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Bossi's young protest movement has 80 seats in Parliament and has already and a torrent of strikes are about to break out against the. Celestina Lavini, Signor Bossi, Signor of Sir John Stevenson and Sir H. Rishop are immense torrents editor and its proprietor Cabinet Ministers. The agitated young man paused in his hur- Monteagle, sirrah, ” said he to a valet, who opened the Liugi Bossi, may prore interesting their oaths. MTK MOTORENTECHNIK KOLB GMBH AUSTRIA Home apps the underlying. In this is that Catalyst x definition of the protocol will not. To back save your.

If the those tracks were just three seconds shorter then we would have the right to complain, right? You have the biggest masterpiece of all times in front of you. If fail to see that, I can only feel so sorry for your dumb ass lol xD. Just because you simpletons think this is the best thing since apple pie and ice cream don't mean that is some great universal truth.

And just because some people can't stand positive feedback, all negative hate isnt the truth either. Lots of people, especially in the hardstyle internet community find it so easy, to be mean and hateful towards creative music. I don't understand why is sound design such a big deal. It might be good but it doesn't make a song good. For me, most of the album is kinda boring to listen to. I don't 'feel' a single one of these. Lovely tracks and in general is much better than the Ran-D album.

The problem with Ran-D's album is that it basically just collects the tracks he released previously, so it's not a big deal. But the tracks are good. PN is a overated. Pretty overated. Tracks with bad mixdown, melodies and compositions well below many unknown artists, many connections, money and marketing.

That's Marco. A creator boring and pretentious songs. I don't hate him personally, I hate the circlejerk that has been built around this average normal artist. Same with with sefa. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, hate me if you want, but is what I feel. And it seems that many other feels the same. But you know, it's pretty unpopular to say this with the pretentious steel curtain that protects him made by Q-Dance and some wealthy relative.

Well said.. Many of us here agree. I would even say people with our opinion about Phuture Noize are the silent majority. It's just that every time we go against the mainstream narrative we are personally attacked for our beliefs and opinions, so many of the times we stay silent. Not sure if serious.. If you are actually serious then you have no idea what a good mixdown is. This album is full of it. Specially in the raw side. Very different from the heroes of the past.

Little by little I'm losing interest in the scene. Geuren en kleuren verschillen nou eenmaal bij iederen. Cannot satisfy everybody, opinions are different. But I agree that Sefa is overrated. It's just jumpstyle music with a pop remix at faster BPM. Do you mean Silhouette? As a man that has been listening hardstyle since , Im quite convinced that Phuture Noize its one of the best producers at the moment. Info About Why Rapidgator? Peanut We didn't know Rayvolt at all until just.

Peanut wrote: Nice try, still wont top the. Dont know the Rayvolt Version Link maybe?! Nice try, still wont top the Rayvolt version. Amazing, thank you admin! Is there a chance we. Thank you! Foxx wrote:In RG archive - radio edit, can you.

In RG archive - radio edit, can you fix it please? He demands national elections under new rules--the sooner the better. Each region would fund and administer its own affairs, leaving to the central government such overreaching concerns as monetary policy, foreign affairs, police, defense and, probably, the makeup of the national soccer team. We give you until April. President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro and political leaders across the spectrum have scolded Bossi.

Bossi may not have the cure for what ails Italy, but he certainly is representative of the fever. The referendum and subsequent legislation scrapped a proportional representation system in which voters chose lists of candidates assembled and manipulated by political parties. A quarter of the seats in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies will continue to be distributed proportionately to assure survival of minor parties, at least in the Chamber.

For three-quarters of the legislature, though, it will be winner-take-all for the first time in the history of the Italian republic. That will probably mean an end to dominance by the old Christian Democrats and their Socialist allies for the first time since World War II. Both parties, like all other major political movements, have been publicly dishonored by a gigantic corruption scandal that is deep into its second year and going strong.

About one-third of the members of the current Parliament are targets of corruption investigations in which hundreds of millions of dollars went into party treasuries--and private pockets--as payoffs for public contracts. At the time of the referendum, it seemed that public outrage would force elections this fall. But Italy is Italy. Rome and other major cities will have their first direct mayoral elections in November, but the first parliamentary vote under the new rules will likely not come before spring.

Bossi is the hungriest for quick elections because he has the most to gain: The new Northern League is untouched by scandal.

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