to minimize them and grow together more as a team. We have to grow to play well for 40 minutes', warned Koblenz head coach Danny Rodriguez. Speyer continued to chip away and got 2 baskets from Kovac inside to cut the Koblenz lead down to Every now and then Koblenz got to the free throw line, but twice only got 1 of 2 shots from Louis and Woodmore giving Koblenz the lead. Speyer continued to get stronger and stronger as they began to feel they could win the game. Schwartz hit a massive trey to cut the Koblenz lead down to with 3,29 to play.

Speyer continued getting stops and Schwartz then gave Speyer their first lead of the contest with a jumper with 1,38 to play. Oldham then continued the Koblenz free throw drought hitting only one as Speyer held the lead with 57 seconds to play.

Regionalliga played a huge role at the end. He made some big defensive rebounds and made a huge offensive rebound with under a minute to go. He got the ultimate compliment from head coach Carl Mbassa after the loss. He made us better. He is without a doubt our best defender. After a Kovac turnover came the turning point of the game as Koblenz finally hit their first field goal of the game with 28 seconds to go.

Wellian made a 20 footer that carried his team to the victory. We didn't get that so we had to find a solution and my team found me and I made the shot. I just try to keep everybody together when we hit a slump', warned Chad Wellian. Koblenz then closed out the win with Woodmore and Oldham free throws. We didn't attack enough and were too slow to get out on transition', said Koblenz head coach Danny Rodriguez.

There were 2 crucial mistakes at the end that changed the game and Wellian's shot was one of them', said Speyer head coach Carl Mbassa. Darian Cardenas added 17 points and Simun Kovac had 14 points and 15 rebounds including 8 offensive rebounds. Miles Orzinuovi Clark Torino McDuffie Piacenza Marini Napoli Tomasini Casale Hajrovic Latina Sims Pistoia Floyd Cd''Orlando Carberry Piacenza Roderick Forli Wojciechowski Biel.

Taylor Jr. Rieti Camara Casale Benvenuti Scafati Pollone Biella Diop Torino Galmarini Orzinuovi Severini Tortona 9. McDuffie Piacenza 9. Bonacini Mantova 9. Amato Udine 8. Floyd Cd''Orlando 7. Johnson Udine 7. Valentini Casale 6. Hasbrouck Ferrara 6. Culpepper Scafati 6. Mascolo Tortona 6.

Tomasini Casale 6. Fanti Eurobasket 5. Cappelletti Torino 6. Sims Pistoia 4. Roderick Forli 4. Pollone Biella 3. Parks Napoli 3. Culpepper Scafati 3. Monaldi Napoli 3. Musso Scafati 3. Rieti 3. Bushati Torino 3.

Zilli Orzinuovi 3. Filoni Ferrara 2. Menalo Roma S 2. Severini Tortona 1. Hollis Orzinuovi 1. Gilbeck Latina 1. Bellan Cd''Orlando 1. Renzi Trapani 1. Infante Mantova 1. Cicchetti Euro. Bona Cremona Bertocco Ozzano Prandin Omegna Sgorbati Imola Battistini Cividale Peroni Senigallia Fultz Imola Bedin Ozzano Pozzetti Senigallia Villa Empoli Morgillo Padova Vedovato San V De Nicolao Padova Quaglia Imola De Paoli Ales.

Balanzoni Omegna 9. Rota Cividale Tassinari San V 8. Villa Empoli 7. Fultz Imola 5. Prandin Omegna 5. Ingrosso Empoli 5. Chiera Cividale 5. Bona Cremona 4. Vanin Empoli 4. Bedin Ozzano 4. Galli Fiorenzuola 5. Fultz Imola 4. De Nicolao Padova 4. Varaschin Cremona 4. Vedovato San V 3. Tassinari San V 3. Bocconcelli Padova 3. Antonini Empoli 3. Ingrosso Empoli 3. Crespi Empoli 3. Vedovato San V 2. Restelli Empoli 2. Miani Cividale 2. Fattori Cividale 1. Preti Imola 1. Bassi Cremona 1.

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