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manual de europa universalis iv torrent

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How to install mods manually (Europa Universalis IV, without steam)

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Different advisors may provide different bonuses on different values in game according to their category. So military advisors may give a boost to your army, while diplomatic advisors offer more bonuses in relation to other countries. It doesn't really matter what kind of advisor you pick for now, as long as you find one for each category.

If you read the description on them, you can tell what sort of advisor they are. Later on, you can pick them for a specific need, but since all of them are relatively useful, just go for the cheaper ones. Now that you have selected your advisors and are still making money, it is time to look at your nation. Your nation will be composed of one or more provinces. Your country is only comprised of land provinces. No one truly "owns" sea provinces, though you have the ability to affect naval control and trade in nearby sea provinces.

There will always be a capital province in your nation. If you know world geography, these often correspond to where the capital of the country is today. London is the capital province of England and so on. There may also be a separate trade capital , though the national capital is most often the same province as your trade capital. You may notice some figures on your provinces, such as a 3D "toy soldier" to represent your armies or small 3D ships.

These are the units that you will use to fight wars. Your neighbors will have their own forces. Building units takes quite a while, so you should always have some units on hand. If you go to the interface screen that you were at earlier and go to the military tab you can see how many land and naval units you have as well as your force limit. The force limit is a "soft cap" which means that you can build over that quantity of regiments or ships, except that each additional unit will cost more and more.

You can click on a particular unit to select it or drag click over an area to select multiple units. Moving units to a friendly province will result in a yellow arrow. Moving units to an enemy province or one besieged will have the arrow show as red.

If you keep a unit selected as it moves, the progress between provinces actually looks like a progress bar. You can cancel the move until they are halfway there. Halting a move doesn't have a direct repercussion on your troops except that if you want to move to that same province again you'll have to restart the march all over again. Movement may also subject the unit to other effects, such as attrition due to supply limits, weather, or moving over hostile territory.

If you look around, you will see provinces with a different color than yours. These belong to a neighboring country controlled by the computer. They aren't dead weights though; they will negotiate with you and other computer-controlled nations to fulfill their goals. Speaking of goals, your nation has some too, if you're interested in following them — although EU4 will attempt to point you in the right direction, you can do basically whatever you want with your nation.

Some suggested goals can be found in the 'Missions and Decisions' tab in the Shield. Let's now head back into the economy screen. You should notice some sliders on the right-hand side. This allows you to pay more or less for your troops, missionaries , ships and colonies. As a good rule of thumb, your missionary and colony sliders should always be maxed out to the right.

This ensures that they take the least amount of time and can be done in a reasonable amount of time. Only reduce them if you're desperate for income; don't be afraid to take loans from time to time instead. Note that these cost nothing if you have no active colonists or missionaries, in which case lowering them won't help anyway. Next in line is your naval slider. This will significantly reduce the cost of your navy but come at a cost of trade power from light ships and a lessened morale.

It is also important to remember that the costs of reduced trade power from your light ships, which affects your trade income, can outweigh the immediate benefits to lowered maintenance spending if you possess a significant fleet of light ships.

If you have the Art of War expansion, you should mothball fleets you're not using while at peace instead. Lastly is the army maintenance slider. Units with low morale are less effective in combat, making it risky to reduce army maintenance with armies stationed in provinces with unrest or on the border of a potential invader. In EU IV, just because your country is large doesn't mean that it has a large economy or great military strength. To extract more out of your provinces, you have to look out for two attributes: local autonomy and unaccepted cultures.

High local autonomy reduces the usefulness of a province to you in many ways. If the autonomy is high enough for you to manually lower it, you should do so. But, beware of the resulting unrest and long cooldown , and be ready to handle it. If your provinces have unaccepted cultures especially from a different culture group, which has a larger penalty and is represented by the culture's name being in red , you should also try to convert them to your culture.

This is impossible if the provincial religion is not your state religion. As religious conversion receives a penalty for non-accepted cultures, you may have to increase missionary power to achieve the conversion. For a beginner, it may not always be clear where to invade next. Considering you need to invest time and manpower making claims and shifting alliances, you don't want to waste all that time and energy to get a few underdeveloped provinces that are useless and cause more trouble than they're worth.

History junkies may be able to understand roughly what they need to do, but the devil is in the details. The many map modes may be daunting, but there are a few that can help tell you where you want to claim and conquer. Some nations like Spain will have special missions, while other countries will have more generic directives. This includes missions to colonize certain provinces in the new world or to take certain Areas for your Trade Company.

Meanwhile, in your decisions list, you may be eligible to form a new country if you take certain provinces. An example is Italy, where after forming the nation you automatically get a permanent claim on every province in the Italian region. This lessens the aggressive expansion you may have to deal with.

Next, we have our trusty map modes, the most important of which is your Trade map mode. This shows trade regions, trade routes, trade power, and provinces that hold special trade bonus modifiers. Without getting into too many specifics, you will want to identify the Genoa, Venice, and English Channel trade nodes.

These are the three End Nodes of the game and all trade flows into these nodes. You can identify them by the fact that there is no trade leaving these nodes ,only flowing into them. If you are able to, gain control of these nodes and make them your Home Trade Node. The next group of map modes that will tell you where to expand are Area, Regions, and Culture map modes. The building blocks of your country are provinces, which are organized into Areas and Regions.

Areas are very important because controlling enough of the development in an area allows you to make it into a State. This is important for a number of reasons, but the one we will focus on here is that you are limited to a certain number of States. As for Regions and Culture, they both go hand in hand as most culture groups stay in a specific region.

You should still check both as there are exceptions. Controlling Regions are important as there are typically geographical advantages like mountains, coastlines or rivers that lay at the edges of Regions. Culture is important as you will get a bonus for uniting your culture under one banner and it is easier to integrate members of your cultural group than those outside of it.

Areas that are of your religion are easier to subdue, but you get less aggressive expansion for conquering heathens and heretics and may even get bonuses for converting them. Simple terrain is a good way to determine how defensible your borders are, combined with the Forts map mode it also lets you plan your offense and your best defense. While more advanced, Trade Value, Trade Goods, and the Development Map modes can be used to easily identify provinces of extreme importance. Mainly gold producing and high development provinces.

Even before you unpause the game, and allow time to start ticking, you should do a few things. Check out the map. Look at some interfaces and really understand what you have in front of you. Basic geography and history knowledge will help you here, as EUIV will usually follow along the same paths as history did, however, it is not entirely impossible for something to happen that will look a little strange, such as France losing a war to Spain and having to release half the countries they've annexed, splitting the country in half and making it weak.

New players will need to get an orientation to the interface because there are a lot of choices to make and controls at your disposal. A lot of players, when they first come to a Paradox game, often make the mistake to start with a single small one province minor country. It may seem like the easiest way to learn the ropes since you have very little to manage, but in reality, what it means is that you are playing under an extreme handicap.

You have limited options in terms of economics, military power, and diplomacy. If you make a wrong move, you will find yourself annexed in a heartbeat. Generally, it is better to take one of the larger nations. You will have more spending money, soldiers, and ships to play with.

You also have more strategic options and can play around with less worry. If you do mess up and everyone does in their first game , you can lose a disastrous war and even a few provinces and not be entirely out of the game. In the scenario start screen, the game will make suggestions of some of the larger powers available during your current scenario. In the designers' view, these are the nations that are most interesting to start with.

Once you learn the ropes, you can go back and pick a smaller nation to fine-tune your skills. For now, "go big. Even just limiting your choices to the big nations, you have a lot to consider in determining which one to play. Should it be a mostly land-based power to field massive armies and not have to worry about learning naval mechanics , or do you want a coastal nation to play with fleets and colonization?

Do note that not all large nations are strong: Ming , for example, starts with the risk of imploding due to their Mandate of Heaven. Another suggestion for totally new players is to stick to European powers. There are technological handicaps and some special rules for nations outside of Europe such as Institutions. Until you learn how to handle the challenges of technological development, it is probably best to stick with a European nation.

It is possible to start the game at any of 11 preset historical "bookmarks" , or at any date in-between. Among EU4 players of all levels, the default start is by far the most popular choice. That being said, if there is a particular period of history that you are especially interested in, feel free to choose one of the later bookmarks. For example, if you wish to begin colonisation of the Americas as Portugal with no delay, the bookmark will allow you to do this, as Portugal has acquired the requisite technological sophistication by that point.

An official manual is available for the game as a PDF download. Unfortunately the manual is not particularly useful today, as it was written for the game as it existed upon its release, and has not been updated since. Even if no DLCs are bought, the original game has evolved significantly through free patches.

As such, the other sources of information below are more up-to-date and useful than the manual. This wiki that you are currently reading is a comprehensive source of information about EU4 mechanics and strategies. Efforts are made to keep the wiki up-to-date, but it is worth noting that parts of the wiki will sometimes fall out-of-date, e. If in doubt, see some of the other information sources below. From to the present day, Paradox have produced dozens of developer diaries.

These cover many details and design decisions associated with the EU4 base game, along with every DLC and major patch which has been produced since. The oldest diaries from can give some interesting insights into the thought processes of the developers while the base game was being built, though many of the concrete details in these diaries have since been rendered obsolete. Later diaries can be useful for understanding the changes introduced by recent DLCs and patches.

Note that the most recent diaries may refer to changes which are still under development and have not yet been released. The EU4 forums on Paradoxplaza are a great way to get in touch with the community of experienced players and their advice.

Register your game and post your questions. The game is also discussed on the EU4 subreddit. For experienced EU3 players who just want to catch up on the differences between the two versions of the game, Paradox published a free page downloadable PDF manual that describes, in great detail, the major differences between these games. You can find it at the link below. Tooltips are small popups that show up when you hover over certain areas of the interface.

They usually provide more details about the game. Though often technically written, once you understand the lingo, you'll see that they are showing you some pretty neat details of how the game works. The game also has a series of in-game hints. These are pop-up windows that will appear when you first encounter certain aspects of the game. The hint window will explain basic concepts of that game feature, which can then be dismissed.

Hints may be disabled entirely if you are tired of seeing them, or they can be turned on again if you felt like you dismissed a screen a bit too quickly and didn't have a chance to read it through. The use of keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls tips can simplify manipulation, increase accessibility, and ultimately speed up gameplay. Events , advisors , military maintenance , reinforcements to understrength regiments, and repairs to damaged ships can cost you money.

During peacetime, you can lower your army or navy maintenance, or even disband regiments such as mercenaries and ships that are too costly to maintain. During war, you can consolidate understrength regiments. You can also fire advisors if your budget can't sustain their employment. You can lower monthly support for missionaries and colonists, though these will slow down or even halt their progress. Disband units until you are at least even with your force limit if you've gone above it.

Even for all your cost-cutting, occasionally you will find yourself with a negative amount of money -- a debt. States in EUIV are allowed to run at a deficit to a limited extent. If you have a negative balance at the end of the month, the bank will automatically take a loan out for you. You will need to pay this loan back in five years as well as pay the interest on the loan. If you cannot, the loan will be extended at the cost of a higher interest rate.

Taking a loan or two is nothing to worry about as long as you can pay it back. Taking a loan to hire mercenaries or pay for a nasty event is a perfectly reasonable action to take. Taking out too many loans, however, may be unsustainable. In extreme cases, countries can be forced to declare bankruptcy.

After a war, when trying to pay a loan back remember to dismiss your hired mercenaries and any other regiments over your force limit , and lower your military maintenance so that you can stockpile some money to pay it off sooner. When your loans are paid off, consider investing in buildings as many of these will increase your income in the future. Europa Universalis is all about the colonization of the new world. To colonize you must have a colonist and the ducats to maintain him.

To do this you have to unlock either the Expansion or Exploration idea group , which may first require advancing your Administrative Tech Level. For early colonial growth overseas the Exploration idea is superior, as it allows you to recruit Conquistadors and Explorers. Portugal has access to an explorer from the start of the game. Conquistadors and explorers function in much the same way as other Generals and Admirals do, except that they are able to explore terra incognita the unrevealed sections of the map and also are a bit weaker than normal Generals and Admirals.

You will get much fewer taxes from overseas provinces and instead of production income, you will get tariff income. The upside of this is that you can get valuable trade goods which can bring in buckets of money through tariffs and trade. Conquistadors must be attached to an army and may traverse and reveal terra incognita covering land regions while explorers must be attached to a fleet and may traverse and reveal terra incognita covering sea regions.

Explorers sometimes remove terra incognita from provinces adjacent to any sea region they enter. Likewise, Conquistadors can discover sea regions adjacent to the land provinces they enter. Expansion is an option for countries that border uncolonized frontiers and do not need to explore to find rich lands to occupy. If you fancy yourself as a main colonizing nation, you can unlock both Exploration and Expansion idea groups, allowing your country to have up to three Colonists, which allow your colonial possessions to grow very quickly, if you can afford it.

Trading is vital to any superpower. The placements of your merchants and your trading fleets is the most important thing to bringing the riches from the new world and the Orient to your capital. If you switch your map view to the trade overlay it will indicate trade regions, centers of trade, flow of trade and more importantly show you which centers of trade you have trade power in. You will always have a home node, in which your capital or trade capital will be located.

Your home node is usually the best place to collect from trade as it won't have any penalty attached to it. When starting the game, it's a good idea to send your merchants to trade nodes that contain a lot of value that immediately border with you.

If you have more than one merchant, the other one should be sent to a trade region where you have provinces and set him to steer the trade to your home node. If it is a coastal trade node, also assign your light ships to patrol this route. Each additional light ship you build and set on patrol will help steer trade towards your home node. Simply group your light ships together into one fleet, click the 'Protect Trade' icon the one with the coins on it , and select the node you want to protect trade in.

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